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Needed something fun before moving on with the day


So I went over to Geekologie to see what they had. This made me smile!

Someone finally growing a set?


I was surfing through my G+, and found some interesting things amongst my friends. Like, look at this one!

Immediately after what many considered a victory against a tyrannical federal agency, a number of leftist voices – most notably, Sen. Harry Reid – indicated the action against this family will continue.

In response, Texas Republican Rep. Steve Stockman sent a letter to Barack Obama, Department of the Interior Sec. Sally Jewell, and BLM Director Neil Kornze, laying out his position that any such action by the agency would violate the U.S. Constitution.

I’ve got an idea, Rep. Stockman. Take action beyond a “strongly worded letter”. Their actions were, are, and will continue to be unconstitutional. This is violation of their OATH at a minimum, more like treason.

Then we have this one. It has video as well, but here’s a clip:

Vowing to take a stand for, “your liberty and freedom,” Bundy says he is prepared to be killed as authorities surround a 600,000 acre section of public land as a result of Bundy violating a 1993 Bureau of Land Management ruling which changed grazing rights in order to protect the endangered desert tortoise.

“With all these rangers and all this force that is out here, they are only after one man right now. They are after Cliven Bundy. Whether they want to incarcerate me or whether they want to shoot me in the back, they are after me. But that is not all that is at stake here. Your liberty and freedom is at stake,” Bundy said.

Bundy’s refusal to recognize federal authority over the land under dispute and his failure to pay tens of thousands of dollars in grazing fees stems from his assertion that his family’s history trumps bureaucracy.

“My forefathers have been up and down the Virgin Valley ever since 1877. All these rights I claim have been created through pre-emptive rights and beneficial use of the forage and water. I have been here longer. My rights are before the BLM even existed,” Bundy said.

Or, how about this:

Supporters of Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy violated a “First Amendment Area” by staging a rally in support of Bundy, who earlier declared a “range war” against federal authorities in response to a land dispute that threatens to escalate into a Waco-style standoff.

It’s coming, boys and girls. It’s coming.

UPDATE: A little further down the page, I found this one just now:

Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) claimed on Thursday that armed supporters of rancher Cliven Bundy are “domestic terrorists” and reckless individuals who put their families in danger.

Speaking at a Las Vegas Review-Journal event, Reid was clear: “They’re nothing more than domestic terrorists. I repeat: what happened there was domestic terrorism.”

There’s more. Enjoy!

UPDATE #2: Found at The Rott. No clip this time. Too good to clip from. Read the whole thing.

I remember this cartoon when it was new


And just maybe this is the sort of thing that planted the seed in my mind.

Speaking of ultimate coolness


Scientists Find Distant Earth-Sized Planet That Could Support Water and Life

And right around the corner, figuratively. We have our choice of Cygnus, or Upsilon Andromeda, and the scientists have found a fair number more within the “Goldilocks Zone” so far.

What do you think of that? All we have to do now is perfect FTL drive for travel in space, or create a soundly environmentally contained long term ship. Kinda like some “ancient astronaut theorists” imagine the moon, yes, our moon, may have been.

You wanna see the ultimate budget Winnebago?


How much might you be willing to invest (or save) in a project such as this?

The Infidel must pay the Jizya!


I heard rumor today that the Supreme Court had ruled, that they were going to be paying hundreds of millions of dollars in fines, they were folding so as not to, blah blah woof woof. So, for my blog I wanted to write something on it. Googled “Hobby Lobby, Obamacare, latest news”. First one said ruling not until June/July, but it was a “you must obey the master” leftist article. I must say, this one is much more objective, and strongly in support of the First Amendment and free market capitalism. Let me take a clip:

Pro-choice activists argue that their personal business is not their employer’s business. In reality though, the company owner pays for their employees’ health care, which means that the owner is partly responsible for many important decisions that their employees may make regarding that health care. Contraceptives are a perfect example. If a company owner funds contraceptives, then he/she is partly responsible for the employees’ decision to use these contraceptives since they are funded by that employer. This causes many problems with religious freedom. Hobby Lobby owners feel that they should have the freedom to choose not to fund these specific contraceptives, just as employees have the freedom to choose their employer.

Freedom of speech and religion goes two ways. The company owners’ private corporation should have the religious right to refuse funding of the Obamacare contraception mandate. On the other hand, employees who want this contraception mandate funded also have the right, underneath the ACA, to receive this in their health care, just not from Hobby Lobby.

That thing I put in bold was the major point of part of my argument with the whole damned thing. The main gist of my attitude is WHAT FUCKING BUSINESS IS IT OF THE GOVERNMENTS TO FORCE EMPLOYERS TO PROVIDE HEALTH INSURANCE IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?! Seems to me that is in direct violation of the intent of the Founders when they built this place.

Oh, what is “jizya”, you ask? Well, this from the Encyclopedia Britannica is a pretty good one:

Islamic law made a distinction between two categories of non-Muslim subjects—pagans and dhimmis (“protected peoples,” or “peoples of the book”; i.e., those peoples who based their religious beliefs on sacred texts, such as Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians). The Muslim rulers tolerated the dhimmis and allowed them to practice their religion. In return for protection and as a mark of their submission, the dhimmis were required to pay a special poll tax known as the jizya.

There were a large number more google-ettes about that function, but this one worked quite well in its simplicity. And I’m quite sure you can see the link in the thought train.

And a fun time


Was had by all!!!!!


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