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Excellent question, Where DO we go now?


Found over at Chaos Manor. Yes, THAT Jerry Pournelle.

  1. upaces88 permalink
    01/01/2013 01:08

    Again, Obama WAS NOT voted in. He won AGAIN by fraud.
    The fix was in; and Romney was part of it.

    I didn’t know he had such a sense of humor!

    I like his attitude….look back to where we were, basically, and build towards that again. It is a “debt”… It is OUR responsibility to bring to past into the conscious mind and use that as the building block to “re-build” to that perfect mold…only stronger and better! AND, DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE to make even a cut in the fabric of Our New Country!

    We are all in this for the “duration” that he mentions. I like his analogy, “You have to mow the grass every week.” He is right. We didn’t get into the quagmire of Liberalism over night. It has been growing and we haven’t “weeded” it out as it grew. We ignored it…and now it is tall and very strong.

    I like his analogy of the Republican Party. He is right…they have been “beaten up.”
    That is a great way to word it. It was like they were drowning and had no strength left to keep treading the currents sweeping over them….it did seem like they just gave in.

    THAT is an extremely good point about putting $$ overseas and why it isn’t being here in the U.S. I feel a little dumb I never thought about that before.

    Still, something was wrong with the way Romney just disappeared and not fight back when we all knew that he DID WIN; and that Obama only won by fraud. What was going on behind the scenes?

  2. 01/01/2013 01:35

    Would that I knew.

  3. upaces88 permalink
    01/01/2013 10:32

    Not right now…..I think we can form an “educated” guess if we took the time to document has past behaviors that “we KNOW of.” His “hit” list is almost as high as the Clinton’s hit list. That would be my guess right now…Remember, Breitbart? Doctor following that with the autopsy?

  4. 01/01/2013 10:38

    Clinton wasn’t shit. Clinton was more organized crime than communist takeover. I just hope Slick Willie takes revenge for the insertion of the blood clot in his wife.

  5. upaces88 permalink
    01/01/2013 15:47

    Great Point, CM! I, actually, didn’t think of it like that…you are correct!
    I don’t know if Slick Willie has the balls to go that far.

  6. 01/01/2013 16:06

    If anybody does…

  7. upaces88 permalink
    01/01/2013 16:12

    Yes, he would. He has NO conscience. hmmmm.

  8. 01/01/2013 17:30

    This could be productive. Unfortunately, Slick Willie has a health chart that could be too easily explained if Ovomit gets to him first.

  9. upaces88 permalink
    01/01/2013 18:50

    Hmmmm, could get even MORE nasty…..very much more!

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