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And from PRAVDA of all places


You’re gonna see what the rest of the world sees. If our own LSM won’t say it, let Russia:

True motives behind Obama’s gun ‘control’ stance

From abroad I must note that when I was last in America I could see the increasingly authoritarian executive branch paying careless disregard to their oath to uphold the Constitution. Thus I am hardly surprised that President Obama, who seems to have to problem arming American soldiers to interfere with the sovereignty of other nations, has decided to again extend executive power, this time to ban and register firearms. The question is whether he’s doing this out of care for protecting schools or something else.

And then they have some more interesting stuff, and nowhere near the end is something we’ve been saying all over the blogosphere:

Criminals and Crazy people will always find a way to create violence; in lieu of assault rifles certainly they’ll take up fertilizer and coffee grinders to create bombs as terrorists groups in nations with strict gun laws already have. Yet there’s no public outcry to ban gardening. Something else must be compelling Obama, following in the steps of Hitler prior to his seize of power, to go after firearms specifically, and the US amendment that was specifically intended to allow the people to resist the government in an armed struggle by founders who felt that another revolution could one day be necessary. Perhaps Obama isn’t worried at all about schools, perhaps he smells revolution in the air.

OMG, I’m loving it! There is a lot more to that article, and some even colder and more direct. Awesome! Basically, it is either espionage on its part, or treason. All of its supporters are guilty of treason, in either case.

  1. upaces88 permalink
    01/25/2013 17:31

    What is weird….he is keeping ONE campaign promise….He IS VERY “TRANSPARENT.”
    He wants to and is working very hard to, Destroy the United States…. and that is… VERY TRANSPARENT.

  2. 01/25/2013 17:32


  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    01/26/2013 03:43

    I hate it when Pravda mirrors my thoughts. How do you think they’re planning on it working as cointelpro to destabilize the U.S.?

  4. 01/26/2013 06:46

    Perhaps they want to come in and save us, since they’ve turned quite capitalistic?

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