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When it clicks, and you stop laughing,


Share your thought as to the meaning. This has been around for about 6 years in one form or another, but this is the one I have seen over the last few weeks. I’M not going to say what it says to me, your comments as to the meaning please:

Much sound and fury, signifying nothing.


There is thought here


This dude’s blacker than Barry.


And he’s as fed up as any of us!

Ovomit and it’s regime are why the 2A was included.

I do get one of those patches with my stock, right?


Entirely too cool! The Queen’s Guard doing…


Because I love y’all


Here’s some fun:

I’ve been getting so pissed, I needed a bit of fun music to break the fury building.

I watched it on YT, I wonder why it “doesn’t exist” if you click it as a share. Hmmm. Well, try this:

Obama’s New Immigration Strategy ‘Threatens Foundation of Our Constitutional Republic’…



1IDVET has a damn good one too! I’ve got to get to work, but I had time to look here and find this! Brilliant.

Originally posted on Truth, Lies and In Between:

…Obama is deliberately circumventing the laws of this country and in so doing is dismantling any semblance of America’s storied dedication to the principles of freedom. I am personally ashamed of the President, the Congress and about half of the American people.

Opening the flood gates to these people will bring their third world view of things, which means that freedom isn’t on their minds, just how much free shit can they get from Uncle Sugar.

Those people generally on the left, but also from the right that think bringing in more people will some how spark an economic boom of some sort are delusional at best. From 2000 to present, all employment growth went to aliens, both legal and illegal than went to American citizens. (Source: at

We had best get our shit together, or this country will be mired in it.

Sessions Warns All of Congress:

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