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Hickok45 does go on a bit sometimes,


But this is a pretty nice unit it seems. See what you think:

Gun had a hiccup, he doesn’t edit it out. I do like that part. Some models are expensive, a few are very reasonable. Check the site, run through the price list, see what you think.

In response to Josie


Once again, guest poster FX has hit it right out of the fucking park. Did you wonder, at all, why the government went for this “net neutrality” thing? Once again, let’s look at 1776v1. You had to have inspirational speakers to pull the people together. To awaken them to the fact that they, individually, weren’t the only ones with that thought.

“An uprising such as you describe would serve him well.”

And how so? Because the scary media will spin it that way? All the more reason to start targeting those fascist mouthpieces. We need to continually discredit those who carry his water and give them no benefit of the doubt. If they report on his criminal enterprise don’t pat them on the head say it’s about time or point out that they are playing a shell game trying to regain credibility so they can foist that fascist c**t Hillary ! on us.

When they hit us we need to punch back twice as hard. That doesn’t mean lie but it does mean refuting their assertions and calling their preferred retorts what they are- hate filled diatribes that serve no purpose but to insult and vilify. We need to start re defining these bigots and traitors as the bigots and traitors. We need to highlight their rampant hypocrisy and the incoherence of what they espouse. Funny how in the church of state that hypocrisy is a cardinal sin but they are all guilty of it. Tolerance is a prime virtues is a prime directive but no of them demonstrate it. Point out to those who are on the fence how the first order of business to be a good “liberal” is to violate every first principle that you claim to have. Point out to them this is very similar to Islam with it’s scripturally mandated situational ethics(kitman) and the left’s any lie for the cause mandate.

A targeted vendetta against those who are causing the degradation would be well understood. Right now we are sitting with our thumbs up our asses waiting for the next rigged election with the choice between socialist and socialist light. They do not fear any repercussions. Any and all we send to that hell hole are instantly co-opted or demonized. Just look at what BOTH of the entrenched parties have started to do do to Cruz since he announced. For God’s sake that statist Obama loving “republican” maven Peggy Noonan complained he was “too smooth”. How many years did we put up with Bush the marble-mouthed? And how often did that establishment bint wish for an articulate interlocutor?
Now we have one (assuming you think he’s eligible) and she’s complaining he is too articulate. Funny that didn’t seem to worry Noonan about Obama and his tele-prompted fluency. I guess Peggy likes faux intellectuals(which most on the left are) as opposed to people who actually can demonstrate actual skills and intellect. Obama showed the skills of a fifth grader by reading fluently and she practically squirted in approval. Cruz demonstrates a basic skill that I would think a graduate of Harvard Law School would possess- to speak extemporaneously on a subject but to Peggy dutifully dumps on him like the RINO whore she is.

How long will we tolerate that enforcement of the rule of law is now radical and racist? How long do we tolerate our the now open sentiment in DC that all our property and income is theirs to redistribute as they see fit? How long do we accept that as white males in this country we are de facto second class citizens required to pay the taxes and mandates for the 75% of the people who declared vicitims while having our God given rights circumscribed and our property confiscated for the greater good.

All the avenues of peaceful redress have been blocked off except for the one that leads to the railroad station at the end of town. Hear the baaaaa, baaaaa, baaaaa as it wafts mournfully over the country side. We have to make the case that the NDSWP is engaged in a coup. We have to also make the case that their RINO junior partners are acquiescing in this coup. How many times does the NDSWP pass some liberty property confiscating legislation to RINO objections only to later have the RINOs claim when they get their turn that it would be too disruptive to eliminate(see Obamacare and coming to a neighborhood near you Scamnesty). We need to break up this phony dosey-do between these malignant tumors. We need to stop being nice and start being disruptive. We have to stop being civil to the lying punks of both parties.

We have go to stop deterring ourselves. Yes we would be demonized if we undertake this. But our reticence to hold Ali Obama and the 535 thieves and their consorts and camp followers for their slander and bad faith has given them free reign to act in a criminal manner.

They are the radicals.

They are the liars.

They are usurpers

They are the criminals.

For sure. Now, I wasn’t there, but I can believe it


But there is one thing to keep in mind:

I’m driven to repost this


I know it was recent, but you can’t forget these points:

My OATH had no expiration date.

You might have to go a bit more “industrial”, but


I was just watching this thing on the tube about the underground tunnels where illegals sneak into the US from buildings in Mexico to buildings here. You might need to go bigger, and I don’t know how much it might disturb the roads and industrial areas applicable, but:

Just a thought…

There is extreme truth here


There are times.

You cannot deny this


When did the last one start? I mean really start? When the government came to take the guns.

And why does the government attempt to disarm us? You cannot oppress an armed people.



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