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Thinking about my life,


The things I’ve had to say, the truths I can never share, the life I’ve led in the past, and where I am now, this song came to mind for some reason:



Seriously Star Wars! If I had the coin to spare, I’d have one. Just to have one.

This is from January. Why no action yet?


Could it be due to the forced retirement and/or replacement of major personnel? Did it have to take so long once the decision was made to allow time for these removals? Or is there something building beneath the floorboards?

You know this “2nd term” is false, right?


I found this groovy thing over at FB just a minute ago, and I have to share it with both my WordPress and my Facebook peeps. Let me give you a clip, you can go to the link for the rest:

A Forbes columnist is calling into question whether or not President Obama’s second term should have an asterisk next to it. Paul Roderick Gregory’s recent article questions whether Obama’s second term win wasn’t staged by the media, and therefore all history books should note that he won by manipulating the press.

Well, we already knew this. But when Forbes calls it into question it becomes a taste less “right wing nutjob conspiracy theory”, yes? The only problem being, how in the fuck are we ever going to dig our way out of this hole? FDR started this shit, and we recovered from it. Never quite the same, and the baggage we carry from that is still on our backs. But what this time?

Michael Ovomit, this song’s for you


Gotta love it. Transparency my ass.

Thanks, Tom. Perfect.

Mellow as mellow can get.


My son has turned me back on to “ambient/electronica” music. I used to love it, then I faded away from it. But this album, and almost everything else this band has done in a multi-decade existence, are in my collection. It’s just that I started listening more to news and politics than “chilling out” to escape it. I guess that’s what happens as you age.

Some may argue this,


But it is fun, if nothing else:

Part 1. Part 2 is bloody funny as well:

And then, there’s the one poet sent:

Aww, the heck with it. Check comments, it’s there, and you have no idea how much good stuff comes in from the rest of the family if you don’t check the comments.


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