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I’m driven to repost this


I know it was recent, but you can’t forget these points:

My OATH had no expiration date.

You might have to go a bit more “industrial”, but


I was just watching this thing on the tube about the underground tunnels where illegals sneak into the US from buildings in Mexico to buildings here. You might need to go bigger, and I don’t know how much it might disturb the roads and industrial areas applicable, but:

Just a thought…

There is extreme truth here


There are times.

You cannot deny this


When did the last one start? I mean really start? When the government came to take the guns.

And why does the government attempt to disarm us? You cannot oppress an armed people.


Here’s another “wish I had the money” device


I like bullpups. This one seems extremely sweet, but I’ll just have to live with the ones I’ve built for about 1/4 the price. That’s me, you may have the money. If so, this would be a fine choice.

Right, now I have been wrong before, but


I thought I had made a mistake, but it turned out I was right in the first place.

Here’s my thought: Cruz is baiting “them”. The “hard right constitutionalist” is attacking him for the same thing we’ve been after Ovomit for, Art 2.1.5 eligibility. AH, BUT, so now is the left. But Ted Cruz, being the awesome man that he is, knows this as well. He’s baiting them out to “If you’re going to attack me on this, what about Obama?”. I think he’s trying to get Ovomit and all it’s shit removed by stirring the pot. This way he can pull the left into this as well. He’s going to do a “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” hit.

I may be wrong, but I can see this clear as a bell in my minds eye.

Speaking of “things you’re really gonna wanna read”


Okay, fine, DO IT! Stop fucking talking about it and go for the throat!!!!!

Read through it, all valid, but is that all you could find? Or did you think that should be enough?

This one I don’t know if is treason or just stupid:

This one here is obvious treason:

And I could go on, but it is past bedtime. Okay, fine, one more:

Damnit CONgress/military, do your sworn duty!

UPDATE: Unless you read the comments, you will have missed this that poetopoet just sent me. And it is too good to miss:




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