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I’m not going to tell you what it is


I’m not even going to categorize it to give you a clue. But you’ll like it. Oh hell, you’ll love it!

Found this at one of my Facebook groups, had to share


BREAKING: CCTV Video of Twin Peaks/Waco Shooting Shared With AP Reporters – Gunfire Began Outside, Bikers Running For Cover, Police Entered Restaurant With “Assault Rifles”,



And check this one! The government has gone full on with the oppression of freedom like the Soviets, and the Chinese, and the Pol Pot style.

Originally posted on The Last Refuge:

We knew there would be CCTV video of both the inside and patio of Twin Peaks.

Because the local Police, who immediately reviewed the footage yet continued to mislead the public about the impetus of the confrontation and gunfire, the owner/operator of the Twin Peaks franchise shared video with reporters from the Associated Press.

waco 13

WACO, Texas (Associated Press) — As gunfire broke out in the parking lot of a Texas restaurant, dozens of motorcycle riders ran inside seeking cover and tried to guide others to safety, security video reviewed exclusively by The Associated Press showed Wednesday.

The video suggests that Sunday’s deadly gunfight began outside the Twin Peaks restaurant, except for one round fired by a biker on the patio who then ran inside.

On the patio, bikers ducked under tables and tried to get inside. At least three people were holding handguns. One biker was seen running with…

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Alinsky’s rules for radicals #12 and the Waco bikers



I’m not the only one to have looked into this.

Originally posted on LadyRaven's Whisky In A Jar - OH!:

Rule number 12 –  “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy –

Tinfoil hat in place – just thinking here –

Remembering the first Million Bike Ride On DC, the reception nationwide was extremely positive.  The message was beautifully clear to the government – don’t be messing with our country!

The ride is scheduled again for this September 11th.  Jade Helm 15 exercises will be full blown by that time.

Tarnish the biker reputation now.  Slap the individual biker with fear of death or million dollar bails and we might be expected to see a very low turnout and a public less trusting of the 9/11 Army.

There is no need for a leader unless there is an army to lead. On this 9/11/2013 there is no leader, but the army is there – and building…

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You know all those horrendous “outlaw bikers” in Texas?


The ones the government pulled that attack on? Let me let you read something from one of the regulars there.

PRESIDENT OBAMA TO THE ATTORNEY GENERAL: “The signal is red. The signal is RED. Make it happen in WACO and let’s send a message to these white motherfucker militia types who oppose my Administration.”

And that was just the title! Now, in order to understand where that came from, you want to dig into the details of the story:

I was thinking of riding my Honda Shadow 1100  to Twin Peaks today to have some wings and enjoy the sports on TV on this gorgeous Memorial Day Weekend.  The sun was shining, and the temperature was a perfect 82 degrees.  I rode by the mall, with only moderate traffic and saw a couple of other bikers out doing the same thing I was doing; riding with no particular place to go.
I was riding alone and was not with any other bikers, but we always exchange the extended two-fingered peace sign as we pass one another on the roads winding through the countryside and through the cities of America. 
Mellow, everything seems normal and pleasant, All is well with the world. Then:
As I made the turn onto the frontage road along the busiest shopping center in town, I noticed two police vehicles in the parking lot.  One was a cruiser with black wheels and the new, aggressive paint scheme.  The other was a black SUV with a light bar on top.  I rolled through the parking lot in a Pavlovian state of mind, thinking about the delicious wings they serve and the beautiful and cheerful servers they have with this biker-friendly franchise.
Well, okay, that’s fairly normal. Normally. But wait:
Then I remembered Waco.  A wave of trepidation swept through me.  I looked around for snipers on the rooftops, and other police vehicles that might be parked nearby at the ready.  I saw two more, parked with their driver side doors facing each other.  Then, I looked over to the mall side of the parking lot, and I noticed an elevated police observation tower than had been raised up with its blacked out windows. 
I never actually stopped my bike.  I decided that this looked too dangerous, even though I have a perfectly clean record, including no traffic citations for more than 10 years.  I thought about those 9 bikers, shot in the head and neck with police assault rifles for doing nothing but the same thing I was thinking about doing; having some wings with other bikers who were out enjoying the beautiful weather.  Were there scuffles at biker places where I have stopped for great food before?  Sure.  Nothing ever happened that was serious.  Bikes and beer can sometimes get out of hand, but friends don’t let it last long. 
Yeah, go read the rest. Are we being conditioned to obey? Wait until you read some of the details of the situation as related by one of the regulars. There is a LOT of good stuff in this article, and you need to read it and think real hard. Real hard.
And think about this, a little clip toward the end:
To this moment, no waitresses, cooks, or patrons have been interviewed by the press.  Witness intimidation is in full force making sure no one says anything about what really happened.  All surveillance video has been classified and is currently being edited by law enforcement professionals to make sure no officers are charged with murder.  This was clearly a premeditated, Federal  assault designed to kill first, and arrest the survivors.
There is far more in this article, and I strongly recommend you read it. You will feel anger, you may feel fear, disappointment, perchance a touch of that “revolutionary fervor”. Russia, China, damn near every place that went communist had to do it through the citizens being afraid to be free, to stand up against the oppression. And so the communist/fascist regime comes to power.
What country is this? What is it that pesky old constitution says?

You do know about Jade Helm


And I’m sure you’ve heard about the LIVE anthrax that’s been shipped from Utah to those “enemy states”. It’s been all over the news, if you haven’t heard of it turn on your radio. Hmmm, accident?

Screw it I need music:

Upaces88 sent me this


As relates to my “PC being the death of this nation”. And it is truth.



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