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U.S. Judge refuses to submit to Islamic law…so he is removed from the Ft. Hood massacre Case


This is such obscene bullshit!!!!! This is an American military trial, of a lump of camelshit that murdered American soldiers, on an American military base! Supposedly said lump of camelshit is still a member of the military, therefore is required to maintain military grooming standards, and this Judge is kicked off the case because he doesn’t suck up to pisslamic law? INSANE! This is what I borrowed from Lady Raven below. I guess this is how a reblog of a reblog gets proper accreditation.

Socialism is not the Answer

Family Security Matters

The Judge refused to submit to Islamic law so ….. he’s off the case. He  wasn’t impartial enough. Got that?

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  1. poetopoet permalink
    12/07/2012 09:36

    Since the Muslim Brother-Hood in Egypt and Iraq are looking for a new constitution. So president Obama called them up, and said you should try the U. S. Constitution it worked for them Americans for over two hundred years; because I really don’t need it or use it anymore.

  2. 12/07/2012 09:38


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