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Today’s check on the numbers


Shows petitions from ALL 50 STATES. All I want is for this shit to get fixed. I want to see DC harnessed, I want to see this nation function as it was designed, as it suceeded for so many years before the fraud started. I want the USA to stay the USA, but I damn sure don’t want this to be a Kingdom again. This election was fraudulently done. Register and verify the truth of all voters. Each person gets ONE vote. No dead people, no illegal aliens, just American citizens voting, and nobody casting anybody elses vote. Honest counting of each citizens vote for which candidate.

  1. 11/14/2012 16:59

    This whole Behghazi Affair, the firing of Generals, etc. has nothing to do with a Sex Scandal, but has everything to do with a massive Cover Up by the Obama Regime. Covering up the fact that through Libya, we have been arming the Muslim Brotherhood and their Off Shoot Al Quieda to aid them in trying to over throw the Legitimate Government of Syria, the same as the Obama Regime Supplied Support and Weapons to Terrorists in Egypt, Libya, and other nations in order to Over Throw Legitimate Governments. This so-called Sex Scandal is nothing but a smoke screen, but this time around, we have a few Senators and Congressmen with some courage who are going to call Obama and His Stooges on the Stand and hold them accountable for their Official Lies, Obfuscations and Coverups, and this goes all the way up the Chain and Stops with Obama. His entire regime is corrupt and subversive to the core. And, this time around, they are going to be held accountable. Hopefully in a few more months Obama and his Entire Regime will be toppled and he has to Resign as POTUS. He has disgraced the office of President of the USA and he has abused his powers massively. It is a time for reckoning, and our congress is going to get him and his cadre of scoundrels, subversives, criminals, perverts and incompetents once and for all. And, I will Say Good Riddance to this disgraceful President and his entire Regime, including Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Panetta, Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod and the rest of these sorry SOB’s he has surrounded himself with. The Party is over Barack and Mooch-Elle. You will be held accountable.

  2. 11/14/2012 17:01

    Got it, Jerome. Love it.

  3. 11/14/2012 17:11

    Thanks cmblake6. This is what really went on and is going on. I listened to that Staged and Scripted so-called Press Conference with that lying SOB obama, and he was not asked one question of relevance, and when he did speak, he talked in circles for as long as possible to avoid anybody blurting out a Real Question that was not already Scripted. He had a list of who to call on when, so that his teleprompter programmers could put up his answers. The so-called reporters had already been Picked and Told What Questions to Ask and in What Order. This despicable. But, what would you expect from this fraudulent and subversive SOB??

  4. 11/14/2012 17:17


  5. 11/14/2012 18:12


    The so-called reporters had already been Picked and Told What Questions to Ask and in What Order.

    Life imitates Rush Limbaugh.LOL


    Hopefully in a few more months Obama and his Entire Regime will be toppled and he has to Resign as POTUS.

    This makes the mighty bold assumption that he has a conscience a natural sense of shame or even one scintilla of integrity.

    Other than that pretty much right on the mark.

  6. upaces88 permalink
    11/14/2012 18:14

    Yeah! Here in Texas, we already have ours done!! Go Texas!!!

  7. upaces88 permalink
    11/14/2012 18:16

    Now if the Military will just step forward and arrest him for Treason.
    The trial will be short…there is too much evidence for him to be able to tap dance around it.

  8. upaces88 permalink
    11/14/2012 19:19

    Jero…, do you know the answer to this?
    Since there was a “plan” organized with others (Muslims) in the sale of weapons; and those weapons were used to murder American Citizens…
    He COULD be tried under the RICO ACT…just throwing this out there to see what you think.
    That is Treason but this can add teeth to the charges they could file.

  9. 11/14/2012 22:50

    Upaces, I like it!

  10. upaces88 permalink
    11/14/2012 22:52

    I was jumpin’ up and down’ doing my little Rebel yell! lol

    Damn’t now that my daugther has moved out… I am buying me another Confederate Flat and gonna fly it outside on my back porch!

  11. 11/14/2012 22:54


  12. upaces88 permalink
    11/14/2012 22:59

    CM, the RICO ACT IS VALID and could easily be included IF they will…that’s the thing IF they remember it and IF they will include it.
    If you think about it, there was MULTIPLE people involved who knew BUT EVEN MORE INVOLVED who took action one way or another to get the weapons going…ADD IN IT WAS FOR TERRORISTS and our people died!!!

    Think about it…you have the ones who knew when they picked them up to ship them WHERE they were going.
    Those in the Embassy who knew and ALL of their contacts who knew.

    Come to think of it, This is a VERY PERVERTED version of the Trickle Down Effect….
    This time people were raped and murdered.

    I’m thinking…this was so similar to F&F ….NO WAIT IR REALLY WASN’T…

    Sorry I went off on seemingly unrelated tangents…but one thought led to another.
    It is time to go to bed when I start rambling on and on like this…

  13. 11/14/2012 23:02

    Makes an excellent point to this chisel on treason.

  14. upaces88 permalink
    11/14/2012 23:04

    CM, all they have to do is ask us…and we’ll do it all for them.! LOL.
    I know I laughed..but! IF we figured this out….why can’t they!!?

    I am going to bed have very very sweet dreams, My Sweet Friend.

  15. 11/15/2012 07:12

    Thank you dear, hope you slept well.

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