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I had a thought going through my head about what truly needs to occur, but I won’t mention it right now. They’re everywhere, reading everything, and one tends to become a bit secretive about such thoughts. Just…nevermind.

Charges filed for returning fire


This is going to so incredibly piss you off. If I didn’t have to get to work, I’d spend time on this and do up a good rant. For now, read this article and do whatever other research you wish on this subject.

Feel free to work up your own froth about Ovomit ass kissers.

Why in the hell am I awake still?


Fine, two songs and I’m gone for the night:

And this one:

Anybody catching the gist of these? More later.

Here’s an interesting thing


I have been wanting to just post up some music, maybe a joke or something, possibly some politik, and for the last two days every time I try to come to the site through the front door my computer locks up. Doesn’t matter, when I try to click on the site on my google dashboard, whether I try this first, set up my iheart, go to FB or YT, doesn’t matter. Starts to load, then locks stone ass up. So I found a back door so I could post this little enlightenment. Have I upset someone? :?

Yes, this has gone up before


But it’s still a damn good song:

Metallica does such brilliant military themes


Try to argue:

Then there’s AC/DC. I don’t know the politics of either band, really. But these jams fit:

And while Ovomit has lowered our military to numbers like pre-WW1


It’s certainly good to know we still have some of the best troops and gear on the planet. Turn us loose, no R.O.E.s, and we can fix this shit:


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