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Because, you stupid son of a bitch,


Herman Cain is right. May you wear your chains lightly, and may we forget that you were ever in this country, much less our “countrymen”. Idiot fuck. Pimp cunt. *SIGH* Herman Cain has done precisely what he preaches. Learned, worked, proved himself, and advanced FROM that prejudiced atmosphere that you spout.

And then there’s THIS hypocrisy and bullshit. Enough. Save us the trouble, you miserable communist piece of shit, hang yourSELF.

“Likely perjured himself”? Ain’t no doubt in my military mind, he for damn sure DID!

There is this really nice shop up in Albuquerque that produces tools for use in the solution to this problem, and they’re REALLY nice examples of the tools in mind.

I have a number more, but I’m wore out. Have this for a lighthearted look at all the tripe we face. Good day to you all, maybe see you this afternoon.

For later, I have set up a pile of things relating to a very unfortunate pragmatic quandary. A “shame it has to be this way, but apparently it does” thought train.

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