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Good news, fellow cafeholics


This is PROVEN


This is a truth that none can argue, unless they do not want to see:


Read it, and tell me it isn’t true.

Like I said


I’m liking this Shapiro kid. Quite a bit:

Fun Tune


When I was growing up, I found out that the original of this song was written about my Grandfather Big John Stamper. A mine boss in West Virginia, the stories I was told by my father about his father gave me chills. And this song does this man honor.

Howard gets it


He seems so much more an Independent than a leftist so much:

I’m rather liking this Ben Shapiro


This is the entire video show. The school shooting stats are around the 35 minute mark, but this entire show works extremely well to identify the political values being exploited:

I suppose you could call this an update


In that last video, Jeff made a LOT of very good points. What he didn’t talk about was the why of these things, or rather, didn’t cover all of the aspects involved.

One of his viewers did bring up an extremely valid point in the comments section.

I don’t know who this guy really is, but he hit it dead nuts on:

This is a long list and it doesn’t cover all recent mass shootings/attacks. Texas-may 2017-Kendrick white, 21, stabbed four at UT, on Zoloft. Florida-November 2014-Myron may, 31, shot three at FSU, on hydroxyzine, Wellbutrin,vynase, and seroquel. Washington-June 2014-Aaron Ybarra, 26, killed one and wounded two at Seattle pacific, on Prozac and risperdal. Connecticut-apr 2014-Chris plankton, 16, stabbed to death a female student, 16, that turned him down for the prom, on meds for adhd. Nevada-oct 2013-José Reyes, 12, shot and killed one teacher, wounded two students and committed suicide, on Prozac. Missouri-Jan 2013-Sean Johnson, 34, shot and killed financial aid director of Stevens institute of business and arts then shot himself in the torso, taking undisclosed drugs for diagnosed mental illness. Washington-oct 2011-unnamed 15 year old stabbed one girl 25 time before stabbing another that tried to help, on undisclosed medication for diagnosed depression. Planoise, France-dec 2010-unnamed 17 year old held 20 preschool children and their teacher hostage, by swordpoint, for four hours, medicated for depression. S. Carolina-sept 2011-Christian helms, 14, shot and wounded school resource officer. SRO was able to stop the attack. Student had 2 pipe bombs and evidence showed a columbine style attack was planned, with kill list. On adhd and depression medication. Alabama-feb 2010- hammed memon, 15, shot and killed a fellow student, on Zoloft and other unnamed drugs for adhd and depression. Kauhajoki, Finland-sept 2008, matti sari, 22, shot and killed 9 student and a teacher, wounded another and killed himself, on Xanax and another unnamed SSRI. California-April 2008-Jesus carrizales, 17, attacked SRO with bat, hitting him in the head. Officer shot and killed student, on lexapro and geodon (antipsychotic) Illinois-feb 2008-Steven kazmierczak, 27, shot and killed 5 and wounded another 21 before killing himself at northern Illinois university, on Prozac, Xanax, and ambien. Had stopped the Prozac cold turkey 3 weeks prior. Jokela, Finland-nov 2007-pukka-Eric auvinen, 18, shot and killed eight and wounded another 12 before killing himself, taking unnamed antidepressants. Texas-nov 2007-Felicia McMillan, 17, stabbed male student and principal, on unnamed depression medication. Ohio-oct 2007-asa coon, 14, shot and wounded four students before killing himself, on trazodone (antidepressant). Mass-Jan 2007-John odgren, 16, stabbed a male student to death in restroom at high school, on Ritalin. Indiana-dec 2004-Travis Roberson, 16, stabbed another student in the neck, was in withdrawal from Wellbutrin he had cold turkeyed days prior. N Carolina-aug 2006-Alvaro Rafael Castillo, 19, shot and killed father at home, drove to high school and wounded two students before being tackled by staff. Taking unnamed antidepressants. N Carolina-April 2006-William foster, 17, took teacher and student hostage, fired shots at police and fled, on unnamed antidepressants and antipsychotics he had recently stopped taking. Minnesota-March 2005- Jeff weise, 16, shot and killed his grandfather and his grandfathers girlfriend, went to school on local reservation and shot and killed 5, a security guard, and a teacher and wounded 7 others before killing himself, on Prozac. New York-feb 2004-Jon Romano, 16, shot and wounded special ed teacher, on Xanax and had spent time in a psychiatric hospital. Pennsylvania-feb 2001-William stankewicz, 56, entered local elementary school and wounded 3 staff members and 11 children, on four separate medications for depression and anxiety. Ikeda, Japan-June 2001-mamoru takuma, 37, entered elementary school and stabbed eight 1st & 2nd graders to death and wounded 15 other students and teachers, attempting to kill himself with the knife after that, told police he had taken 10x the prescribed dose of antidepressants. Washington-April 2001-Cory baadsgaard, 16, held 23 students and teacher hostage at gun point. Three weeks prior to incident his prescription had been switched fro Paxil to Effexor and the morning of the incident his Effexor dose had been increased. California-March 2001-Jason Hoffman, 18, shot and wounded 3 student and 2 teachers at his high school, on celexa and Effexor. Pennsylvania-March 2001-Elizabeth Bush, 14, shot at fellow students only wounding one, on Prozac. California-Jan 2001-Richard Lopez, 17, fired shot at car at school then took a female student hostage, killed by swat officer. Was taking Paxil, Prozac and sleep medication. Georgia-may 1999- tj solomon, 15, shot and wounded 6 students, on Ritalin. Columbine, Colorado-April 1999- Eric Harris/Dylan klebold killed 12 students and 1 teacher, wounding 26 others before killing themselves. Harris was taking Luvox (antidepressant) and klebolds records remain sealed. Both had undergone anger management and counseling. Idaho-April 1999-Shawn cooper,15, fired at and wounded one fellow student, on Ritalin. Oregon-may 1998- Kip kinkel, 15, killed his parents at home and went to school where he shot and killed 2 and wounded 25, on Prozac and had been attending anger management. S Carolina-oct 1995-Toby sincino, 15, shot 2 teachers, killing 1, before killing himself, on Zoloft. Michigan-dec 1993-Stephen Leigh, 39 high school chemistry teacher facing a disciplinary matter, shot and killed superintendent, wounded the principal and another teacher, on Prozac. Texas-sept 1992-Calvin bell, 44, upset about child’s progress report, entered school and fired shots. Later wounding two police officers before surrendering. Unemployed Vietnam vet taking unnamed antidepressants. Illinois-may 1988-Laurie washerman Danny’s, 30, entered local elementary school with three pistols and opened fire, killing an 8 year old boy and wounding five other before fleeing. She then entered a nearby house where she should and wounded a 20 year old male before killing herself, on anafranil (antidepressant). The two common factors here are simple. “Medicine” that’s bad for you and gun free zones. Everything from bats and knives to rifles and shotguns were used in the attacks listed. Men and women committed these crimes. Black, white, Hispanic, Asian and middle eastern descent were involved.