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Good news from the M.E.


This article over at BMEWS, and its link to Zombie Time where the story came from is excellent news. 

I heard much the same sort of thing on Fox News last night, and how they (Iraq) wants us to stay there for 3 more years, at least, to insure it stays that way. Yes, Iran and Syria COULD start sending troops in as soon as we leave. Iraq is not strong enough YET to allow us to leave. Write your congresscritter and let them know WE CAN’T PULL OUT YET. 

The left wants Viet Nam v2.0, where we snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They want America to look bad. Why the hell is that? Regardless of your political views on how things should be run, your nations standing in the world should be your #1 priority. We can hash out internal politics between ourselves. 

Like a family where there may be fights between siblings, but nobody from the outside better EVER screw with any of the family, or the whole family comes together at least until it’s done.

  1. 11/18/2008 03:47

    And yet, my local newscast reported it as “may be forced to stay three more years” and my favorite, “Iraq may have to put up with us for three more years.”
    Oh, I so love MSM.

  2. 11/18/2008 04:05

    Nope, the way I heard it was “Asked us to stay”. I hate these liberal left wing pieces of dreck.

  3. 01/31/2009 17:26

    You are so onto the spirit of the thing. This is yet another piece of news that the MSM will tilt and reinvent. What great news in demonstrating the shrill about our “troops murdering innocents in Iraq” is completely untrue. Either that or Iraq has a death wish or a desire to decrease their population. LOL!!! Not likely eh?

  4. 02/26/2009 22:24

    I was so surprised when i was reading your message but I’m really appreciated most especially the topic that was discussed in the last portion of the story and i hope that you will keep up your good work.


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