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This is gonna piss you right off. I’ve put up the subject matter before, but this one is much deeper, and will grow far lenghtier than mine were. Keep your eyes on this one. Welcome to the steps from every other communist takeover ever recorded.

The Dirty Lowdown

White Rabbits in Slaughterhouse


“An evil exists that threatens every man, woman and child of this great nation. We must take steps to ensure our domestic security and protect our homeland.” — Adolf Hitler


“Real courage is found, not in thewillingness to risk death, but in the willingness to stand, alone if necessary, against the ignorant and disapproving herd.”— Nobel Prize Nominee and Pink Pagoda Founder Jim Garrow


Six Undeniable Facts

Fact #1) The government is arming itself to the teeth, stockpiling more than five rounds of ammunition for every American man, woman and child in the country.

Fact #2) The American people are also arming themselves to the teeth, buying up millions of firearms and billions of rounds of ammunition at a record pace.

Fact #3) The Obama criminals have become arrogant and stupid, thinking they can pull off anything. They will over-estimate their power and soon overstep…

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  1. upaces88 permalink
    01/30/2013 23:23

    It “seems” Obama has been playing TWO ENDS AGAINST THE MIDDLE and it blew up and became too public. HE is the epitome of HUBRIS and never entertains the idea anything will actually come back to bite him in the ass. Even when it does, he continues on because he has worked hard to corrupt even the most corrupt even further so that he is THEIR MASTER. Everyone in D.C. now is so corrupt that I can honestly say that Evil is ruling Our Country.

    I don’t think Obama is “incompetent” at all. He has a plan and regardless of how it “seems” to blow up in his face…it is deliberate. He has everyone in D.C. so involved that even if they wanted to, they are impotent to do anything. And, they will NOT go up against him even when he armed and funded those who are OUR ENEMIES. That is treason!

    He has our Military being spied on because he knows that the Military is NOT with him. He is working to get rid of all of those who are NOT WITH HIM.. He has been replacing OUR top Military Leaders WITH HIS CHOICES who will do HIS WILL vs. the Needs of the American People. 14 of our Military were dismissed? That was not made public that I know of until now.

    —-HE IS RIGHT. The Military should never have stood down! We are in grave danger. His actions have been those of TYRANNY. Watergate? He makes Watergate look like a “gossip session gone wild.” He wants the incompetence around him (like Clinton +) so he can get away with causing more chaos deliberately so that the blame can be shifted around; OR, they are involved enough that they can’t say what really happened. Remember how Hillary Clinton reacted? That was a woman who was trapped — then tried to dismiss it as almost insignificant or being taken too seriously vs. the depraved manner that the murder of our ambassador happened!.

    I’ll go out on a limb and state, he is going to allow another 9/11 in OUR Country or something very close to it!

  2. 01/30/2013 23:38

    No doubt of that. It must be forcibly removed, along with its enablers. Suddenly. With any luck, there are those playing its game until the time is right, and then they will strike.

  3. upaces88 permalink
    01/30/2013 23:48

    I wouldn’t put any type of action past either one of the the Clinton(s). From what we have all seen, heard and read…it MUST BE like walking into the fumes of Hell to be anywhere near that man. I cannot even begin to imagine how Evil and Toxic it must be in D.C. now. I can conceive of someone being pushed over the edge and doing something about it; or maybe that is just my wishful thinking.

    I know I have probably told you this before, but it is something I will never forget.
    I was at my local pawn shop about a year or so ago. I was standing behind a man in a suit which I thought was strange. I casually asked Tommy (the pawn shop owner).in a more tone of sarcastic humor than interest if any of the guns have been able to remain on the shelf since Obama got into office.
    Suddenly, that man in front of me whipped around to respond to me. He was about my height so we were staring eye ball to eye ball. He face turned white and his eyes got very big as he said, “I quit working for him. You don’t know who he is!!”

    That was all he said. Then he turned and practically ran out the door without even finishing his business. It must be even worse than we can imagine in that “environment with him.”

  4. 01/30/2013 23:52

    Sacred Excrement! Scary, huh?

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