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And then we come to documentation


Of stuff that we knew. Doesn’t seem to matter if we know it, if we have pictures and audio recordings of it. If no major law enforcement agency will deal with it, it is nothing but further frustration.

  1. jericho777 permalink
    11/16/2012 17:34

    The Republicans under Boehner have betrayed us, it’s damn past time to really screw them up and fire their Rino bloated arses! Liberal grazing Neoconservatives is exactly what they have become!

  2. coffeeandsleeplessnights permalink
    11/16/2012 17:37

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  3. upaces88 permalink
    11/16/2012 18:09

    I just finished talking to someone on another site about this very thing.
    One person said she thought since it happened, it was God’s Will. Well, obviously, I broke in and totally disagreed. God does NOT work against himself.

    He has been planning on this for a VERY long time. It was not just a spur of the moment plan.
    The already voting issue happened in Ohio!

  4. 11/16/2012 21:09

    Guys, real simple, our democratic republic just went in the toilet. When I consider the lack of response from Romney or any other Republican, I can only deduce that our entire election process was fake.

    No protests by anyone
    No recounts by anyone
    No investigation by anyone of tampered voting machines
    No investigation by anyone of precincts reporting more than 100% voter turn out
    No investigation by anyone of of precincts reporting 100% of their votes going to Barak Obama.

    We have no leader we can trust. We have no organization we can depend on. All we have are widely spread voices crying in despair over what has happened.

    I only hope that some rallying point will establish itself and that we will be able to come together and take back our country.

    I’m waiting. I’m watching.

    So far, I have neither seen nor heard anything. I hope that’s only because so many of us are still in shock over the magnitude of what we have witnessed.

    …or did I imagine the whole thing?

  5. 11/17/2012 00:28

    No, Dr Jeff, I don’t think you did imagine it.

  6. 11/17/2012 00:29

    I tend to think it will peak before long upaces.

  7. 11/17/2012 00:33

    No argument, Jericho. As I said to FX on the “vague idea” post, the left may be first to attack the government for the betrayal.

  8. 11/17/2012 07:04

    Don’t disagree CM

    After all he was on their shit list when he didn’t nationalize all productive assets on January 21st, 2009. See this is why the left is so stupid. They don’t understand that imposing a durable tyranny is that they need your consent to do so(both Randian and Orwellian iirc).

    Why do you think punks like Putin, Chavez, the Iranian Mullahs, Hamas and the American ruling class hold plebiscites now and again- to give a self governing veneer of legitimacy to a despotic kleptocracy.

    Now the gloves are off for this punk regime. They will still mouth the false platitudes towards government by, of and for the people but it will all be an incontrovertible sham that will be defended and advance by a corrupt media and even more corrupt and entrenched bureaucratic class.

    We are being lied to at every turn and the so-called opposition is more of a go slow collaborator that differs in timing not goals. You know, sort of like the relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda.

  9. upaces88 permalink
    11/17/2012 09:02

    Jericho, I don’t even know what adjective to use to describe how I feel about this.
    Bottom line is? WE only think our votes count for something. It wouldn’t have mattered if the entire country did NOT vote. They would say, “The voters” voted him in.

  10. 11/17/2012 10:39

    Yes they would.

  11. 11/17/2012 10:41

    Excellent comparison, FX.

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