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And now for a couple of tunes before sleep.


Another song dear to my heart:

And then we have:

Goodnight, all. Sleep well. Screw it, one more:

“Religion vs Believing”


I used to be a church going individual. I mean a Charismatic Pentecostal sort. And then, and then, I realized why the corrupt Catholic Church became the corrupt Episcopal Catholic Church, became the Protestant Movement, became the etcetra, etcetra, etcetra, and so forth.

And I saw this clip on YT about how Jesus is mentioned more in the Quran than Mo-Ham-Ed. This is not the clip I saw, I think I shared it on YT, but it pretty much denies that whole religion vs believing concept.

Simply, the Church counted on the followers who simply listened to the Priest/Imam/WTFever vs “reading the Book of God”. Religion counts on those who allow the messenger to deliver “The Message” but are too lazy to search for it themselves.

And I can’t find that clip at this moment. Shit. I will go further on this concept in a bit, but I have to work later today. Hate it when that happens.

Realize this: God is real. Jesus is real. Mo-Ham-Ed is someone used as a tool to create followers to destroy The Truth of Jesus’ reality as the Son of God/God Himself.

The Protestant Movement was based on “Read the Book” vs listen to what the Priest would have you hear.

What did I do? Gave up “Church”. God loves you. God loves me. The only thing He asks is that you know that. But I will sign off now with that thought.

And I will update! THIS is the one I saw that I wanted to share. Thank you to my FB friend Juliet for posting it.

Update #2, ten minutes later I find this one. Can’t go wrong with this one either.

Did you know the United States Marine Corps is damn near a year older than the United States itself?


And that Gene Simmons is an Israeli immigrant?

Mind you, I was Air Force. Youngest of the services, and we bring shit they’ve never seen. :twisted:

Bill Whittle: Ferguson and the Real Race War…



Whittle, as usual, smacks it right over the fence.

Originally posted on Truth, Lies and In Between:

…all over it.

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Gorgeous dogs, just make sure they know you are Alpha.

Originally posted on ANTZ-IN-PANTZ ......:

A Belarusian family takes in an entire pack of wolves and raises them as pets.

A Belarusian family from the village of Zacherevye, 250 kilometers north of Minsk, is raising an entire pack of wolves as pets. It’s been five years since the Selekhs took in a group of young wild wolves, and they’ve got the beasts completely domesticated now. In fact, the pet wolves’ behavior is quite opposite to what people normally expect from them.

Wolves are supposed to be instinctively wild, and follow a strict code of hierarchy within the pack – they are led by an alpha couple. But the Selekh wolves display none of these characteristics. They are quite a joyful lot instead, playing games and entertaining 10-year-old Alisa Selekh. They even take turns giving the girl piggyback rides through the Selekhs’ front garden.

These wolves also do not display an appetite for human flesh –…

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Anonymous always says it well


We are legion.

Just found a new way to spell RESPECT!!!!!!


Try DDP. What, you say? DDP? Diamond Dallas Page has earned mine in a whole new way. Watch:


I’ve been trying not to go mad over the last few weeks, which is why my posts have been minimal. “My desire to remain well informed is currently at odds with my desire to stay sane”. A lot of what I would have written about I’ve just been clicking “share” and moving on at my FB page. This one is not political bullshit, and it feels good. The highlighted link is the extended cut.


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