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Want to know why it’s so hard to find an EBR?


Very simply: to prepare for a revolution is NOT sedition if it is for the rescue of the nation from an illegitimate government.

Want one? Try here.

  1. caveman82952 permalink
    06/27/2009 20:12

    My my, those are shure purty…………..I feel so fortunate that I have what I do……….and know damn good and well all those indolent slugs and laggards figuring somebody else would handle it will be lining up for help. Or maybe get somebody killed that was trying to defend themselves. That can be handled too. My idea of help would be somebody next to me with a gun that knew how to use it. Sad in a macabre sense, these lemmings and elves, their own fear will get them hurt or killed. Then too, I made damn sure I had the money to procure firearms and made damn sure I had the time to seek out advice and additional training. I still do, largely from my friends, almost all of whom are gun heads and firearms owners, believing as I do. The sales of arms has increased dramatically and to put it mildly, it’s a real pleasure to help out. For I know damn good and well these numbers are being noted…….in my case, so far two since the election.

  2. 06/27/2009 20:14

    And, uhm, why might that BE, pray tell sir? 😉

  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    06/27/2009 22:04

    Obama is a disaster in motion. The only question is whether or not anything will put him in check. I’m not counting on Congress. Without Congress, the possibilities are pretty limited. I suppose there is some possibility that our military will do something, but that not only isn’t likely, it’s actually a pretty scary possibility in its own right. No offense intended CMB, I know the intentions would be good but just take a look at the history of any country that has suffered a military coup.

    My concern isn’t just about the damage a civil war would do to us. The damage to our global economic and military power would be catastrophic in it’s own right and not just to us. North Korea would have a field day and probably take over South Korea. The Japanese would sh*t their pants and begin arming as fast as they could. Taiwan would cease to exist and the PRC would globally move into the vacuum left by our troubles. Iran would praise Allah for our troubles and attack Israel with or without the consent of Iraq and Jordan. The Saudis might even make peace with Israel just to save themselves from the Iranians. Chavez of Venezuela would extend his power over much, if not all of Central and South America. Brazil and possibly Argentina would be the only ones who might stop him. What about Europe? France? Russia? England? Italy? The might and wealth of the United States is the glue that keeps a lot of the world safe.

    Obama continues to do what he wants, the bleating sheep cheer him on and the rest of us….

  4. FreedomFighter permalink
    06/27/2009 23:30

    My God….when a well know Magazine, and gun author write about something that we talk about on a regular basis, with the input that COPS are feeling the same way is a very scary notion. Lets hope that when it happends it will be before the CDF is operational. Otherwise it will get very deadly indeed.

  5. 06/28/2009 02:25

    So be it FF. So be it.

  6. 06/28/2009 02:27

    Jeff, it doesn’t have to be protracted or particularly messy. Teams in place, two clicks on the radio, 15 minutes max. Selective and clean.

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