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This was one of my favorite albums as a youth


40 years ago, plus or minus




Yes, I’ve put these up before


And I’ll probably, far more than probably, put them up again:

This ain’t the studio version from all those years back


This is David Allen Coe live recently. Man’s been rode hard and put up wet many a time, but the music still comes from his heart:

The 6th Summer of Obama…



You may like this one. I know I found it good. And if you have any problems, click here.

Originally posted on Truth, Lies and In Between:

…here’s a Bill Whittle video that hits the nail on the head as usual.

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AH! And the question that goes with that last post.


The most obvious one, actually. I don’t have any links to put in for this one, I’m sure some of my readers might, and if so feel free to put them in the comments.

Why, when the demoncraps insisted on the eligibility test for McPain (I voted for her, not him anyway), did our side not insist on the same for Ovomit? Hmmmm?

Here’s a very interesting thing


I know MOST of the people who read me will sagely nod their heads and agree.

It is a crying shame, however, that this MGMMPOS continues to exist/was allowed TO exist in the first fucking place.

Click the link, and be pissed off.


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