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Here’s a fun toy


Mosin Nagant M38, MNPG stock, 91 Sniper bolt handle, Big 5 purchased red dot.

7.62x54R ammo is the absolute sweetness. Excellent power level, accurate, and still very reasonable cost per round.

And my other fun toy on top. Pug stock with a Para SKS.

I need you to read this, and reblog it


Read this first, go down the page and read my thing about my visit to “Outlaw”, click the links within that one, make this shit viral. Not everyone in this nation are sheeple. This must be known around the nation, this must be addressed legally, and if not legally, well, I won’t mention my thought. Take from that what you will, but I plead the fifth. I didn’t say it directly, therefore I’m not guilty of suggesting the appropriate response.

Update: We are not alone. Megyn Kelly hit this shit on Fox.

And here’s a way around much of that NFA bullshit


An air gun with serious horsepower. Air. Gun.

Several questions arise from this


1: Did you have any idea of what a clusterfuck the NFA and GCA were?


2: What part of “Shall Not Be Infringed” did they decide to violate, repeatedly, since 1934?

Again, 4th box about to open? Will we simply return to the Constitution as intended by the Founders, purging the bullshit that violated the original intent? What’s next?

Went over to Outlaw Bloggers to see what I’ve missed lately


And found that the two most recent articles are absolutely bone chilling. Both are about how we’ve got to get a bit more prepared for the Gestapo that is today’s “Law Enforcement” in many places.


These things should absolutely scare the shit out of you. Both of these articles have been well researched and validated, and both of these should infuriate you to a massive degree. We do still have the vote, I think, so we’d best get to using it. Politics have 4 boxes, as you know, and we’d better get to using all of the first three boxes a touch harder than we have been. That fourth box has been pulled out of the closet and set on the floor by the front door in many houses. Are you really ready to use it? Do you have any idea what your option is?

Update: It has started, that viral movement at and Read them, spread them. Link mine if you wish, reblog, whatever. Make sure America knows, cause it damn sure isn’t going to go out through the LSM.

Update: You know Fox is actually THE most watched news channel, yes? Megyn Kelly took this on 4/23/15.

Chris Rea – Montreux Jazz Festival 2014


He’s still around, and he hasn’t lost his touch on those strings. The voice is still awesome.

And this one still brings chills


And there is more history of the times, listening to Chris Rea, that cannot be discussed:


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