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Warrior Song, Navy Style


Borrowed from BMEWS.

  1. poetopoet permalink
    12/09/2012 15:52

    Fantastic, absolutely fantastic! It flashed me back to the sixties on ship off the Carolinas; the winter waves were so high the props were coming out of the water and out of Virginia Beach, my first G-force flight off a ship. I once had a flight from Portsmouth N.H. Pease A.F.B. to Honolulu in four hours and there only four hours, that took 40 years to figure out. Thanks Cm

  2. upaces88 permalink
    12/09/2012 15:56

    This is a GREAT VIDEO!!!

  3. poetopoet permalink
    12/09/2012 15:57

    PS, I was the enlisted passenger on a two person jet, lucky I can drive.

  4. 12/09/2012 16:47

    Aside from the fact that I was weapon, not a warrior I identify with- and love this song and video. Thanks!

  5. 12/10/2012 00:04

    Most welcome! I was a weapon as well. I taught killing for a living, and was the guy they called when it got REALLY deep. Didn’t know us wingnuts had such, did you?

  6. 12/10/2012 00:04


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  8. 12/10/2012 00:06

    Most welcome, poet. We’ve had our moments.


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