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This too is an illegal assault rifle



For the same reason. Autoloader, detachable magazine, thumbhole/pistol grip stock. If you note the big USA there behind the ejection port? Yeah, United States of America. These are the rifles of the US Shooting Team for the Olympics. But you can’t have one because it’s an EBR! Even though it’s not. If you’d like to read the article I got that picture from, have at it.

Finding it hard seeing that as an EBR? Check this one! OMG! Until you realize, same gun, different furniture.

  1. 01/17/2013 07:44

    Oooohh! I want one!

  2. poetopoet permalink
    01/17/2013 09:51

    It is a peaceful ART, if they, the liberals can call Jesus Christ in a bottle of urine art.

  3. poetopoet permalink
    01/17/2013 10:34

    Read and weep: These weapons are nothing but mass killing weapons for crowd and parade control of you know what, you and me, who have zero chance of survival against them; New York City has 20 of them and counting and D.C. has 100. I think they know “We the People” are coming one way or another and they’re openly telling civilians what they got and what to expect.

    “Armed Forces International News – January 2013”

    “The Belgian Ministry of Defence has ordered 60 Spike shoulder-mounted weapons systems to take over from the Milan anti-tank light infantry missiles in current Belgian Army service.

    These weapons systems will be used in conjunction with Spike-MR (medium range) missiles, fitted with tandem-charge HEAT warheads.

    The Spike missiles will be delivered by Eurospike – a consortium established between Rheinmetall Defence Electronics, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Diehl BGT Defence nine years ago.

    Belgian Spike Order

    Prior to the Belgian Spike order, another design – Raytheon and Lockheed Martin’s Javelin anti-tank system- was thought to be in the running. Indeed, five months ago, DSCA – the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency – released a statement covering the proposed sale of Javelin launchers and missiles but that scenario’s now been overtaken.

    The Spike-MR weapon system is made up of a missile, a single-used canister, a tripod, a command launcher and a thermal sight. The system’s ready to use within a 30 second timeframe and, after it fires, it can be reloaded within 15 seconds. It’s also got a 2,500 metre range, while another version of this system – the Spike-LR – can strike targets located a maximum of 8,000 metres away.

    Spike Weapons System

    Alongside the Spike order, Belgium is also acquiring 111 Panzerfaust 3 anti-armour weapons, through a contract placed last month. Equipped both with Spikes and Panzerfaust weapons systems, Belgian Army warfighters will be better-placed to train with their Dutch colleagues, who already have these technologies in service.

    The Belgian Army was originally formed in 1830 but the modern day version is divided into four elements: the Land Component, Air Component, Medical Component and Marine Component. Of these, the Land Component presently employs around 12,000 troops and its equipment includes Iveco Light Multirole Vehicles, Piranha infantry vehicles and Iveco 8T troop transporters.

    Spike variants equip a whole host of nations including Chile, the Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Poland, South Korea and Spain.”

  4. 01/17/2013 11:30

    Sounds like a fun toy!

  5. 01/17/2013 11:32

    Comes that way from Ruger, if you want to pay the higher price. It’s worth it if you have the funds.

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