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She’s got that shit AGAIN!


Judge Jeanine shows you right where this shit sits:

Oooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me likey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I got my CBRPS SKS “Pug” stock the other day, and it fits nicely. Bernie builds some damn good stuff! Give him a look, see if what he builds is something you’d like. I’ve got something else on order from him that he won’t release until it’s perfect, and with what I’ve already got I’m willing to wait!

Let’s be brutally honest about this, shall we?


Collateral damage wins wars. You take two armies, pit them against one another on the battlefield, a lot of people die, and more are probably inspired at home to join the struggle. And so it goes on.

What do we have in our struggle with the minions of Satan? OUR side is afraid that i.e.d.s will blow up on main street, and we offer concessions. Our side backs up, and backs up, and backs up, and they are thereby emboldened.

THEY are busy killing innocent “infidels”, and we back off and let them rule this country, or that region, or the other town in order to stop them from killing said innocents because WE are the caring, peaceful, gentle sorts.

Answer me this: How caring peaceful and gentle is it that we allow those who were once free and peaceful to be forced to end up in Hell, due to having been forced to worship the devil? Satan. Lucifer. You know, Allah.

WW1, WW2 particularly, how did we win those? WW2 went nuclear. We took 2 complete cities down to the foundations with one bomb apiece. Everybody “knew” that we had weapons that would kill any and everything on the opponents side. In order for any to survive, they gave up. WW1 we just kept pushing and slaughtering, and in order to save their people, they gave up. Korea? WE backed off and called a cease fire. Viet Nam, we were within weeks of winning and WE backed off and called for peace.

If you look at it most simply, and this enemy recognizes it perhaps subconsciously, you give up to save innocents.

Need I say more about that? Has my description of how to fight a war to win it been clear enough?

This thought sponsored by THIS post elsewhere. Simply enough, the only way to beat an enemy is by sheer force and fear.


Oh Dear Lord, MERCY!


Breakfast Bacon Cups

White or Wheat Bread
Shredded Cheddar Cheese
Maple Syrup
Salt & Pepper
(Note quantities not added. This will vary depending on how many you plan to make. It’s safe to estimate about 2-3 per person. )

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. While the oven is pre-heating partially cook the bacon for about 3-5 minutes in a large skillet set to medium-high. You want the bacon to be a little cooked but still pliable. Mix maple syrup and butter in a small sauce pan and heat over medium low so butter melts (you can’t mess this up so don’t worry about amounts too much. I usually use ½ a stick of butter and a cup or so of syrup).

Using a cookie cutter, ravioli cutter, or whatever else you may have that can cut a 3 inch diameter circle—cut circles out of the bread slices.
Here comes the good part! Grease/non-stick spray muffin pan and line with bacon so that is circles each mold. Now, brush each side of the bread with the syrup/butter mixture and place in cup so that it rests evenly at the bottom of the mold. You may have to do a little trimming of the bread but it’s ok if it doesn’t fit perfectly either. Crack an egg into each mold, season with salt and pepper and give each cup a sprinkle of cheese (you can also add the cheese on top of bread, beneath the egg).

Borrowed from FB page.

I’ve mentioned how I do love the 1911, yes?


I think Springfield makes one of the best 1911s out there. Very few are bad, some are better than others. RIA is good, Springer is good, there are many.

I think you might like this one


You know how we’ve talked about malignant narcissism? Here you go:

It thinks it’s the king.

How many of you know Publius Huldah?


I’ve read her stuff, I’ve watched her videos, and now I found a great new article.

Freedom Outpost’s Constitutional scholar Publius Huldah recently explained why Federal gun laws are unlawful. She noted that the first gun control measures put in place in the United States did not take place until 1927, when Congress banned the mailing of certain weapons. We went from 1776 to 1927, 150 years after our founding, when Congress decided, “We better start disarming the American people.”

Small taste.

Update: I slept well last night, woke up, re read that post, and looked at the date. 1927. When was that “Great Depression”?


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