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This is only an educational video


Because I cannot make any suggestion. Legally, this is an extremely controlled substance and this is ONLY an educational video so that you may know what to be aware of in case somebody else does it so you can report it to the proper authorities.

Remember, this is a “you don’t do this” piece of information. This is only so that you can report it if you see it being done.

Or if you see this:

This is a terrible thing! Remember Oklahoma? This is really bad, but you must know if you are to help prevent things like this!

I mean, you can get this stuff pretty much anywhere! You have to know these things so you can stop them!

Because, gosh, just one kilo/2.2 lbs will do this!

And we just can’t have that, now can we? Just imagine if something like that was to happen in places like Washington, DC!

Or even something like:

This is just so wrong! Terrible! How about:

You must be aware of these possibilities, what with this Muslim in the WH, and the jihadis coming over the border disguised as Mexicans.

You just don’t know when it’s real minions will arise!

  1. 11/07/2012 17:52

    I don’t know how to do this. Or anything like it.

  2. 11/07/2012 17:53

    But you must be aware of those who might, to protect our security!

  3. 11/07/2012 17:58

    Grew up in farm country. I know what that shit smells like. And the other part gives me a headache. From my reading, when mixed, that shit makes hippies smell good.

  4. 11/07/2012 17:59


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