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Okaaaaay, it is officially the 21st Century now


I’m watching turkey hunting on the Outdoor Channel, and an ad comes up. This dude/hustler is calling you back into an alley, “You like sushi? I’ve got the best…” this that and the other. Turns out it’s an ad for a company that says “Would you buy sushi from this man? Then why buy your marijuana from him?” and guarantees best quality product, etcetera.

Wait just one fucking moment.

This is a national cable channel, and they’re running ads for the, never mind, with website and toll free number.

Now, it is legal in a few places, and you can actually get a prescription for it in many more, but even there if you piss dirty you’re out of a job. It is still against federal law, even though it shouldn’t be. When “Prohibition” ended, the .gov went after weed. It is a natural, organic, growing thing and the government outlawed it just as they had alcohol.

The fact remains that it will get you fired or busted in most places, and you cannot hold a federal job if you consume it.

But it freaked me out enough that I had to share it.

Well done! Love it!


This is so sweet


It’s about to rot my teeth!

The president’s speeches may need to be accompanied by a laugh track from now on, considering the crickets he received at his appearance in Community College of Allegheny County, in Oakdale, Pa., on Wednesday. Although he tried to tout his new spending program, both Obama’s talking points and attempts at humor didn’t go over so well:

At the end, when the president walked back from the podium to smile and wave at the roughly 60 people in the bleachers 20 feet behind him, he faced a unfriendly wall of faces. The White House video of the bleacher’s front rank shows three men with their hands crossed, one with his hands stuck in his pockets and one who let his arms fall by his sides.

That was the clip from Patriot Update, read the rest at Townhall.

MY reader/friends will like this


Full credit given to the individual that posted this on FB. Fuck you, you communist filth. If all would work to their maximum, no one would want for anything. But they won’t. Kill the parasites.

And then there is Metallica


And probably their best known song ever:

And their cover of my absolute favorite Bob Seger tune:

Of course, with metal there is always the “military themed”:

Maybe Bono is politically not our cup of tea


But damn does that band make good music!

Did I post this before?


If not, I’m sorry. I should have long since. Rabbit is delicious, high protein, low fat, and cheap to harvest.


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