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AutoZone employee fired after taking action against “Fake Beard Bandit”


And here is the initial story from the News Agency. I’ve written my letter, have you? Have you found an auto parts store NOT one of theirs? Part of my letter included how I no longer felt safe in their facilities after them having painted a target on their building.

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York County, Va. – The man dubbed the “Fake-Beard Bandit” has hit more than 30 businesses on the Peninsula.

Each time, the MO is the same: He walks in, flashes a gun and takes off with the cash.

But this time, an AutoZone employee decided he was going to take action!

“I was in fear of my life as soon as he walked through the door and I see the gun. Your heart just starts pounding,” says Devin Mclean, a former Auto Zone employee.

Devin Mclean decided to take action after recognizing the Fake Beard Bandit.

AutoZone employee fired after scaring off ‘Fake Beard Bandit’ humbled by community support

Sheriff says he plans to honor ‘AutoZone Hero’ for taking action against ‘Fake Beard Bandit’

“I waited for him to go up toward the front, I ran out of the restroom, ran out to my truck where I keep my own…

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  1. 12/07/2012 19:59

    I can just read the headlines now. He receives gazillions from lawsuit against Auto Zone.

  2. 12/07/2012 23:23

    That would be awesome!

  3. 12/08/2012 00:28

    I am going to go to bed…”Contact” with Jodi Foster is on; and I LOVE THAT MOVIE!

  4. 12/08/2012 00:29

    Or, if you wanna run over here, we can watch it in the Living room…with pop corn…and everything! lol

  5. 12/08/2012 00:51

    Living room? How big is the couch?

  6. upaces88 permalink
    12/08/2012 16:29

    HUGE Sectional completely covering one wall then curves and is in front of a book case and extends beyond that a bit.

  7. 12/08/2012 16:45

    😈 😉

  8. upaces88 permalink
    12/08/2012 16:49

    You are sooooo bad… lol

  9. 12/09/2012 01:07

    I have my moments.

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