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Oh, for cryin’ out frikkin’ loud


“California Compliant” DERRINGER?!?! Just don’t sell the 410 barrel in Commifornia and you’re fine. Sweet Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick!

Time for more alcohol. Wish a certain other nerve calmitive were legal here…

Such as this really calms me


More of the greatest music in history:

If that wasn’t enough:

These guys were GODS of MUSIC


Just had to say that. As were these guys:

Okay, time to calm down a bit


Last flare-up for the moment


Barry Ovomit and the making of itself as a king:

Separation of powers, as in the Constitution you’re supposed to be a scholar of, Soetoro.

Australia has become SORT of unfucked


But nowhere near totally unfucked:

Australia isn’t the “Land Of The Free”, hasn’t been since the insanity of 1996, but not as bad as it was. Still, what happens when the SHTF? This is still what I might consider excessive restriction. Might consider? Sheeit, this is ridiculous.

All things considered,


What you might call “restrictions to firearms ownership” in Switzerland seem sensible in most cases. They’re not much of any “restriction” at all!

Mind you, what part of “Shall Not Be Infringed” does this government not understand? I can see denying felons firearms, but as far as the average law abiding citizen no.


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