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If you’d feel better on three wheels than two, here you go.

How I said I like Bullpups


These are mine:

And this is the website:

This guy is awesome, his prices are very good, and you can build it off a number of different rifles. Can’t go wrong with Bernie Rolfe’s product.

Straight up, I Like Bullpups


The most practical method ever devised for full size performance in a carbine or less size package:

Now, where was I? Oh, yes


How is “climate change” a threat to our National Security. Cutting our military, limiting our training, cutting our equipment levels, all this shit makes us weak. Check history, check every major war we’ve ever had. Our military had been allowed to dwindle, and when we got weak enough, somebody started the shit. So, all this money we save on supporting the military, so we can spend it on “climate change”, is purely for the sake of us getting our asses kicked in the next one. Yes, we are Americans. We have always risen to meet the foe, and won. In the past, before all this metrosexual programming bullshit of the last 50 years or so.

Because of the schmucks who profess (whether they actually do, or not) to believe in this politically correct bullshit. Climate change is a historical fact. Check the rings of an ancient tree, for example. It happens every so often, and in a fairly regular cycle. It happens every year, it’s called “the seasons”.

This planet does not have a perfectly regular orbit. The recent variations in temperatures have been proven to have been rigged by putting thermometers on top of buildings with tar roofs, by putting thermometers on runways at airports, so a political agenda could be instituted. El Nino and all that crap happen in regular cycles, and ice ages and warm ages have been proven through ice cores and tree rings due to the irregular orbit.

This is all bullshit to extort the general public, and supported by those who would be of the ruling class.

This is not what the USA was founded on, nor how it was intended by the Founders to be.

Read the Federalist papers, read the writings of the Founders to one another and see that they foresaw this insanity. They wrote that there needed to be frequent corrections to the direction that they KNEW the nation would drift.

Here are a number of good quotes, there are many more if you dig a bit. Okay, that is a parallel to the principle theme here, or is it? Is it not, in its own way, a perfect tie in?

It all boils down to a government that would rule rather than serve. Using coercion instead of force to achieve the same goal. Be it our climate consciousness, or our desire for security, it is all the same.



A thing for you to puzzle on today


In what way is “climate change” the primary threat to National Security?

I’ll give you my thoughts on that tonight, but my answer is quite simple.

Some good options, and not just for the ladies


Depends on the size of your hands, the bulk of your body, and the fill of your wallet.


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