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These speeches got my blood PUMPING


Then there was a brilliant video from Capt Clay Higgins, unfortunately I can’t find that one. But I did find Ted Cruz:

There may yet be hope for this nation after all.



It just keeps coming on me! The loss of Danny Joe Brown to the music community rivaled the loss of Jimi and Janis. One of the greatest voices in Southern Rock. Speaking of Southern Rock:

And many moons ago I may have told you about the Molly Hatchet concert I went to where Blackfoot was the warm up band?



Since this is a music morning


To go to a different place in music:

And one more for now:

Just a couple of brilliant songs


How does he make that guitar sing like this? OMG! That was 1974, this was 2009:

Update: Can’t leave out Frampton, what’s wrong with me?!?!


He may be a yankee, but he’s a good yankee


Bigshooterist rocks pretty hard. I like this guy:

What part of “Shall Not Be Infringed” did they not understand?

Finally the BATF has realized their boo boo


And from there to:

I put mine on to stabilize my pistol, not install a stock proper to make it an SBR. Now I don’t have to worry if I oops. So have fun!

Update from MAC:

THIS is firearms perfection


But you know Wilson Combat is going to want in the multiple thousands for it:

If I could afford this, you bet your ass I’d own one!