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As long as I’m over there reading stuff


Let me share this one with you as well. This is from another article, every bit as good an observation as the last.

Anyone who’s read Solzhenitsyn knows how the KGB employed informants and quotas to counter anti-revolutionary measures. The American government is already preparing itself for revolution, with CDC concentration camps and the ability to create martial law, and removing constitutional laws enabling the American people to change their form of government if they so choose. This new network of required informants is yet another step in the direction of repressive regimes reminiscent of the former Soviet Union. Given the pretense of spotting people before a crime is committed, this is probably only the start. If health care providers are required to ask invasive questions, other federal employees in different spheres certainly will be asked to. The federal government may even try to coerce more states to involve more departments. How far is America from asking students about their parents activities at home?

Try to deny the evidence, dangling right in front of your face.

I say again, it is a traitor, or more probably a spy. Any and all of its supporters are traitors.

  1. poetopoet permalink
    01/25/2013 19:56

    Surely not I say to thee, it is but a play of words you derive these mortal beliefs that can never-ever pass my lips so big, so wide for I am your President and thus you shall never-ever compare me to anything but him, your President for ever and ever.

    Barack Husein Obama

  2. 01/25/2013 19:59

    Hoorp. :puke:

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