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Been there, done that…


Truth. Sigh, truth…


Do I have any readers in Marco Rubio country?


Do any of YOU have readers in Marco Rubio country? Fucking RINO needs to return to Cuba. He’d be right at home:

Seems to me that this is absolute bullshit from the RINO party. POS needs to be a civilian next voting cycle.

What I’m taking from this is


If you are happy with standard pressure ammo in your gun, Gen 5 is fine. But I like options, and when I carry the one Glock that I own, it’s a .40. This tells us they screwed up, yeah? I own a few 9’s, several .40’s, several .45’s, and of them none are rated less than +P+. If it is weak, I won’t own it.

As for HR 38, Concealed Carry Reciprocity, excellent idea! Just like a drivers licence, if you have proven yourself able all states should respect the licence of other states. This is why you can drive from Maine to Baja to Portland to Key West. It is a state licence, not federal, but you can use it anywhere. Hell, for that matter, you can use your drivers licence anywhere on the damn planet! That, however, is food for another day.

Mueller is as/more guilty than any of them


They really did exist, probably still do



“Hi, want to see a coelacanth?”

“Bullshit, they’ve been extinct for 65 million years.”

“Oh yeah, what’s this then?”

We THOUGHT they were extinct, but they weren’t.

Same with this. We have found other living creatures, way out in the wayback, that had been considered-extinct-but-gosh-here-it-is. Are there any of these left alive?


Borrowed from Irish


This is just hilarious! Double entendre’, perhaps: