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Music to send you to sleep


Fine, fine, one more:

Knowledge is power: Science


If you need some humor


Either to end the night, or start the day, here you go. GOTTA LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happiest TV slot ever


The logic of a “crony capitalist” as POTUS


What does ANY “capitalist” want for his/her organization? Profit. “Crony capitalists” merely take advantage of other corporations and personal friends to make sure that everyone in the chain profits.

If POTUS wants his “corporation” to do well (that’s the nation), sure we do business with other nations. And everybody gets better. If you have another “corporation” wanting to harm yours, you ruin them. Who would know better how to do this than a BIG DOG success?

Trump/Cruz! We would have a team of a big dog success story, and a Constitution believing Patriot in DC.

And with Beautiful People now on my mind


Here’s the song, not the band:

Might as well start the day with a jam!

Shit, this is actually true


All in one shot!


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