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We knew this already


Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, who was elected the state’s chief executive as a Republican and then ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate as an independent, announced on Twitter that he’s switching to the Democratic Party.

NO! Can’t possibly BE!!! Duh.

“I’ve had friends for years tell me, ‘You know Charlie, you’re a Democrat and you don’t know it,'” Crist told the newspaper Friday night.

He cited the Republican Party’s shift to the right on a range of issues, including immigration, education and the environment.

Well, shit. WE knew. We knew he was a RINO, every political action he ever took was to the left. And Republican “shift to the right”? Like maybe back toward where they are supposed to be? Not a fucking snowball’s chance. I kinda thought maybe he was a soft R. I thought I’d be that nice anyway. No more. Hard core or nothing. Shiite. At least be honest about what you are.
  1. 12/09/2012 06:03

    Not quite on topic but in the same vein. From the No shit Sherlock files at Instapundit

    The economy never really got better, and now it’s getting worse.

    Americans may not be turning “left” as some suggest but they are preternaturally inert and incurious. All this shit was out there to know. All they had to do was look.

  2. 12/09/2012 07:39

    The only thing that will be changing is the color of his ties.


  3. 12/09/2012 07:58

    Oh and this just in Warren Buffet is a 24kt gold hypocrite.

    The Washington Post’s dividend payment also stands to benefit those with a significant stake in the company, such as Warren Buffett’s firm Berkshire Hathaway. Berkshire is its largest shareholder with an estimated 1.7 million shares, which means it could get a roughly $17 million dividend payment.

    via Instapundit

    I expect that Mr Buffet will be writing a check to make up the difference any minute now. Or maybe not

    On second thought definitely not.

    Taxes for thee not for me.

  4. 12/09/2012 10:03

    Hypocrisy, thy name is wealthy demoncrap!

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