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While not liking the voice, I do like the words


I say again, you want to come here do it legally.

Goes from very interesting, to hmmm


All of it interesting, the last part maybe more so:

My taste buds just went insane


This guy is very good indeed:

See what you think


More money to spend, one of these days


All these new toys! I begin to hate these people, making me drool so much. When will this be in .40?

Same tags as last time.

Damn, more money I have to spend


This thing has damn near everything that I find desirable. Right size for comfortable carry, excellent capacity for its size, ah well tax time is right around the corner…

That is NICE! And it’s a Sig, not a Glock. I have no problem with Glock reliability and/or durability. But it costs even more money to make it fit the hand. The Sig fits my hand, right out of the box. And considering the price being right at the same I’ll go Sig. YMMV.

When I was a young man


The ORIGINAL Star Trek was the ultimate SciFi. Now that I look back at the ORIGINAL Star Trek, compared to today’s stuff, it’s kinda hokey. But, for the time, it was ALL the shit! This series continues the original 5 year mission, considering the first one only lasted 3 years, *AHEM*. Then there were the movies, yes, yet it just wasn’t the same.

Now comes Star Trek Continues. It continues the original story line and quality of production. I love this for that reason:

Got You Tube? Search for Star Trek Continues to see the remnant of the original 5 year mission. It IS well done indeed, as a continuation of the original.