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Sort of a reblog from The Deth Guild


Silverdeth is on a wordpress engine, but it doesn’t have the reblog function. What I’m going to do is a bit of cut/paste, and reference link the original article that it came from.

NY Citizens to NY Government: Fuck Off.

Okay, the headline is a direct link to the Deth Guild article. Here’s a little taste of it:

Oh-oh. The peasantry is getting uppity. The trash-pile autocrats in New York ought to think about what happened the last time some snotty gentry-class idiots attempted to take the guns of American citizens. We love our rifles more than our lives – or the lives of easily replaceable temporary political hacks (Replace “or” with “or especially” at your leisure).

Right, Silverdeth clipped a couple of really good pieces from the NYPost article, but to get the whole thing you need to read the whole thing. I will take one tiny piece, and you’re going to have to read the whole article to get why this was in there.

Leaders of some of the state’s 300 gun clubs, gun dealers and Second Amendment organizations are organizing the boycott — and the heaviest interest is in Suffolk County, the Capital District and the Buffalo region, sources said.

The organizers point to a little-known guarantee of gun ownership contained in New York’s own “Civil Rights Law,” which was ratified the same year as the Constitution .

The state statute says the right to keep and bear arms “cannot be infringed” — stronger than the Second Amendment, which says it “shall not be infringed.’’

Lots more before this, a chunk more after. Makes me think there is hope for some of these yankees after all.

So, who’s bringing chips, who’s bringing dip? Popcorn anyone? I’ve got the beer.

  1. upaces88 permalink
    01/22/2013 16:19

    I don’t know why they just don’t understand this. Gun owners are very responsible people…. Never mind…It has absolutely nothing about fear someone will be killed. this is absolutely a POWER Take-Over by Obama.
    I had typed in “the U.S. Government”…but that isn’t exactly true. We no longer have a U.S. Government, we have Obamaland.

  2. 01/22/2013 16:27

    Precisely. Their biggest fear is the awakening of the public, and the publics ability to kick them out physically.

  3. upaces88 permalink
    01/22/2013 16:31

    Unfortunately, that is EXACTLY the only thing that will get him out. He is already wanting a “3rd” Term. Hide ‘n watch…no one will stop him unless……..

  4. 01/22/2013 16:42

    We shall see what occurs.

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