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And coffee always helps


Part 1:

Part 2:

The absolute best of any type of plant substance grows ITS absolute best in one or two certain spots on the entire face of this mudball. Thank BRCC for doing their damnedest to find it!

I believe the world may just stand a chance


With this man as POTUS:

I can think of a reasonable response to this


It was quoted in the movie “Swordfish“:

You kill enough of the enemy, they quit.

Mat Best has officially rocked for years


Okay, I’ll put in a few links. This is the guy who owns, or is somehow involved in, black rifle coffee, and article 15 clothing, and ranger up. I had seen some of his stuff in the past, and laughed loudly, but I’m becoming more and more impressed:

Not to mention other priceless things besides the Range 15 movie shown previous post:

Military humor, among those of us that have seen the dragon, is like this. If you’ve ever been “in the shit”,  you’ll know what this is. If not, you won’t. That simple. You’ve got to KNOW that this just might be your last minute here, and find the craziest of fun to cope.

Why did I not know of this until I did


And as soon as I did, I ordered it. And I wasn’t expecting to get it for a week or more yet. But it’s ALREADY here! Tomorrow night I watch it. Ooah!

Want a copy? Google is our friend.

I have no doubt it will be stone brilliant.

And this is some fun stuff


The only thing about this is that if things like multiple birth certificates, multiple SSANs, that sort of thing are proven, we can flush every action and appointee Ovomit ever did/made in one fell swoop.

Same tags as before!

More interesting questions


And they go all the way through. Rick shifts, segues, and still makes it deep. Same tags as last one: