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And now for a quick pile of videos


These are what kept me entertained on a boring post last night, and tickled certain “delicate sensibilities”, so to speak. And on that note, try to imagine what I was thinking as you view these. Was it anger, or hilarity?

This one is rather long, but worth it:

This one is an article that you may enjoy. This one I will admit right up front put an evil grin on my face! 😈

As is this. Short amount of writing, and its own little video within.

And I’m sure I’ve said here and elsewhere that “conspiracy theories are only theories until they are proven fact“.

Just to jazz things up, some Sipsey Street!

And the newest Sellin from last nights searches.

That should entertain you for a day or so. Every one of those pieces said something to me, and I hope they appeal.

  1. FX Phillips permalink
    08/27/2011 07:52

    Quite the cornucopia CM. Very informative as always

    Just a couple of quick hits before I go and batten down the hatches.

    Re: Marco Rubio- Fantastic speaker and has it nailed to the post. I wish he were eligible.

    Re: Founding Fathers on Tyranny:

    It is amazing how prescient and knowledgeable those men were. You would have to be when you have constructed the most significant advance in human governance in the history of humanity. Every other so called revolution in political economy has been a reversion to a rule of self styled elites where it is those elites who determine the condition of your existence.

    Conservative and Progressive are contextual terms that requires the further explication of conservation of what or progression to where.

    In this country the conservative wishes to restore the country to it’s basic foundation based on their fundamentally God given rights under a charter of limited governmental powers and a rule of law to protect those God given rights. The progressive is one who wishes to re -subordinate those rights to the ego of an arrogant elite who do not see sovereign human beings but objects to satisfy a preternatural self righteousness that becomes a danger to the objects of their vanity. They wish to revert to a form of society where there are the rulers and there are the ruled.

    It is the so called progressives who are in fact the reactionaries. it is they who are the vanguard of societal devolution and dissipation. They are the forces of societal decomposition. They are the forces of a fanatical nihilism that is a result of a militant narcissism that somehow they, if allowed to start a new, with there “enlightened” vision can surpass the brilliance of the founding generation, a generation inspired by divine providence and superior ability, can create heaven on earth.

    History shows the result of such self regard.

    RE: Project Gunwalker

    This is the result along with the eligibility issue of a class of people who think they are above the law and that their purpose is beyond any such restraints. You know I long ago said what Sellin said about those covering up Obama’s ineligibility. They were negligent in vetting this foreign provocateur and know full well the people would have their heads for being either mendacious (the NDSWP and the Media) or gutless toads(McCain, and the RNC establishment).

  2. 08/27/2011 09:22

    Glad you liked it, my brother. I do try to find informative stuff to share.

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