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When you look at income taxation


And then lower such said income taxation, the increased income among the people adds up to increased income through sales taxes. It’s rather like the original Walmart theory, sell more for less profit individually,  increase profits in the long run by pure number.

Very simple, people have more to spend, they spend it.


Stand with us, or step back


THIS is the guy I voted for! #MAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You’ve heard of the Sep 23, 2017 thing


I don’t know if this is it, but he makes a very good case:

I have no idea if this is real. Absolutely no idea. But hey, you never know until it is.

Two from Pat Condell.


Shame more Europeans don’t think like this. Or at least speak out like this:

I so wish this wasn’t done in robovoice


But here’s the most recent SS stuff I was talking about a few days back:

I just wish I didn’t have to wait 5 more years to retire. 😦

Well, well, well…


The Second Amendment is NOT about hunting


The Second Amendment was written to protect the rest. The First Amendment was FIRST to give the option of the government listening to the desires of We The People, and if they didn’t, voila’, the Second came into effect. I still say completely repeal the NFA34, and everything since related, but this is a start.