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The statement of the previous one


Was that the Bill of Rights only recognized our God given rights, it didn’t grant them. The government was prohibited from screwing with said God given rights by this addendum, because the Founders knew how a human controlled government would (d)evolve.

Anyway, you’ve heard of this, yes?:

But hey, there’s no voter fraud here.

This is some serious stuff


Do not be shocked by the title. Press play and give it a minute to understand:

As I’ve said before, the 10th says if it isn’t in the Constitution, it’s up to the states. Guess what? The 2nd is. There are no Constitutional anti-gun laws. Nothing from the states, the cities, the NFA34, the GCA68, none of it.

You know John Wick 2 is about to come out


I don’t know Keanu Reeves’ politics, but I’m truly impressed with his skill set. I have to wonder if he’s quiet about his thoughts because he’s one of us and wants to keep working.

And then there’s this


Things you should know


Sick, but interesting


Want to go a step further? You know Hitlery is a carpet muncher, yes? I don’t know exactly what credence I might give the one I was thinking about, but you know what they say. Then again, a theory is only a theory until proven a fact:




I’ll give you the channel, up to you to chase it:

I’ve watched almost all of them, AND SCREAMED. How can people not see it?!?!