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I’m seeing this all over the ‘sphere,


And I love it!


  1. 09/03/2009 09:50

    I’m side-barring that, cmblake6 – if you don’t mind. The link will come here, though, since you are my source for it.

  2. caveman82952 permalink
    09/03/2009 14:22

    It’s true…every word of it. I fervently share that view. And the left ridicules what they fear………

  3. 09/03/2009 16:37

    Absolutely, McGoo! If I could figure out how to sidebar any damn thing I would too. How do I do that?

  4. 09/04/2009 00:46

    If you pass me the info on the width of your side bar, and the location and name of the file (of the pic), I can write the code for you. Assuming you have widgets, it is easy enough to insert it from there.

  5. 09/04/2009 06:17

    McGoo sent me the html, all I have to do now is play with my widgets…wait, no, that didn’t sound right at all.

  6. caveman82952 permalink
    09/04/2009 07:21

    You might go blind, Chris..and it destroys your brain…..

  7. 09/04/2009 07:29

    Maybe that’s why I have these glasses?

  8. 09/04/2009 10:11

    And “Nair” works wonders on that nasty hair on ones palms!!

  9. 09/04/2009 12:13


  10. hoosierarmymom permalink
    09/04/2009 19:33

    Ya’ll are ate up! I like that one myself Blake. Very nice.

  11. hoosierarmymom permalink
    09/04/2009 19:34

    Oh, and tell me how the playing with the widgets thingy works out. LOL!!!

  12. 09/04/2009 21:01

    Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more!

  13. 09/04/2009 21:02

    Absolutely astounding, that!

  14. 09/06/2009 15:42

    Your 1st/2nd got posted over at Theo’s:

  15. 09/06/2009 16:25

    Brilliant. 🙂 That really does have to go viral. Internationally viral!

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