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Semper Fi, Marine


I will contribute to this one as well


I sent money for the production of Range 15, bought the blu-ray, these guys are FUN! Now, they’re about to do another, and it will be as fun I’m sure:

If you want to help,

Fantastic new country song


Absolute, total agreement


Need more be said?

Well gosh, how about that


Robert Heinlein said it well, “An armed society is a polite society”:

Oh, and in case you were wondering exactly what “Constitutional Carry” means:

From a (very) slightly different perspective:

Those last two? Sometimes a picture tells the whole story all by itself.

Had to put up this song


Been in my head all day, and that’s the only way to make it stop:

Some fucking MONSTER “Deep thought”


For a start, identify all the classical artists, Bach, Beethoven, ad infinitum. Then think, what is a BILLION years to a forever God? Okay, fine, think “big bang”. What went bang?

Think hard on this.

Think of where the Bible said we would rule more stars than there are grains of sand.

But only if we pull our heads out, and realize Who/What God IS.

Or not. Up to you.

Think of this. Think hard.