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Sometimes things just fall in your lap


That kinda makes you smile, doesn’t it? We all, mostly, detest this POS. Here’s another reason why we do:

Perhaps that’s why things like this are arising:

MMMPOS is either a spy or a traitor. It is using everything it can to cover its ass while it still can, and it has enough people still fooled as to its validity. I am so reminded of the “Left Behind” movies that I’m about to scream. Those were written as a modernization fictional account of what happens when the Anti-Christ comes and fools the world into following him as Revelation describes. Haven’t read it? Or at least haven’t read it for a while? You really might want to.

The rest of the world is laughing their guts up at us. They’ve recognized our mistake for years. The ME is loving this, it is giving declared enemies jets and tanks, it is openly supporting our enemies. Even Russia showed their disrespect:

And just to take some of the pressure off of your heart valves:

  1. poetopoet permalink
    01/30/2013 13:15

    The United States of America posted this today… WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE… Barack Hussein Obama…aka…Barry Soetoro…and…acting as a spy that occupies the White House illegally as president.

    So ORDERED by We the People and the U..S. Constitution and you may destroy anyone or anything that opposes you and this DEMAND.

  2. 01/30/2013 13:21

    Who pays the bounty? And how much?

  3. poetopoet permalink
    01/30/2013 13:25

    The State Department with reclaimed money Obama gave to his Muslim Brother-Hood, that is a minimum 4 billion dollars tax free.

  4. 01/30/2013 13:33

    Would that it were true.

  5. 01/30/2013 13:54


  6. upaces88 permalink
    01/30/2013 13:58

    Putin does NOT like Obama.
    lol….he was so ticked off over the past few weeks that he has decided that “NO MORE Mail ordered Bridges from Russia will be allowed in the U.S.!” (paraphrased).

    About a month before that, Russia also declined to allow any more American Citizens to adopt children from Russia.

    At the time I read both of those, I thought “whut?!” I had o idea that had been such a big deal going on between the USA and Russia.

  7. upaces88 permalink
    01/30/2013 14:00

    I just got this comment in my inbox and would like to have some feedback on it:

    Do you have any idea what became of this action? I do: the FBI rejected it … no action was taken because everything presented was and is hearsay … while I believe every bad thing I’ve found out about BHO and his enablers-controllers, none of it is legally valid evidence … someone who has been in on the scam will have to come forward with provable information … and then nothing will happen until our side controls both houses of Congress … and at least one Federal Prosecutor is willing to take on the case …

    Get used to it: BHO and his gang are winning for right now … but they’ll lose in the end because his crew is composed of rats and gutter snipes … one of them will get into trouble on something else and will sell out BHO to save his own ass.

  8. 01/30/2013 14:00

    Gotta love it.

  9. 01/30/2013 14:01

    Liked that, did you Roy?

  10. poetopoet permalink
    01/30/2013 14:02

    i forgot to add an eternally grateful nation also.

  11. 01/30/2013 14:06


  12. 01/30/2013 14:08

    Upaces, somebody will break. Count on it.

  13. upaces88 permalink
    01/30/2013 19:45

    I SO WANT you to be 100% right!

  14. upaces88 permalink
    01/30/2013 19:46

    Who ever does will place themselves in great jeopardy.

  15. 01/30/2013 22:12

    With great risk comes great reward.

  16. 01/30/2013 22:12

    Me too.

  17. 01/30/2013 22:19

    When you are fighting the govt ON ALL FRONTS, esp the CIA, it is real hard to find ANYONE willing to come forward. Think about it good buddy…

  18. 01/30/2013 22:21

    NOT if you are not here to spend it….

  19. 01/30/2013 22:21

    Someone will.

  20. 01/30/2013 22:27

    Depends on how fast it happens. Get all the intel, set up the job, go on command.

  21. 01/30/2013 22:51

    Yea right, With this govt… and who do you propose would prosecute,, HOLDER… LOL

  22. 01/30/2013 23:19

    Prosecute? You must have missed my meaning. And did you not notice all of the times I’ve mentioned “all its enablers”? That would include Holder.

  23. 01/30/2013 23:37

    I got it… Just play cating… Sotero wants to be a LOOONG time, then Hillary has her turn.. Something like a daisey chain on the People…..

  24. 01/30/2013 23:41

    A “daisy chain” was a pleasant thing. This isn’t.

  25. 01/30/2013 23:44

    Depends on whether you are on the recieving or giving end… Or if you have an Agenda. LOL

  26. 01/30/2013 23:53



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