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Another easily understandable explanation of Agenda 21


Mostly because it is using a popular movie to show how it works:

  1. poetopoet permalink
    11/15/2012 09:44

    The truth is! Islam, like the fictional Borg wants the U.S. (and all non-Muslims) to assimilate with them and praise Allah, their moon god without question and reason or die; claiming resistance is futile! Muslims recite and shout in every Mosque and country daily “kill all infidels” (non Muslims), when it should be the other way around, not the involuntary submission to a One World Order under the grips and ultimate control of Muslims.

    America’s presidential half breed has aided and abetted America’s assimilation to Allah and Muslimism! Barack Hussein Obama (that sounds all American (not) has supplied billions in funds and arms to the Muslim Brotherhood, Americas sworn enemy; for this purpose B.H.O. claimed and stated to be the fundamental “Hope and Change” he was elected and reelected for, he has implemented fast and furiously.

    When half the American population of thieves, cowards, traitors, welfare dependents, corrupt politicians, overpaid civil servants, an inept congress, senate, judicial and military bureaucratic establishment, feed off the public troth and America’s carcass; they are guilty again by the reelection and support of this malignant plague, who can never claim to be naive namby-pambies.

    This dishonor is public knowledge and a public disgrace, not a public outcry, when all departments of government and Americas elected representatives are allegedly ignorant of this fact. Ignorance of any crime has never been a good defense, except under Mohamed.

    Please God help us, Jesus Christ please save us from are own brothers and sisters.

  2. 11/15/2012 12:18

    And amen!

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