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Wonder if that’s part of the plan?



Okay, say we go into 1776 v2.0. Is that not going to sort of, oh, weaken our nations ability to conduct a proper national defense? There will be those who stand by their oath, and those that follow orders from the POTUS. While they watch the rebels, the ragheads sneak in and set bombs. They’re too busy watching Patriotic American citizens attempting to restore the Constitution to its rightful place as the law of the land to watch out for foreigners committing attacks from the outside.

REMEMBER YOUR OATH! ALL enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC! And by domestic I do not mean those who stand for America and its Constitution. I mean those who would subvert the Constitution and attempt to destroy it.

Try reading it, if you haven’t. You’ll see an awful lot of what I’m talking about in the halls of politik.

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  1. Wonder if that’s part of the plan?

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