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BWAHAHAHA, It Doesn’t Work


Idiots. This communism shit doesn’t work! How stupid are you that you can’t see what you’re soaking in? Open your eyes:

I have arguments against every single point they make, or rather, exercise. All these supposedly wonderful things they can’t afford.. Cut them off. No more federal funds to the state. Not a penny. VOTE! Get these leftist commucrats OUT!

Less than 3 weeks to go


Make DAMN sure you vote:

Now, there may be something to be said about them moving out to infect the more conservative states. Every time (mostly) they go anywhere en masse, next thing you know the laws start to be changing, taxes go up, social programs increase, all the leftist infection stuff. You figure out the tags.

There really ARE unicorns


And, if you do a little research, actually a huge herd of them. The left would have you believe that these gentlemen are few and far between. Not so, from the little bird’s whisper. What was that quote, “Promises made, promises kept”?

These men are putting the message out. Realize that they have been there, seen it, done it, smelled it, and didn’t like what the product was:

Do. Not. Miss. This. VOTE!!!!!

Another excellent example


If you read me just to see what my side thinks, think of this:

Try this channel for enlightenment.

A case of awakening(s)


Well done, young lady. Welcome to the light side:

The red pill may be a bit hard to swallow, but it does wake you up.

Things to think about


And think VERY hard about:

Get ready, this shit may get ugly quite soon. Extremely ugly.

Another from Bob Hansler


About using what you’ve got, and Yucca is a big one around where I’m at:

You may never use this knowledge, but then again…

Here’s the one about the fruit: