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And listening to Rush talking about the sequester


And pulling out the tapes about how Ovomit was so hard core in support of it in Nov 2011, and now shitting itself that it is about to happen Mar 2013, the terrible shit that is about to befall absolutely everybody in the country because of it, this is fucking ridiculous.

Listening to this, listening to these terrible things and primarily the leftist leeches that will be so affected by it, you would think that even the left would be screaming about the obvious fraud that kept a successful businessman from assuming the helm and steering us out of this mess. We have pages upon pages of blatant proof that this is a fraudulent reelection of a MMMPOS that wasn’t even Constitutionally eligible to hold the office in the first damn place, and yet there it sits, steering us straight into the iceberg.

  1. 02/20/2013 12:37

    Yes I heard Rush too, funny ? Drudge has it at TOP heading 800,000. DOD jobs lost, crazy assholes.

  2. 02/20/2013 13:07

    Whose fault? Whose idea was this shit in the first place?

  3. 02/20/2013 14:28

    “Whose fault? Whose idea was this shit in the first place?” It was Obama’s only idea put fourth and he signed it!

  4. 02/20/2013 18:00


  5. 02/21/2013 05:01

    We’re playing pipe dreams and games. It’s just the same thing again. It just keeps repeating, and the Republicans keep falling for it the same thing way. It’s like I told you. What we’re really up against here, folks, is that the ruling class inside Washington is not interested in limited government.

    And Rush finally stumbles over it. The ruling consensus since 1940 has been for larger and ever expanding government the taxpayer be damned. We now live in Carrol Quigley’s optimum world where the parties have agreed on the mission they just package it differently to think you are effecting change when you change the parties

    The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election without leading to any profound or extreme shifts in policy.

    Can anyone doubt that this has come to pass at this point. This was flatly obvious when the standard bearer for the RINOS’s whole pretension to power wasn’t that he was going to cut the government back into it’s legal form and size but that he could manage it better. Weepy Boehner gets up during the 2011 budget debacle and openly lies about how big the cuts were (50billion a pittance)Then when the numbers were crunched it barely held the line on spending. The same thing happened just this past January with the fiscal cliff.

    Right now we have Boehner posturing about no more taxes. I guarantee he will find a way to capitulate on this as he tries to seem “reasonable” while he sells Americans into economic bondage. Now he did punch Obama in the WSJ yesterday. but he has has postured before only to retreat saying this isn’t the Hill to die on.

    The sequester is a necessary component to reign in government. The problem as has been noted ad nauseum is that it does not address the real driver of the debt. These are protected under the specious notion of “mandatory spending”. There is no such animal except the interest on the national debt. All other spending is optional. What is necessary to combat any effect of the sequester there should be a concomitant decrease in tax rates to the tune of whatever the sequester amount is. But of course tax cuts are the only “spending” the thug Obama would never dream of engaging in. That would expose the fact that it is not government that is the driver of prosperity but the people.

    Also keep in mind much of what the regime engages in is the Washington Monument defense where they put necessary programs front and center while obfuscating programs that any sane person would cut long before it got to those necessary expenditures. Again Obama counts on the the prevailing ignorance disseminated by his flying monkeys in the press and academia to be able to pull of this false fabrication.

    Besides as far as cutting the DOD he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about his constitutional duty. His only concern is to protect his constituency in the civilian bureaucracy. He would gladly sacrifice the tooth to tail ratio if can keep his supporters fat(and getting fatter) at our expense.

    Later on in the transcript some lady calls up about how they are necessary government worker and they make less than 100k and boohoohoo. So what does she have to say about a diminishing private sector who not only haven’t had a raise but have taken a cut. Take it up with the Enemy in the Whitehouse who is derelict in his duty, dishonest in his rhetoric and malfeasant in his actions. If this is the only way to slow down(again there ARE NO CUTS EXCEPT TO THE RATE OF GROWTH) then it needs to be done. But like I said they could mitigate these spending cuts almost immediately but cutting marginal tax rates and expanding the lower brackets.

    Cutting spending and cutting taxes works every time it’s tried. But the problem is no one can then take credit and that right there is the stumbling block.

  6. 02/21/2013 13:29

    FX Phillips: Tell us what you really think.

  7. 02/21/2013 21:58

    Too bloody right.

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