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A second Obama term will complete his destruction of America!


There can be no other explanation. Up to you. I already voted.

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Obama’s world view is important because only by understanding it can we see that the president is not a failure, as his rivals claim, but a supremely talented individual who conquered the presidency out of nowhere, undermined the world order within four years and made the U.S. economy dependent on the government. All this in order to build a new world on the ruins of the old, one in which the sect of “elected officials” completely control the fate of “the people,” exactly according to his guru and teacher, Alinsky.

Obama tried “saving” the American economy, the secret of American strength, from a severe crisis by nationalizing the healthcare system and increasing the national debt by $5 trillion, which flooded the market with money (which will lead to unmitigated, devastating inflation), and by increasing regulations and taxes on small businesses, the main job creators in the entire economy…

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