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You know you want one


R.I.P. Prince


Just found out from DJ Allyn over at “The Rott” some details I never knew about Prince, and his music. With full credit to Deej, here is his comment:

You may not have liked one of his “styles” of music, but you probably don’t realize that he wrote a SHITLOAD of songs for other people that you probably do like — but never knew that they were his songs.

I admit that I wasn’t a great fan of much of his work, but I admired it for the pure TALENT involved.

Prince was a music machine. Not only can he be considered to be as great if not greater a guitarist than Jimmy Hendrix, the man played almost 30 different instruments — flawlessly and effortlessly.

Virtually every record he recorded had only one artist: HIMSELF. He wrote the song, he played every instrument and performed every vocal on that record.

He is rumored to have over 1500 recorded songs complete with music videos that nobody has ever heard, locked in his vault.

While he is rumored to be worth in excess of $300 million, the man gave away more money than he ever kept. He used to do these “pop-up” concerts where hundreds of people would attend on a moment’s notice, and every dime he collected went anonymously to disadvantaged youth programs throughout the country.

I agree with Retired Spook on this.

I didn’t know just how good a man he actually was, but Deej would. Respect!

If you have any idea about Mosins


Immediately go to Classic Firearms and get one of these before they’re gone:

The M39 was by far one of the absolute best of the variants. What happened was that before WWII the Fins booted the Russians out of the country, kept the arsenals of the Russians, re-barreled, new wood, etc. The M39 is a superb M-N, ludicrously accurate, smooth as silk, just excellent.

UPDATE: Just stumbled on this article describing the creation and uses of this wonderful piece.

Mind you, I do like the “reverse trike”


This one is pretty close to my preference of these.

Ooooo, pretty


Ooooo, crazy!

The PGM motorcycle features a 90-degree 2L V8 engine producing 334hp @ 12800rpm / 214Nm @ 9500rpm. Australian built to the highest quality from front to back including MoTeC fuel injection, Brembo brakes, Akrapovic titanium exhaust and Marchesini forged alloy wheels. The PGM motorcycle weighs in at 242kg wet giving it one crazy power to weight ratio!

PGM is now taking orders for genuine interested parties. For more information go to:

This is pretty close to about batshit wild! For those of you wanting just a little bit more:


This was today’s song in my head


But while I was searching for it, I also stumbled on this:

But we knew that. The really funny thing is, tonight I was watching “Last week tonight” on HBO. And our host was discussing what a snub the Saudi king laid on Ovomit and it’s greeting. “Bitch, we don’t even want you here.” This is the POtuS that’s going down in history as one of the greatest! Oh yeah! A legend in its own mind! This miserable scum is the absolute embodiment of everything that has been sliding downhill for the last 50 years at least. I’m going to go take my pills, see you tomorrow.

I just subscribed to this YT channel


This is some really awesome shit!


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