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Regarding the secession discussion


This is an absolutely fascinating thought. This is a brief review of the facts regarding that thought.

The history of the era of the American Civil War has been so rewritten and sanitized to absolve the United States government of any fault, that it is really difficult to get to the truth behind what REALLY happened and what REALLY caused some 13 states, in whole or in part, to leave the Union.

Here is a quote from one of my favorite Confederate generals —  General Patrick R. Cleburne: “I am with the South in life or in death, in victory or defeat. I never owned a negro and care nothing for them, but these people have been my friends and have stood up to me on all occasions. In addition to this, I believe the North is about to wage a brutal and unholy war on a people who have done them no wrong, in violation of the Constitution and the fundamental principles of the government…We propose no invasion of the North, no attack on them, and only ask to be let alone.” …  Patrick R. Cleburne

I was thinking that this would be the only piece I might clip to get you over there to read it, but I’ve got to grab just a little more:

The point is — Most of what modern America knows about the “War Between the States” and the causation of that war is WRONG!

There was nothing in the constitution forbidding states from seceding.  There still isn’t.   However, if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough,  eventually it will be accepted as truth.

At that, I’m going to bed. Something tells me my dreams will be that much sweeter tonight.

To go back a few years in my reading to “The Ashes” series, SUSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. poetopoet permalink
    12/05/2012 07:17

    Nobody is talking about why APEC snubbed America and Obama by secession on his recent Asian trip, APEC Asian Pacific Economic Council denied America membership. It’s easy, why would they need America with a population of 300,000,000 Million in a bankrupt and corrupt lazy nation (Obama’s own words), when they have a population of 3,000,000,000. Billion, who are willing to work for next to nothing, simple math.

    China wants 5 states land in payment for loans and Obama will give it to them, talk about why states want secession, and they will in a second once they realize what Obama is up to.

    All news and articles of this has been scrubbed from the internet.

  2. upaces88 permalink
    12/05/2012 07:48

    Poet, he is “giving away more of our land?!” Poet, he already gave them land (through Clinton) to China in Idaho and Texas. It is lame statement to say, “HE CAN’T DO THAT!’ Because, he IS doing just that!
    Now it isn’t just land, it is “5” States!!!!/ Jeeze.

  3. upaces88 permalink
    12/05/2012 07:49

    Poet, Do you have the url for that article? I just did a search on Google, and I’m not finding it.
    I’d like to send it to the Tea Party Leaders on my email list as well as all of my friends.

  4. poetopoet permalink
    12/05/2012 08:16

    Up88, as I said they have scrubbed everything about it, unless some one copied it.

    Cm,s thoughts and nightmares may be coming our way, no state I hope and pray will allow him to do it, there are several court cases pending on this subject Obama took half a state already, and I forgot which one but I have it somewhere.

  5. poetopoet permalink
    12/05/2012 08:48

    257 Foreign Trade Zones across America
    Submitted by strikeforce on Mon, 01/24/2011 – 14:14

    Daily Paul Liberty Forum

    This is an urgent message! Read this and spread the word! Subject: Foreign Trade Zones. This is unbelievable at first, but you will soon realize that there are several motives for the global communists to physically weave our United States territory together with communist China. Read On! Here’s what is going on!
    Each and every one of our state governors has approved and allocated a certain amount of acres of their U.S. state land to be inhabited by Chinese communists –communists straight from China! They are to set up little towns and live here, supposedly for the purpose of producing Chinese products for sale in the U.S.A. The land the states are giving them for their little towns will be considered “foreign territory”!!! We are told that the laws of the state (in which these Chinese communists dwell) will apply to the communist Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ). Comment: If so, why are they allowed in here!??! Isn’t the whole set up unlawful??? There are 257 of these little communist towns to be built all over the United States. Go to this website and see the list of the states, and how many FTZ’s are to be erected in each and every state! Our nation is being peppered all over with these communist closed towns called “zones”! This insane brainstorm by Washington, D.C. officials was just recently discovered by alert citizens in the State of Idaho, where an FTZ is being built there, just south of Boise, Idaho, possibly 30,000 acres of Idaho is going to be used for that FTZ. Check this site quickly before it is removed:

    When you get to this website, be prepared by having enough paper to print 40 pages, listing all the FTZ’s to be built over the whole United States! 257 of these FTZ’s! It is absolute insanity!! How gullible are we??? The excuse given for creating communist towns all over our nation is that these Chinese people will produce products for sale in the United States, and the FTZ will eliminate overseas shipping costs of the products they create! A bizarre excuse!!! Can’t we manufacture our own products anymore with American workers? How foolish are we to allow this??? Remember the hard-learned lesson taught to gullible people back in ancient times, when the Trojan Horse was built and they pulled it past their protective gates??? Do we Americans look THAT STUPID to the Chinese and to our Washington,D.C. leaders???

    It will not mean jobs for Americans. All the help will be Chinese! Besides, it is to be classed as “foreign territory”, remember! You won’t know what is really going on inside the enclave. Is there any danger for Americans to allow this? What do you think?!!!

    It is a known fact that China has been preparing for war against the United States! Many guns are pointed at us. Why should these FTZ’s be allowed??? What is the real reason?? Is it that Washington, D.C. needs foreign help to disarm American citizens (who have privately-owned firearms) so that the federal administration can comply with Public Law 87-297, signed into law by J.F. Kennedy for “general and complete disarmament of the United States”? It is a law continually financed by Washington, D.C. That’s the law that calls for us to have no more army, no more navy, and no more air force, all of which is to be transferred over on a permanent basis to the communist-dominated United Nations! That law also prohibits all firearms from being owned by American citizens!

    Without firearms, there will be no more liberty, freedom, or justice in government. Guns are the main core of the check and balance system. Our nation’s founders realized that firearms in the possession of the people are the indispensible safeguard upon which all of the other rights in the “Bill of Rights” depend! That’s why the Second Amendment was meant to be honored, treasured, and preserved!

    Some people are wondering if the American land in these FTZ’s is being given as collateral for the huge debt we owe to China? Some people are asking: “Does China own us and is our land collateral in case we don’t pay the debt?” China is allowing American businesses to get established in China as FTZ’s. Americans must build the structures in China, and they must employ all Chinese people to do the work in what is built there. After a short amount of years, the Americans must vacate, leave the buildings and let the Chinese keep the technology and the active operation as on-going. What this amounts to is transferring American technology and management to communist China.

    FTZ’s are also known as SEZ’s (Special Economic Zones) Please relay this information to all your friends. Someone has to answer for this on state and federal levels! What a set-up for sabotage, espionage, and a study on how to take over the whole United States in a war! Because the newspapers and other media are controlled, they will not be reporting on this unless there is a great public outcry. Remember when being a communist was a punishable crime in the U.S.A. My, how we have changed! Complete reversal. Best to take this information to local public officials as well as all your contacts. Please do not delay spreading this information. Check with Idaho Eagle Forum also for updates

  6. poetopoet permalink
    12/05/2012 08:49

    up88, this started a long time ago.

  7. poetopoet permalink
    12/05/2012 08:54

    Up88, stop using google, use duck-duck or any independent search site, there are many.

    google is a government agency I believe.

  8. 12/05/2012 13:18

    Personnally, I believe that America was at a point where it’s people had to make a moral stance, a watershed in it’s fledging history. The birth of a social and democratic system originated in the New England states, and with liberal rights and thinking, the ‘yankees’ decided that enough was enough with regard to the slavery issue in the southern ‘Dixie’ states. I’m not naive enough to say that this was the only issue. Riktor, you would probably agree that wealth men wanted more land, money, and power for themselves. So Northern politicians successful convinced the people of the time that the slavery issue could not be over looked.

  9. 12/05/2012 13:38

    Hmmm. Google has always been productive for me. The one I don’t trust is BING for some reason. Run some good suggestions, poet.

  10. 12/05/2012 13:42

    And that ChiCom infiltration scenario is of great interest indeed. As for MY guns? No, I don’t think so.

  11. upaces88 permalink
    12/05/2012 13:42

    “duck-duck”…never heard of that.
    Google has been good for me to; however, one of the reasons I like Gmail is that I can HIT “Ctrl N” and I leave no cookies behind.

    And, on your other comment about the “scrubbing”…I know it takes a lot of extra time…but when I find a really great article, I’ll send out just the “excerpt of it” along with the URL for further reading…then I copy and paste the entire contents for myself to be able to refer back to it.

  12. poetopoet permalink
    12/05/2012 13:58

    Cm and Up88, I have a site and I can write it in exact and Google puts 150 sites they get paid to said me or whoever.

    They all get paid to redirect your search.

  13. upaces88 permalink
    12/05/2012 14:02

    Poet, I just gave them a horrible one to redirect. I Google’d: Dog with severe itch and cure.
    I’m serious…my poor little dog.

  14. upaces88 permalink
    12/05/2012 14:02

    One of the answers that did come back on the “itchy” dog….some dogs are allergic to the SOY they put in the food.

  15. poetopoet permalink
    12/05/2012 14:14

    Gold; the war started over the price of cotton, I believe; the South was selling it to others and Europe and the North would not pay for it, so the exquisite excuse was Slavery to start a war. Wall Street all over again and again, war after war.

    Need a tank or two, bribe (contribute to their campaigns) a senator and a representative or two and you have a war with a thousand tanks to shoot at your two, they gave you.

  16. poetopoet permalink
    12/05/2012 14:39

    Up88, There is an easy cure, by Blue not a lot more, we switched and wow, our two Tibetan Spaniels love it now, start half and half.

    Do you remember a couple of years ago, when China was putting in pet foods melamine-plastic tainted wheat gluten imported into the United States that were linked to hundreds of pet deaths and ailments in 2006 and 2007?

    Up88, I just heard of a cure for that, I will try to find it, I cannot remember it now, old age.

  17. 12/05/2012 15:06

    I would like to know about that.
    Years ago, I had a Rottie that had this bald spot on her hip just above the tail. A vet told me it could be one of two things: The vet who originally cut the tail off did it wrong; or
    2) Some dogs have an allergy to “soy,”

    It was the food. I changed to Pro Plan, and she did fine. Now my little sensitive dog is getting Just “IAMS” and it has cleared it up somewhat….there are still a couple of spots that won’t that I found behind his ears.
    Let me know what you find out.
    This dog was left here by a renter. Can’t believe someone would leave behind a “baby” like that. He is a King Cavalier Mix and his skin is, literally, “pink.” His skin is also exceptionally thin. He is a very sensitive but beautiful little boy.

  18. poetopoet permalink
    12/05/2012 15:21

    I think Dog’s are God’s angels, they are a person’s (man’s) best friend, in reverse while going to Him (God-Dog).

  19. upaces88 permalink
    12/05/2012 15:24

    Poet, what a precious way to state that…and it is true.

  20. 12/05/2012 23:24

    Dogs are awesome partners indeed.

  21. 12/05/2012 23:43

    (Chuckling) I was thinking while reading what you said….I have 3 dogs as I think(?) I have told you. A 100 lb Rottie (Delilah); a Cavalier mix Mike; and a Yorkie, Lola.
    They all follow me to the kitchen to fix breakfast..then they want to stay in their with the food smell as I walk back to the bedroom…saying “Come on “fur people” … let’s go!

  22. 12/06/2012 00:01

    I have a Rott/Pit, a Dobe/Husky, and a Heeler/Lab. They are all VERY well behaved and obedient, but they do like that kitchen as well! While you are at the stove, if you haven’t told them to get out of the kitchen, they sit very nicely in almost military precision by the fridge.

  23. 12/06/2012 00:35

    Chuckling….I know! Aren’t they absolutely precious! Except for one thing! Mine do the same thing. Sit there looking all pretty,mouths watering…lol

    My 100 lb Rottie is STILL scared to death of thunder. Have you ever tried to sleep with a 100 lb dog on your chest?
    I have to make her a peanut butter sandwich with over the counter sleeping pill chopped up to make her GET THE HELL OFF MY CHEST! She will finally go to sleep.

  24. 12/06/2012 00:41

    😆 Yep, familiar with it. I don’t have to drug mine though.

  25. 12/06/2012 00:45

    Will they sleep during a thunder storm?

  26. 12/06/2012 05:07

    This position has a lot of support.

    I give you the estimable Dr Walter E William

    At the 1787 Constitutional Convention, a proposal was made to allow the federal government to suppress a seceding state. James Madison, the acknowledged father of our Constitution, rejected it, saying: “A Union of the States containing such an ingredient seemed to provide for its own destruction. The use of force against a State would look more like a declaration of war than an infliction of punishment and would probably be considered by the party attacked as a dissolution of all previous compacts by which it might be bound.”

    Sounds like a renunciation of the governing compact was/is a feature and this by the acknowledged “father ‘ of the constitution. This country was set up as federal republic with the states given wide latitude as to how they governed. It could have been formed no other way. The notion of a vast and remote governing authority was anathema to the founding generation and was legally constrained until the sophists and intellectual carnival barkers masquerading as altruistic men of law and letters used a false paradigm (the living constitution and more importantly a hi-jacking of the English language ) to fool the American public into thinking the current situation was within the boundaries of what is deemed permissible.

    As a practical matter I think because of the runaway slave problem and certain economic situations the “War between the States” was baked in the cake, secession or not. As it was the confederacy was in fact falling apart based on their own first principles as Jeff Davis held the thing together much in the way he criticized Lincoln for acting.

  27. 12/06/2012 07:53

    Still, this is a Union of States. And should the population of the state no longer wish to be a part of it, it should be within their purview to depart. Declaration of Independence, line 1.

  28. 12/06/2012 07:55

    Still, this is a Union of States. And should the population of the several states no longer wish to be a part of it, it should be within their purview to depart. Declaration of Independence, line 1.

  29. 12/06/2012 08:15



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