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From “Anonymous”

  1. poetopoet permalink
    01/15/2013 17:08

    I have heard this phrase once to often “nothing to see here now move along” the established coined phrase of the elites.

  2. 01/15/2013 18:17

    I can agree with that. What they don’t seem to realize is that “Anonymous” is very good at what they do.

  3. poetopoet permalink
    01/15/2013 19:18

    cm, that phrase is what the establishment uses when they want no questions asked, and do not want you to see anything, I was agreeing with anonymous.

  4. Dr. Jeff permalink
    01/16/2013 00:46

    I don’t always agree with Anonymous, this time I do. It’s nice to have them as allies (I think) at this time. It will be interesting to see how the relationship develops.

    Anonymous could be an exceptionally powerful ally in the future. They certainly share our concerns about the government and current administration.

  5. 01/16/2013 01:07

    Oh yes. They stand for individual freedom in this case for sure.

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