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Will the party NEVER end?


Even after HE/IT is gone next year/Jan 2013/earlier if possible, this shit is going to be uncovered for YEARS! OMG, this is another priceless example of the discovery of fraud on the part of O’Bullshit and the demoncrap party! I wonder how many dead voters they’d bring up if they ran it through a database?

Charity Rorie, a mother of four, sat in her  Mishawaka, Ind., kitchen, stunned that her name appeared on a 2008 Democratic  presidential primary petition for then-candidate Barack  Obama.

“That’s not my signature,” she told Fox News, saying  her signature is “absolutely” a fake. She also said she was troubled someone  forged both her signature and that of her husband, Jeff, and listed personal  details such as their address and birthdays.

And there’s more:

Robert Hunter Jr. said his name was faked, too.

“I did not sign for Barack Obama,” he told Fox News,  adding his signature supporting the then-Illinois senator’s effort to get on the  primary ballot was also a forgery.

As he examined the Obama petition he held in his  hands, Hunter pointed out that “I always put ‘Junior’ after my name, every time  … there’s no ‘Junior’ there.” He said the signature on the petition looks  “very close” to his real one, but it clearly is not.

Okay, on from there. Where, you may ask? Howz about the Obamamama, that miserable mudshark commie bitch. This relates to lies, more lies, etc.

The intrepid Heather Smathers of the Arizona Independent continues to do the job the mainstream media refuse to do, this time posting the INS documents for Barack Obama’s stepfather, Lolo Soetoro.

First, a caution: Many of these documents have been fully redacted or referred to the State Department, and the ones that are posted, although real, may not be reliable. It is altogether possible that Soetoro was being handled at the time by the U.S. government. WND continues to investigate.

For the mainstream media, however, these documents represent the official record. As such, they play havoc with the Obama narrative first spun in “Dreams From My Father” and accepted uncritically by the MSM ever since.

They also shed additional light on how Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham (Ann), casually fabricated facts to game the system, a trait her son would inherit.

“I grew up without my father around,” President Obama casually lied in his 2011 Father’s Day address. “He left when I was 2 years old.”

No, as Obama Sr.’s INS file confirms, he never lived with Ann. But as Soetoro’s INS file confirms, Soetoro filled the void almost immediately and would do so for the next 11 years.

Check the link, it is sweet! The article continues on with dates, and times, and a myriad of other feelgood facts! Gotta love it! Yes, I know I’m using a lot of exclamation points. Enough of this sort of stuff, there will be enough to get this fuckhead indicted for ineligibility and all of it’s destruction of our nation to date “null&void”ed!

Then we move on to Joe Arpaio. The Sheriff of Maricopa County Arizona, reknowned for his hard ass attitude to enforcing the law. As I’ve mentioned, and linked, before he was asked by some of his parishioners to look into some very “suspicious factoids” related to Zero. Well, he set up his “cold case posse” of highly skilled persons of varied legal persuasions. They’ve been doing digging on most all of the things we’ve mentioned on these pages, and have been coming up with some very interesting facts in regards to same. The good Sheriff has said that it was possibly going to take far more time than it has, and he’s got some BIG stuff to be released early next year. Which, of course, is causing the Obots to shit themselves to the point of death threats.

Since Tuesday, Arpaio’s Facebook posting has received more than 7,900 “like this” clicks from readers, 780 shares and over 1,700 comments.

Arpaio also continues to receive messages of a different sort, with numerous death threats arriving at his office for his decision to investigate Obama’s eligibility.

“I plan to kill Joe Arpaio first,” read one particularly ominous death threat. “He will be filled with a thousand bullet holes before the year is out. I promise you this – Arpaio won’t **** with Obama.”

Maricopa County Deputy Chief David Trombi told WND that all death threats are being thoroughly investigated, with the intent to hold the culprits legally responsible for their actions.

There are ways of chasing this stuff back, you know. But, but, but, how DARE anyone question their “messiah”? Or, is it the CIA? Are they trying to protect their investment in this fraud so that they can continue to enhance certain cartels over others? Crap, who knows?

As if that wasn’t enough to drive the American people to drink heavily, and madden the people to the point of possible armed rebellion, how about his/it’s LATEST excursion into the destruction of military morale? Not only has this faggot with the transgender “wife” and adopted children made homosexuality perfectly fine in the military, now he’s gone and made bestiality within the bounds of reason. Ayatollah Khomeini did say it was okay, laid down the rules and everything. And allah can’t see over the walls of your private garden, and he takes Thursdays off so his children can go to gay clubs and stuff.

I don’t even know what to clip from that one. I do STRONGLY suggest that you find a tall glass of something that mellows you out before reading it.

One last thing for the moment. How many of us believe in Israel? Most of us, I think. To go off on a tangent for a second, why the fuck do American Jews generally vote D? Who supports Israel? The Rs. Who ALWAYS abandons Israel? The Ds. Are they trying to push for God to put up the force dome over Jerusalem against the attack sure to come? Don’t test God, He might just let shit happen. He has in the past.

That should do for the morning. Be entertained, boys and girls.

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