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3 Young Pro-Gun Business Owners & “American Sniper” Author-All 2nd Amendment Supporters Dead In 1 Month


Things look a bit suspicious, somehow. Don’t you think? I mean, I hate to seem a touch paranoid but this smells a bit off to me somehow. Found this over at Lady Raven, went over to TMJ to grab for the reblog.

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Why has this not been on any news station?  Fox, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS?  Is it any wonder that many people think Sandy Hook was partly set-up?  Did it escape anyones notice that the Obama regime immediately started grabbing guns after Sandy Hook?  Now these 2 young, gun store/sellers (Keith Ratliff  & John Noveske) plus author of “American Sniper”, Chris Kyle are dead & gone.

Latest killing: Ex-SEAL Chris Kyle remembered after shooting death

Obama Regime MURDERED These Men

Chris Kyle is the latest casualty.  Is this Obamas war against our guns??

American Sniper Author Chris Kyle Killed at Rough Creek Shooting Lodge in Dallas

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  1. The MAD Jewess permalink
    02/03/2013 13:41

    Fking MURDEROUS bastards.

  2. 02/03/2013 13:43

    This went to my FB too. My blog readers will get this, and somewhere around 1500 “FB Friends”. This regime must be overthrown, and NOW!

  3. poetopoet permalink
    02/03/2013 14:20

    cmblake6: I think your missing the I. They have been collecting info on Obama, and giving nothing Holder, as yet.

  4. Dr. Jeff permalink
    02/03/2013 14:20

    I will not discount a government conspiracy, but I really think it’s more likely in the Chris Kyle case that psychotropic prescription drugs are the cause.

    It’s especially unfortunate because the court will rule that the shooter was sane at the time. Anyway you cut it, there will be lives destroyed needlessly.

  5. The MAD Jewess permalink
    02/03/2013 14:26

    I would not discuss a govt conspiracy either–if it was ONE. But THREE??????????????????????????????????????

  6. poetopoet permalink
    02/03/2013 14:27

    Dr. Jeff: Given to him by whom “psychotropic prescription drugs” and for and what reason? Was he just at a, compound this case with the thousands, yes thousands of military suicides. The DOD does not want pay them any benefits at all. Like Obama said take the pill and die!

  7. The MAD Jewess permalink
    02/03/2013 14:27

    I just cant believe this all. THREE. Not one, not even TWO——->>THREE.

  8. poetopoet permalink
    02/03/2013 14:34

    cmblake6: I think and believe We the People have had the wool pulled over our eyes, to coin a phrase. This is a master plan to get rid of the U.S. Constitution one way or another, by the one world order fools, who still do not know what to do or handle the Muslims.

  9. poetopoet permalink
    02/03/2013 14:42

    They were shot in back as they drove away, but by who? By a marine they just had a good time with, I seriously do think so.

    Rubi Ridge echo! I wonder if he (the shooter) who ever it was saved the government 50 cents too?

  10. 02/03/2013 14:46

    This just fucking reeks beyond reality. Mind you, our leftist overlords actually DO think we on the right are too stupid to see this. What I don’t understand is why their own peoples asses aren’t puckering yet.

  11. poetopoet permalink
    02/03/2013 14:51

    cmblake6: Because Obama had them all sealed and that explains why their all full of shit.

  12. 02/03/2013 14:52


  13. poetopoet permalink
    02/03/2013 14:53

    sorry typo: They were shot in back as they drove away, but by who? By a marine they just had a good time with, I seriously do “not” think so.

    Rubi Ridge echo! I wonder if he (the shooter) who ever it was saved the government 50 cents too?

  14. upaces88 permalink
    02/03/2013 15:02

    I did a Practicum and 3 internships in the ICU of 3 different hospitals. In these incidences, I do not believe it was suicide due to any meds.

    “IF” it was med related….due to their backgrounds, I would tend more towards homicide vs. suicide. PLUS there have been “several” deaths over the past few days; and they are have one thing in common…Military and/or speaking out against gun control.

  15. poetopoet permalink
    02/03/2013 15:06

    From WND u.s. ” I what to kill them now and it over with.”


    U.S. struggles to stop veteran suicide epidemic
    Last year, more active-duty soldiers killed selves than died in combat

    (GUARDIAN) — Libby Busbee is pretty sure that her son William never sat through or read Shakespeare’s Macbeth, even though he behaved as though he had. Soon after he got back from his final tour of Afghanistan, he began rubbing his hands over and over and constantly rinsing them under the tap.

    “Mom, it won’t wash off,” he said.
    “What are you talking about?” she replied.
    “The blood. It won’t come off.”

    On 20 March last year, the soldier’s striving for self-cleanliness came to a sudden end. That night he locked himself in his car and, with his mother and two sisters screaming just a few feet away and with Swat officers encircling the vehicle, he shot himself in the head.

    At the age of 23, William Busbee had joined a gruesome statistic. In 2012, for the first time in at least a generation, the number of active-duty soldiers who killed themselves, 177, exceeded the 176 who were killed while in the war zone. To put that another way, more of America’s serving soldiers died at their own hands than in pursuit of the enemy.”

  16. upaces88 permalink
    02/03/2013 15:09

    Hey, Mr. Obama: Prescription drugs kill 6200% more Americans than homicidal shootings

    Learn more:

  17. Dr. Jeff permalink
    02/03/2013 15:21

    Not that I want to increase anyone’s paranoia about the government (snark – it’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you), but, I just found this article about a gun collector having his collection seized after years of investigation with no arrest and no charges filed.

    Note carefully how the lines about lack of documentation and markings are worded. The implication on the markings in particular sounds as if he ground off the serial numbers, a felony it its own right. More likely, I suspect that not all of the firearms had country of origin marks which are added when the firearm is imported through commercial channels. Thousands if not millions of firearms have been legally imported without the country of origin marks. Overall, much of the article is written in a way that lends itself to lieing by implication rather than statement.

    I smell a rat. Chris, this one’s in your neighborhood, any ideas?

    h/t Lady Raven, Mad Jewess, Maggie’s Notebook and Grumpy Opinions (I followed interesting links across all 4 and found the basic info at Grumpy Opinions with a link to the original news report)

  18. poetopoet permalink
    02/03/2013 15:21

    What the FUCK are they giving those BOYS, I want to cry!

    “WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – The results of a new study indicate that suicide rates among veterans in the United States are increasing.

    An estimated 22 military veterans take their lives every day in America, according to the study helmed by Robert Bossarte, an epidemiologist and researcher who works with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    “While the percentage of all suicides reported as Veterans has decreased, the number of suicides has increased,” the conclusion of the study stated.

    Specific trends were observed during the course of the study regarding the age and gender of veterans who most frequently committed suicide.

    “A majority of Veteran suicides are among those age 50 years and older. Male Veterans who die by suicide are older than non-Veteran males who die by suicide,” the study’s findings stated. “The age distribution of Veteran and non-Veteran women who have died from suicide is similar.”

    The study was conducted over the course of two years, and is, according to Bossarte, indicative mainly of veteran suicides playing a part in what is a national problem.
    “There is a perception that we have a veterans’ suicide epidemic on our hands. I don’t think that is true,” he was quoted as saying by the paper. “The rate is going up in the country, and veterans are a part of it.”

    Still, the Washington Post is reporting that the rate of veteran suicides discovered by Bossarte is approximately 20 percent higher than 2007 figures offered by the VA.
    Representatives of the VA said the study is a part of their continued efforts to prevent veteran suicides.

    “The mental health and well-being of our courageous men and women who have served the nation is the highest priority for VA, and even one suicide is one too many,” he said in a statement to the Post.

    Bossarte and others are hopeful that the findings of the study will assist in creating better prevention programming.

    “Although this was not a research-based analysis and there are significant limitations in the data that are available … this first attempt at a comprehensive review of Veteran suicide does provide us with valuable information for future directions in care and program development,” the study stated.

    Others, however, feel the effort put forth by the VA is too insignificant in comparison to the larger issue at hand.

    “If the VA wants to get its arms around this problem, why does it have such a small number of people working on it?” retired Col. and former Army psychiatrist Elspeth Cameron Ritchie rhetorically asked the Post. “This is a start, but it is a faint start. It is not enough.”

  19. 02/03/2013 15:23

    I’ll look at that.

  20. upaces88 permalink
    02/03/2013 15:27

    I am just throwing this out there for your responses.
    The great men in OUR Military took an oath to protect us from all enemies foreign and domestic….right?
    We have, as you stated, been losing more of our military to suicide vs. losing their lives in the Middle East.

    They take/and took their job and their Country TO THE HEARTS AND SOULS. They believed in what they were doing. Now! Obama has done everything he possible can as COMMANDER IN CHIEF

  21. 02/03/2013 15:27

    That was fucking ridiculous. Absolutely fucking ridiculous. I really hope he has a complete listing of everything so he can get them back when he sues the city.

  22. 02/03/2013 15:28

    No shit, upaces.

  23. 02/03/2013 15:31

    Poet, these PTSD drugs and psych treatment are the problem.

  24. upaces88 permalink
    02/03/2013 15:31

    ……..sorry, I hit the “return” by accident and didn’t finish my thought.

    “….as COMMANDER IN CHIEF to belittle them, destroy their cohesiveness. He has belittled them; forced them to take classes on “behaving” in front of Muslims, etc….you know, those people are are the enemy?!! HE HAS, IN EFFECT STABBED THEM IN THEIR HEARTS AND SOULS!

    It “seems” to me it has become much worse since he defrauded his way back into the WH. That had to have a profound effect on them. Now he is going after the Vets to take their guns away.

    He knew they would be the ones to stand up to him when he becomes more fervent in his attempt to destroy the USA even more! I do think we are going to see more and more of this which, more than likely, he will use it to HIS advantage about “gun control.”

  25. 02/03/2013 15:32

    Communist in Command.

  26. 02/03/2013 15:34

    It is somehow to do with this government, poet. I don’t know, why don’t these guys that find the government so problematic honor their OATH instead of biting a bullet?

  27. 02/03/2013 15:36

    I cannot really pull a coherent thought on this. I’ve got so much shit boiling up in my head about this MMMPOS that I’d better not say in the way I’d feel most personally rewarded by.

  28. upaces88 permalink
    02/03/2013 15:46

    Think back to the way Our Military is trained during boot camp, etc. Their confidence levels and their bodies are in the best shape, more than likely, than ANY time of their lives!

    They are with other men who know exactly what they think and feel because they are all experiencing at the same time. NOW THINK! Remember back to a time you FELT so damn strong of mind, body and spirit…NOW add to this YOU HAVE A COMMANDER IN CHIEF, “your boss” who belittles you and everyone around you while you are in a serious zone of fighting for other people who want to kill you; AND HE SYMPATHIZES WITH THEM while he is destroying YOUR country, your confidence in yourself as a soldier.

    You can’t just “walk off the job” and run out the next day and get another! YOU have to stay there. HE FUCKS with the psyche of WARRIORS!!! I hate it BUT! I do understand the reasoning why when they get home they feel so lost, impotent to do anything to stop the inner destruction as well as the outer destruction caused BY THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE UNITED STATES MILITARY!

  29. Just Me permalink
    02/03/2013 15:55

    Posted to sodahead.

  30. Dr. Jeff permalink
    02/03/2013 15:56

    There’s only one thing I know about PTSD. During WWII my father’s ship was hit by two kamikazes. Dad and his shipmates didn’t know what PTSD or group therapy was, but they knew the felt better when they got together by themselves to have a few drinks and talk.

    I heard a lot of that talk when I was small. Later I learned what they talked about when I wasn’t in the room. They did well for each other.

  31. upaces88 permalink
    02/03/2013 16:00

    Dr. Jeff, I heard the same stories when I was a little girl from my Daddy. He wouldn’t talk very much about it…but every once in a while, it was as though a comment would just “slip out.”

  32. upaces88 permalink
    02/03/2013 16:01

    You will LOVE this video.
    New York State Resistance…”Prime for Something Like That.”

  33. Dr. Jeff permalink
    02/03/2013 16:25

    I like the video because it helps my faith that there are sane people beyond our little circle here. I understand the video because it reflects positions and ideas we all share.

    I cannot love the video because I am worried about the consequences of the natural progression of conflict that is unfolding. The politicians cannot be so clueless as to believe they are actually following the will of the people. That means their encroachment of American law and values is deliberate and they think they will get away with it.

    At this rate, “lock and load” won’t be just a catchy phrase.

    My final question is: How bad will it get before (if ever), our prosperous, democratic republic is re-established?

  34. upaces88 permalink
    02/03/2013 18:17

    Refreshing, isn’t it, Dr. Jeff!

  35. 02/03/2013 18:25

    Excellent video Elaine, and I wish to fuck I knew, Jeff. We were really screwed with Peanut, and it took what, 4 years for Ronaldus to fix it? This may be worse, but we have the technique.

  36. upaces88 permalink
    02/03/2013 18:31

    The man is so “sceered” right now…that he ordered that the Blimps that fly over the Mexican Border to the U.S. NOW fly over the WH.

    I only suspect this. I have no proof other than that one move on his part….there IS a serious threat and he is worried.

  37. 02/03/2013 18:42

    One may rest assured it is wearing Depends.

  38. upaces88 permalink
    02/03/2013 18:45

    Something serious IS going on…and he is worried. Hmmmm, wonder if he is sleeping in the “underground” bunkers at the WH vs. his own room?
    I think he is scared. I really do.
    He has gone OTT with the gun issue. No one has threatened…………….OR? Have they?

  39. 02/03/2013 18:47

    Not privy to that intel. But, probably.

  40. upaces88 permalink
    02/03/2013 19:19

    Chris, I didn’t know If I had made myself clear on my thoughts so I called one of our friends last night…you know…to kinda air out my thoughts to see IF I was clear or not.

    The Basic Soul of America is to do things THE RIGHT WAY….THE LEGAL WAY. And, even as individuals, we TRY to do things the legal, moral and righteoust way to get something done.
    When that doesn’t happen, we may take it to a Court and let them decide. THAT is the way we do things. THAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN OUR STRENGTH.

    I do believe that he and his friends know this about us. they PLANNED ON US working hard to take him and others to court and let the Courts decide “according the OUR LAWS.”

    THAT National Strength believe system and OUR STRENGTH is now being used against us. Our Strength has become our Weakness because ALL of the courts that would decide “everything and anything” concerning him — “WE THE PEOPLE LOSE.”

    They have played us knowing we treasure The TRUTH and Our Justice System.

    Our Weakest point is that we don’t cheat. We really don’t like to fight. We really don’t want to go HAVE to go to court. OR BE FORCED to Negotiate because we’d have to “GIVE UP” something that is based on principles and law vs. corruption of the law.
    (Gosh I hope I am making sense)

    OUR STRENGTH has now become OUR WEAKNESS. And, it is being used against us because OUR Justice System has been corrupted. Even our own National Integrity as Law Abiding Citizens is used AGAINST US….NOT respected; and as a matter of fact is being mutilated in front of our very eyes…what is left?
    So? What do we have left? Our Weakness SHALL NOW BECOME OUR STRENGTH.
    We shall overcome by meeting them on the only ground they have placed at our feet…

    “…..MIGHT FOR RIGHT..”.

  41. upaces88 permalink
    02/03/2013 19:24

    Did I make any sense to you?

  42. 02/03/2013 19:45

    Yes, you did for sure. We do what we must.

  43. upaces88 permalink
    02/03/2013 20:21

    Exactly! I learned that lesson in a VERY hard way. I was also the “negotiator”… compromise to reach an agreement.
    I was doing this with the “wrong people”. They had NO intentions of keeping up their end and was using that as MY WEAKNESS.

    Now? If the first time I sit down with someone for a chat to agree on a solution? If things don’t change then….I start playing hard-ball. I have done this in business as well as in my personal life. OF course, they tend to get EXCEPTIONALLY AND OTT angry with me because they thought I was an old lady “PATSY” they could manipulate.

    I DO know how to win. BUT DAMN, Chris….it is just so un-necessary if they’d do the right thing and stick by their word or the written contract. I AM a Peace-Maker by heart. I hate it when I am forced into a corner to get, what I consider DAMN MEAN ABOUT IT when it was NOT necessary!!!

    People I deal with either reallllly like (or love) and respect me; or they end up hating me because I didn’t remain in the little “category” of suck-bait I was supposed to stay in. My kindness and understanding has been taken as a “weakness.”

    I am damn NOT WEAK!!!! I just do NOT light fighting.

  44. Dr. Jeff permalink
    02/07/2013 10:22

    Add this to the idea of Obama working to eliminate military leaders he doesn’t trust.,0,1815592.story

  45. 02/07/2013 11:39


  46. upaces88 permalink
    02/07/2013 17:24

    Dr. Jeff, I checked out the LA Times article. I KNOW the Military people are not supposed to do that….however, I am more concerned over the GAY”: Muslim President committing Treason right now… Let the Military do whatever they do, and it doesn’t have to be public.

  47. 02/07/2013 18:36


  48. upaces88 permalink
    02/07/2013 19:04

    Poet, I do know the suicide rate far surpasses the rate of those Military people who die in battle in the Middle East. He IS their Commander In Chief…and he hates them.
    He deliberately demoralized the troops many, many times.

  49. upaces88 permalink
    02/07/2013 19:13

    I have tried to keep up with everything he has done to our Military. IF I left anything out, please let me know:
    Obama decides the Ft Hood Shooting was a case of “Work place violence”; instead of Islam infiltrating Our Military;
    Rips the Military Budget as he gives politicians a raise;
    Cancels Military Retirement;
    Changes the Rule of Military Combat Pay;
    Ships shell casings of ammunition to China.
    Announces to the world about the cut in Nukes;
    Orders the Military to lie about Afghanistan;
    Flags are flown at half staff when a hero dies — allows the American Flag at half mast for a black singer;
    Decides NOT to give a Purple Heart to the survivors of the Ft. Hood Shooting calling it “work place violence”;
    Fraudulent Affirmative Action Picked for Head Drill Sergeant;
    Slashes 1,200 National Guard to 300 along the borders for Terrorists to enter;
    Despite his approving of Sodomy and Bestiality — Military Restores Ban;
    Disrespects Seal families;
    Veterans’ Cemetery must ban “GOD and Jesus from Military graves.”
    Violates the rights of Military Chaplains.
    Lies about bin Laden’s death…won’t show pictures or video of Islamic burial at sea….lies about helicopter crash
    No seals were Injured during Bin Laden raid…however, those who knew died (can’t remember the exact number)
    Repeals DADT….
    Wanted injured military to pay for their own medical expenses because they had volunteered to fight in the military…..
    (12/28) Breaks Promise to Military and keeps Troops in Afghanistan until 2014
    (01/12) Obama quietly signed the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act, which nullifies the Bill of Rights and declares America to be a “battleground” in which all American citizens can be arrested, imprisoned, tortured and even killed with no due process.
    (2/09) Obama Guts Military and gives Bureaucrats a Raise
    (2/10) Denies Hero(s) Purple Hearts — calling Ft. Hood Shootings as Work Place Violence
    (2/14) Military Chaplains charged with sedition/Treason for teaching against sin
    (2/16) Military to Fake Belly, Breast to better understand how females in the Military feel;
    (2/25) Our Military burned Koran and Obama apologized causing the deaths of two Officers who were unarmed were shot in the back of the head in a secured location.
    2/26 Obama doesn’t stand with Military as NATO tries to prosecute the Military men who burned Koran;
    (2/26) Military Refuses to take orders from him;
    (2/26) Takes healthcare away from Military; Triples co-pay on their insurance.
    (2/27) Obama mocks Military by burning a Bible
    (2/27) Military now responsible for their own health care (even when they come back from the Middle East without a limb, etc.) Under the Radar, he sends troops to 4 African countries
    Changes Rules of Engagement Forcing Troops to Lie about the Progress in Afghanistan
    Obama threatens Chaplains: “You can’t preach against me in chapel.”
    (3/4/12) Obama threatens Chaplains: “You can’t preach against me in chapel.”
    (just following) Chaplains cannot preach against sin
    3/27/2012 — Tax “our” Military to give to HIS New Military
    4/14 – Army Generals Plead With Obama “Bring them HOME”
    (4/23) – Military Rates Obama as the worst President they have served with
    (4/25) Seals Blast Obama for using them as Campaign tools for going after Osama Bin Laden
    (05/01/12) Forcing New West Point Cadets to become PC for Muslims
    (05/04/12) Forced Our Military to shove their butts in the air praying position to Islam
    (05/05/12) Cuts Military Budget “again” setting us up for defeat
    (05/06/12) Chip under the skin for Military Personnel
    (05/09/12) Backs Taliban as they Kill Our Military
    (05/09/12) Claims Military are fighting on “his” behalf
    (05/10/12) Obama Releases Taliban Terrorists while Military Man Held captive for 3 yrs
    (05/11/2012) Obama Suspended Classes on Islam — The way to save the world is through Nukes (like WWII)…
    05/13/2012) Slashes Military Budget for healthcare to build $750,000 exercise facilities for Muslims who are incarcerated
    (05/13/2012) Obama Cuts $13 Billion from TriCare for Military
    (05/14/2012) Obama offers purple heart to the victims of terror BUT NOT those at Ft. Hood+ considered Ft. Hood “work Place Violence”
    (05/16/2012) The Navy just fired it’s 16th command officer for 2011 REPLACED w/Obama Appointee
    Navy Commander Fired Over Falsified Records REPLACED w/ OBAMA Appointee
    NAVY FIRED Five Attack Submarines CO’s REPLACED w/ OBAMA Appointees
    Navy Fires 10th CO This Year REPLACED w/ OBAMA Appointee
    Navy Relieves CO of New Ship REPLACED w/ OBAMA Appointee
    Navy Medicine CO Fired for Poor Command Climate REPLACED w/ OBAMA Appointee
    NORTHCOM Commander fired REPLACED w/ OBAMA Appointee
    ( 05/21/12) President Betrayed Troops by releasing a known terrorist killer
    (05/23/12) Obama Undermines Troops Putting Taliban in Power as They KILL OUR TROOPS;
    (05/28/12) Memorial Day: Makes the day to honor OUR Troops all about him
    (06/01/12) Veto promise comes because House GOP leaders are breaking faith with last summer’s budget deal by cutting overall funding for agency operating budgets by $19 billion,almost 2 percent.
    (06/07/12) Obama’s uses Memorial Day to Campaing in Photo-Op by blocking families of Vets from D.C. Vietnam Memorial
    (06/07/12) Same Sex Marriage on a Military Base
    (06/08/12) Obama cuts back on Military causing them to have to improvise
    (06/10/12) More Troops Die of Suicide than from War
    (06/11/12) Memorial Day-Obama shuts out Military, friends/family forced to pay respect 100(s) of yards from the sit behind a fence
    (06/11/12) Prior to this day, VietNam vets and family members denied access to wall
    (06/11/12) Too busy to allow the Fly-Over by the Thunderbirds during the Memorial Day Celebration..he cut it short because he had places to go campaign;
    (06/14/12) Pentagon Bans Bibles
    (06/20/12) More Military are committing suicide than from being killed in battle.
    (06/20/12) Disciplines Military for Burning Koran
    (06/21/12) Obama Orders Military to Celebrate Gay Pride Month
    (06/26/12) Obama Forbids Chaplains to mention Jesus
    (06/30/12) Obama allows Terror-Linked CAIR Targets Navy Seals Training
    (06/30/12) Obama wants Military to pay-up more on their Tricare Insurance
    (07/03/12) Obama sends troops to Persian Gulf-further spreading troops thin
    (07/07/12) Obama Refuses to Offer the Flag of the United States to the Family of a Fallen Hero; Gives the Responsibility to the Secretary of Defense
    (07/30/12) Obama to Turn Military into Social Workers
    (08/02/12) Obama to Keep Military from voting
    (08/04/12) Massive Cuts to Military Healthcare
    (08/16/12) Obama Campaigns Strikes Back Against Former Navy Seal
    (08/21/12) Obama Dismisses Seals “Don’t take them too seriously
    (08/21/12) Too many Military Deaths in Middle East — Obama should change plan
    (08/21/12) Obama Adds Military Hero(s) to his list of enemies
    (08/21/12) Obama Puts Special Ops in Danger
    (08/22/12) Officer Penalized for opposing Sharia Training
    (08/24/12) Veterans Being Rounded Up Nationwide
    (08/25/12) Obama having all of the Military Vets Picked Up
    (08/24/12) Military man penalized for NOT wanting to attend PRO Muslim Training
    (08/31/12) Obama making Military submit to Sharia
    (08/31/12) Sends form letter to fallen Seal Team Six Families
    (09/23/12) Increases btw 30% to 79% in Tricare premiums for lst year. Then plan imposes 5-yr increases from 94%
    (09/26/12) U.S. Troops Are Being Murdered In Afghanistan: Pentagon’s Answer … Muslim Sensitivity Training
    (09/30/12) Shhhh: US military deaths in Afghanistan hit 2,000″
    (10/4/12) Obama blames US troops for attacks on them by Afghan security forces, orders Islamic cultural sensitivity training to 345%-more than 3x’s current levels.
    10/12/12 Disabled Vet Considered Terrorist–he inquires about Cost of Surveillance Camera(s) for his home.
    11/03/12 Has Military removed from voting records in Florida
    12/02/12 Obama Taking Guns from all Military Vets.
    (12/14/12) Obama Fires Lt. Col. Dooley for speaking out against Islam
    (12/16/12) Obama Ignores Military Man in Mexican Jail
    (12/00/12) Announced withdrawal date in Afghanistan. Now no Afghans will cooperate with US military because they are leaving … leaving the Taliban behind. Allows the Afghans vet the Afghans who will train with the US military despite the insider attacks.

    (12/00/12) Program where female soldiers where the hijab to appease their ‘culture’
    (12/00/12) U.S. military to disarm for his ‘surprise” visit to Afghanistan so not to offend the Afghans who disarm
    (12/10/12) New Army manual orders soldiers not to criticize Taliban, pedophilia, or Islam, or advocate for women’s rights
    1/05/13) Former Marine gets 20 yrs for burning a Koran
    (1/27/13) Obama Cuts Healthcare to active Military and vets
    (1/28/13) Obama Cuts Breakfast for Military in Afghanistan

  50. 02/07/2013 19:53

    Excellent collection, that.

  51. 02/07/2013 19:54

    Of course it did/does. It is a muslim sent to destroy America. What better of the first steps than destroying the military that protects the nation from invasion?

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