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New toy! New toy!


As some of you may know, Ruger makes fine firearms. They make miscellaneous .22s, .32s, .38/357s, .40s, .44s, .45s, rifles in various calibers, on and on. The GP100 revolver is considered one of their finest new model handguns, And they have a custom shop to tune even more fine and blueprinted versions of damn near everything they make, just like S&W, Colt, ad infinitum. One of the most highly thought of and stupid expensive variants is the Wiley Clapp GP100.

The next one may well be this. Until I hit the lottery, though, I’m kinda done with buying stuff. Maybe.

Music of the last few days…


That was today. Yesterday started with:

And then shifted to:

All good music, and the reasons are unknown as to why they were on my mind. But at least they kept me entertained.

A Helpless Whore: You Made Me That Way



HUA! This woman is standing up for being a person, a troop, not some helpless victim persona. Well done, ma’am, well done.

Originally posted on ANTZ-IN-PANTZ ......:

A female USAF Airman writes a letter to the Sexual Assault Response Coordination (SARC) after being made to feel like a “helpless whore” after attending their mandatory briefing.

I’ve heard from a friend, retired female USAF Master Sergeant, who had to attend this briefing as a now DOD Civilian and she says what this Airman says is spot on the money.

Dear SARC,

I got up this morning as an Airman in the United States Air Force. I got up and I put on my uniform, I pulled back my hair, I looked in the mirror and an Airman looked back. A strong, confident military professional stared out of my bathroom mirror, and I met her eyes with pride. Then I came to your briefing. I came to your briefing and I listened to you talk to me, at times it seemed directly to me, about sexual assault. You talked…

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Good to see Patriotic Youth still exist! There needs to be a whole lot more of this!

Originally posted on ANTZ-IN-PANTZ ......:

Yeah, this is good news.

But, it’s also bad news to think that in SOUTH CAROLINA there are school administrators so damned stupid to actually have suspended the boy.

Tom Balek with is doing the kind of local reporting that I hope we see more of. This story comes from the not terribly exciting sounding environment of a high school in South Carolina. Peyton Robinson is a senior at the local school who is also a volunteer fireman and drives his own pickup truck. Mounted in the back are two flags… one the American flag and the other a POW/MIA flag. Unfortunately, Peyton showed up for school one day and found that his display was no longer welcome.

Peyton Robinson, a senior at York Comprehensive High School in York, S.C., has been driving his truck around our end of York County with two large flags attached to the bed…

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This “Gen 2″ looks pretty sweet


The concept is sound, the round is far better from a longer barrel, the reliability of this system is reknowned, how can you go wrong?

I may have to buy one of these.

This rode my mind all day


Damn good song, and I have no idea why, but it made sense:

Shit, my head should have been down two hours ago


But this is helping me mellow out for work:

Yeah, this helps. Or how about this:

Definitely. Yeah…


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