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I’m not real sure…


Whether this is getting burned out on politics, or facing the fact politics have failed. They cheat their asses off to win, everybody knows it for a fact, but our “leadership” just swallows the last load and goes for the next. They are so polluted and corrupt they think that everything is just fucking PEACHY. They ignore the base to be more “amenable” and agreeable. They think they know better than what WTP want, conservatism. They want to continue to rule, and the small people be damned.

Here is a very nice answer, a producer of several extremely flexible answers to this problem. How many times must I reiterate that I DON’T WANT THIS TO BE THE ONLY ANSWER? And how many times do they just throw more shit in our face? You keep a dog chained, and beat it continually, and even the sweetest dog will snap. Psychotic fucking foaming at the mouth SNAP.

That’s the biggest reason so much more than usual is simply reblogs with brief comment. It just seems to me, somehow, don’t know if you’ve noticed so much, that most of my posts here lately have not been taking news articles and picking them apart with snarky comments. That is because I’m feeling that it makes so little difference what I say, and it may have to boil down to what I don’t want to have to do.

1,100+ Green Berets have signed that letter saying back off. Will that make one iota of a difference? Will the government realize that the military is getting fed up with their shit? Is that why the government is depleting military funding, so that they won’t be able to afford a coup? Is that why the SEALs got shot down, several big voices have been silenced? To intimidate the revolutionary fervor? Why in the Name of All that is Holy did this continue to fester as it has? Ovomit is replacing the command positions with personnel that are willing to fire on American Citizens, readying to form the Fourth Reich!

I’m going to drink just a bit more and go to sleep. Maybe I will wake to find on the news that this shit has been fixed overnight.

Sure. Absolutely. Sure it will. Hey, you want to flip those pig wings on the grill?

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