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What, he asks, is Steampunk


This damn thing is so Steampunk it’s insane. They build “firearms” in the fashion they presume to be Steampunk, but this didn’t even try. It just IS:

I tried to change the soundtrack in my brain all day


But this song just wouldn’t go away. Staind is one of my favorite bands. There are a few, but this one, this one:

The Devil went down to Georgia


He was looking for a soul to steal. He was in a bind, he was way behind, he was willing to make a deal… No, not the Charlie Daniels version:

BATFE should be a convenience store


I don’t know what we’d put for the B, but the rest should be available no problem:

For example, if I want the “carbine” version, I have to pay an additional $200 and wait 6 months to a year for the Form 1 to clear. If I get the “stabilizer”, I can’t legally shoulder it. There are a number of YT videos about that, but it costs about $30 less from CAA than the Micro Roni PLUS the tax. So, $225 v $395.

Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives should be a convenience store, not a government agency. With President Trump, it may end up that way. He’s a hardcore pro-2A sort, it would seem. And then there’s:

“Art Of The Deal” for sure


Keep all your options open:

For this one you need NFA paperwork and tax


But not for this one:

Why? Because the bottom one is a “brace” and the top one is a “carbine conversion”. There are several visual and physical differences, definitely enough for it to be a different system. Let me give you the link to CAA so you can see the ludicrous legalities. The NFA34 just needs to be deleted. I’m thinking that’s one of President (elect) Trump’s plans, and why he has a 2A Coalition working on this stupidity. They need to throw in a 10A subdivision with it though. The 2A was there before the 10A, and 10A says “if it’s not in here it’s up to you, if it is in here it’s the law you abide by”.

Here, have another link to the CAA site about this.

This stuff seems outstanding for sure


Slicker, lighter, tougher, and theoretically cheaper.

This seems to be some truly hot rod shit! Now to find out if my local “dealer of death” is going to be carrying this, and for how much.

I’m sitting here with my diagnostic mind running full on to dissect this munition. I’ve got more videos to view yet, but the title of this one brought me in. I want to see if any of this has been physically cut in half lengthwise to see if what I’m thinking is actually what is happening.

For now, enjoy. Now that we don’t have to worry about Hitlery or Ovomit after Jan 20, 2017, we can think about the idea of shooting for fun and saving money. Never let your guard completely down, obviously, that’s just stupid and “they” will be back in time.

But we don’t need to store/hoard the ammo we’ve built up for 1776v2.0 anymore. Or at least we can start rotating our stocks. If this stuff is as good as it would appear, it’s probably a good idea to rotate our stocks to this concept!