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You’ve seen those things I’ve put up about “Second Amendment Friendly” gun companies


And we need such as S&W, and Ruger, and Colt, and so on to take the same kind of stand as those that already have. Civilians can’t have them? States can’t have them either. I totally agree with that stand, as the part about “A well regulated militia” meant the average citizen should be able to grab his/her shit off the hearth and join the melee was the intent of the Founders. And what part of “shall not be infringed” sems so hard to understand? It isn’t hard to understand at all, and that is why it is being so heartily violated by a government that wishes tyranny. Couple of posts back I put up that concept so far tonight, and numerous times in the past. And I wish these things weren’t so damned expensive, but I find this quite the appealing alternative to the AR platform. Oh, make no mistake, the AR is a fine platform indeed. But there is a reason why you can order your cheeseburgers with or without bacon.


Now approaching its 39th year, the Ruger Mini-14 family has broadened its practical “footprint” from casual recreational shooting and outdoor utility to police and military applications. There is a target version set up to deliver match-grade accuracy and now a civilian-oriented Tactical Model with features the company once reserved for officialdom. Magazines of 20- (supplied) and 30-round capacity are now available to all.

Available to all for how long? I find this particular thing to be quite enticing as something to be sitting in my safe, and useful for numerous activities such as hunting the local feral hog infestation. If you use the heavier rounds, 62-75 gr, this will take a hog with a well placed shot no problem. And whatever else may require trace metal deficiencies repair.

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