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Celebrate the greatness of the USA


And then this one came up. When my eyes dried enough to see the screen, I decided to update the post:

Texas released a map of location of gun owners!


It’s hard to believe, but Texas has followed that idiot newspaper up in New York, and released a map of the location of all gun owners! Their locations are marked by red dots. H/t FOTM’…

Source: Texas released a map of location of gun owners!

Damnit, bust this bitch


Hitlery, I most definitely mean:

Put it in the chair, and I don’t mean the Oval Office one.

I have GOT to get me one of these


I may have to sell a few things to make room and give me money, but DAMN!

Really? Gosh


Could this administration possibly be involved in helping spread pisslamic terror all over the world? Say it isn’t so, Mildred! /sarc:

Crowder explains it so well


And this one:

He knew the truth. And they killed him for it


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