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I know you knew, and you know I knew you knew,


But just in case I’m wrong, read this article poet sent me. It has to do with a computer programmer admitting under oath that the voting machines could be easily hacked by someone with a bit of know how.

This needs to piss you right off, and this needs to be shared with everybody you know.
Republicans took a LOT of local seats, Republican style LOCAL bills and movements did very well indeed nationwide. So, how is it that Ovomit is still in the Whitehouse? How is it (aside from the places where 141% of the entire population voted) that with all this Republican movement, there were places where NOT ONE VOTE, NOT ONE, went to the Republican Presidential slot? Places where it would seem no matter which POTUS button you pushed it went left? How is that possible?
  1. upaces88 permalink
    11/19/2012 12:01

    So? What is going to be done about this? NADDA? We still have where is Romney?

  2. 11/19/2012 12:36

    I wish to God I knew.

  3. 11/19/2012 14:02

    Reblogged this on Gds44's Blog.

  4. 11/19/2012 16:04

    He knows we would find out. He didn’t care! He still doesn’t care. With all of the Executive Orders he has written, we aren’t working within the framework this country was founded on.

    When that “Peaceful Martial Law” was signed? Basically? That meant the House and Senate work FOR HIM.

  5. 11/19/2012 16:20

    The military must awaken. They MUST!

  6. 11/19/2012 16:23

    I keep yelling and praying; and yelling and praying!!!

  7. 11/19/2012 16:25

    God’s time is not our time. I just hope and pray that His time is before ours is up.

  8. 11/19/2012 16:53

    Yeah, well, God and I have talked about that and he didn’t agree with me, obviously. LOL
    But! He does allow me to ramble on and on and fuss. He loves me…he doesn’t mind.

  9. 11/19/2012 21:49

    Give Him His chance.

  10. Redneck Dixie Warrior permalink
    11/20/2012 01:59

    To everything there is a season…..And this one…Patient is a virtue. I say patience my ass…!
    Okay….I feel better now.

  11. 11/20/2012 02:01

    😆 Excellent

  12. 11/20/2012 06:02

    CM, Patience was never one of my virtues UNTIL the last couple of years. HE allows me to fuss at him about “his time”…but he always wins. lol

  13. 11/20/2012 11:07

    Indeed He does.

  14. 11/20/2012 11:12

    Awww, well, I always end up sayin’ , “Okaaay, God…it’s your deal…you lead me.”

  15. 11/20/2012 11:26

    All one can do, really.

  16. 11/20/2012 23:32

    This is very old news. When the computerized voting machines were first introduced, it was known that they could be rigged. At that time, the Liberals were the chief opponents of the machines. The didn’t like the idea that Diebold had close ties with Bush. That was also before it was decided to let the Spanish count our votes for us.

    As far as Romney and the rest of the Republican party, we’ve been sold out. What was the price? Who knows. The one certain thing is that no one within the Republican political establishment is doing jack to investigate or protest the total trashing of our democracy. The Europeans seem strangely silent as well.

    So we are left with one of two conclusions. Either; 1) It really was a fair election and we have fallen for various “truther” articles. 2) The election was rigged and their is a massive cover up being executed by the George Soroses (sp?) of the world.

    Things like raw vote totals exceeding the number of registered voters and entire precincts voting for one candidate tell me that our election was carefully and completely hijacked.

    We’re screwed.

  17. 11/20/2012 23:52

    We’re just going to have to drill out the hole and retap it.

  18. Redneck Dixie Warrior permalink
    11/21/2012 01:50

    Read this….perhaps there is a way…

    Joe Biden counts final Electoral College votes on Jan 6th: Using the Constitution here’s how we take back a stolen election

    According to Article II of 12th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, if 1/3rd of the states do not cast their votes in the Electoral College, then the matter falls onto the House of Representatives to choose the President.

    Key date: January 6,2012

    In other words, if we pressure Congressmen, State Party Officials, and groups such as Tea Party Patriots, Heritage Foundation, etc., to call on RED States to NOT have their Electors cast their vote, then the House of Reps CAN choose the next President!!!!!

    The democrats have stolen this election and it is up to WE, the people, to put the hammer down on their widespread vote-fraud. The founding-fathers gave us the Electoral College for several reasons.

  19. 11/21/2012 06:20

    Sounds a plan. We need to write to whom with this suggestion?Are the electoral colleges actually controlled by the states? Or does the fed put who and or what they want in place? Districts. Who actually draws those lines? I like the idea, but who gets the letter?

  20. Redneck Dixie Warrior permalink
    11/21/2012 14:06

    A Lady on DancingCzars posted this….Hope it helps in answering your question.

    Here’s our chance to head this off; go to your search bar and type in “petition2congress” on page #5, a fax/petition is all set up, titled “Petition to Refuse Vote in 2012 Electoral College”- – this fax petition requests your Senators to tell their electors NOT to cast their vote! Only 159 letters have been sent, thus far – -we need to DROWN Congress with hundreds of thousands of these fax/petitions; make OUR voices SO LOUD, they cannot be ignored. These fax/petitions are “free” to send – -you can alter, edit and insert your own ideas and demands!
    There are dozens of other fax/petitions available there, so go in and look around – -fill out as many, or as few as you like, but BE SURE to go to page #5 and send this one – -IT IS URGENT AND IMPORTANT!!

  21. 11/21/2012 14:07

    Roger that.

  22. Redneck Dixie Warrior permalink
    11/21/2012 14:10

    There was also this I found!

    Overturn Obama VIa ELECTORAL COLLEGE – Directories for Local Secretary of State, GOP, Senators, Congress
    That the Electoral system can actually derail the liberal demagoguery this late in the game is like a call to “battle stations”.
    Congressional Directory

    Secretary of State Directory
    List of current United States Senators –
    Scroll down to Members by State; click on the desired Reps name, their Bio pg appears, on the right column, below “Personal details” will be their website address.

    The site link here, also has phone numbers as well as websites: (you have to subscribe)

    Info on Electoral college – Hmmm… they are appointed.


  23. 11/21/2012 15:35

    I like it!

  24. 11/21/2012 16:18

    “IF” the Tea Party wants their reputation and credibility back…I would suggest they jump on this with both feet!

  25. 11/21/2012 16:18

    …Because, this must be an organized effort!!!

  26. 11/21/2012 16:25

    Agreed entirely!

  27. 11/21/2012 16:34

    Individuals can’t do it. It NEEDS to be a recognizable GROUP…and they would…they would regain their reputation which right now is in the crapper.

    I am gonna bitch for a minute…several of us were kicked off of Tea Party Org for trying to warn them about Romney….we were banned…for telling them the truth. AND, this was BEFORE Newt Gingrich was kicked to the curb!!

    This is dreaming, okay? Had they been “fighters” as in the beginning with all of the enthusiasm they once had…the new “3rd Party” that seems to be slipping into conversations…COULD HAVE BEEN THE TEA PARTY.

    They stomped on their own collective asses … so to speak by going along with the Republican Party and/or being their “enforcers”

    They really have screwed the pooch. THIS COULD BE A VALUABLE TIME FOR THEM AGAIN..IF they’ll stand up and be counted.

  28. 11/21/2012 16:38

    IF. Huge word that.

  29. 11/21/2012 16:41

    Huh? Explain please.

  30. 11/21/2012 16:57

    That last sentence on your post.

  31. 11/21/2012 17:08

    That is true! that IS the major issue here!
    Stand up and be counted!

  32. 11/21/2012 17:11

    At least try.

  33. 11/21/2012 17:22

    I don’t know what happened. They stopped trying. They kept the “name” and what it DID (past tense) stood for….but they stopped trying.

  34. 11/21/2012 17:23

    Sounds right.

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