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How hard can you grit your teeth?


This is some education on how this has turned into such a socialist country already, starting with Teddy Roosevelt, and how the destruction of our freedom has been met with the thunderous applause of the crowds.

And how to exploit the next step in that continued drift into the future.

It goes on for quite a while. Many is the time when you think “Why doesn’t he just get to the next thing”, but there is stuff to understand first. This is education that makes one think that it might, might, be a solution in it’s own way.

Depends on your digestive tract, and how much abuse it can handle.

  1. poetopoet permalink
    11/28/2012 06:24

    This man’s dissertation requires one (the listener) to believe we (human existence) will continue as it is (currently in the stone-age, a dependency on fossil fuels) with Obama at the helm (control).

    I believe the opposite, meaning Obama is in actuality a single entity, who has only one agenda and that is to destroy America, at any cost, with its colonist’s polices, perceived by Obama. Obama will be eliminated from this man’s equation and superposition, all by himself (Obama), with the help of known and unknown powers to be.

    The truth is, Nanotechnology Theology, the belief in technology that has a death grip on the human race, that has become the new Black Theology Obama derived from and missed, that has superseded him and all others, the dumb and not so dumb.

    Meaning the liberal institutions and thinking that created Obama and his kind, have in actuality signed their own death warrants and need. Because, who or “what” needs them (the human race with its excess baggage) in a new world order that needs no heat, no food and no transportation or entitlements to survive. It is with a very small chip of singular knowledge that far out lasts and beats any human brain hands down for knowledge and resources that will take control and allow the human race to destroy itself. Now that nanotechnology exists and learns, thrives and lives on knowledge, funny alas, that actually bugs itself.

    This is what worries me, but I am old and I can see the light dimming before me, it’s elementary and it’s called evolution Watson, when the know world returns to a former primitive existence shortly and I have no more remote control to change it.

  2. 11/28/2012 10:50

    It was good to have the history of how we got to where we are, and the observation regarding bread and circuses.

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