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Economic Myxomatosis


Myxomatosis (sometimes shortened to “myxo” or “myxy”) is a disease that affects rabbits and is caused by the Myxoma virus. It was first observed in Uruguay in laboratory rabbits in the late 19th century. It was introduced into Australia in 1950 in an attempt to control the rabbit population. (See Rabbits in Australia.)

Now, if you use just the tiniest bit of imagination you’ll see how these two coincide. You’ve seen the disease from the “escapees from Kahleefohnya” coming into those areas of America that had not been infected by communism that was programmed into said “escapees”.

The same applies to our education system, and started probably about the same time. All of these “federal standards” that are forced down the throats and into the minds of our kids of PC and so on. Giving trophies to all of the kids, not keeping score so “everybody wins”, so on.

Right now I’ve got so much boiling in my head about this that this could turn into a book. But I prefer to offer a rhetorical question and let my readers find their own answers, or start a conversation and see where it goes from there. I will state my opinion, and offer facts, on those occasions where it makes a solid provable point that you may not have read yet. You knew the train number, you just didn’t necessarily know which track it was on or when it was rolling out. This is one of those that occured to me as I was making coffee this morning, that I wanted to present for you to think about.

It just suddenly seemed so obvious. Many of these aren’t escaping, they’re being “released into the wild to infect the indigenous population”.

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    03/03/2013 15:48

    I am a native Californian and recovering Liberal. I still live in Los Angeles, California, albeit many miles from where I was raised.

    Interesting thought, “…released into the wild….” I’m sure it’s true although in ways different than you think. The origin of the infection of modern Liberalism isn’t confined to the West Coast for starters. California is famous for it, but we’re not alone. During the 1920’s and 1930’s, the Communist Party USA was operating fairly openly all across the U.S. Only the specific agendas of the upper echelon were hidden. Every big labor union had founders and people of major influence with Communist ties. Joseph McCarthy was right. He screwed up with his tactics, but in point of fact, he was right about the Communist Menace and how it was infiltrating American institutions. Klaus Fuchs giving our nuclear secrets to the USSR was small potatoes compared to the larger Communist agenda.

    Look up the history on Alger Hiss and Time Magazine during that period. Cross check the names and events with information that came to light in the 80’s and 90’s and early 2000’s, especially in regard to Richard Nixon. It’s a jaw dropper.

    My own history as a Liberal dates back to the Civil Rights Movement of the early 1960’s and continued through the Viet Nam and Richard Nixon era. However, in the 1970’s, when Tom Hayden was elected to the Santa Monica City Council and immediately pushed several local ordinances severely compromising the rights of individual people, I began to question Liberal Doctrine. In the middle 70’s I got to know Diane Feinstein’s opposition in San Francisco and learned just how bad she actually was. Later on, Jimmy Carter was such an obvious disaster, he led me to question still more. Incidentally, Carter’s 1st run for the Presidency was the last time I ever voted for a Democrat in a Presidential election.

    My salvation from Liberalism was rooted in Liberalism itself and the 2nd Amendment. I could not understand why people who preached Power to the People were so committed to taking away gun rights and property rights from common citizens. The right of self defense and the right of the ownership of the fruits of your labor are so basic to individual freedom and so self evident, that I could not be swayed by any argument to the contrary, logical or emotional.

    When I learned the slogan “Question Authority”, I included Liberal Doctrine among the things to be questioned. It was the old tradition of being a Free Thinker. I managed to keep my mind open while many around me were drinking Kool Aide by the gallon.

    I kept asking why do people claiming to represent the rights of the people keep pushing things such as gun control, rent control, affirmative action, life time welfare and the ideas that became political correctness? Why were Liberal politicians and commentators working so hard to make people hate, fear and distrust people from differing races and classes? Every one of those ideas is directly against one or more aspects of American law and tradition. Everything I saw Liberals champion was the antithesis of real liberalism. It was only later on that my idea of liberalism became known as Libertarianism. At least I wasn’t the only one.

    The answer came to me in the 90’s when I realized just how deviously the USSR had set in motion huge numbers of efforts, mostly centered around education and laws regarding social interactions, to corrupt American thinking and weaken the traditions and institutions that had made us strong for two centuries. At one point I even knew an avowed Communist who like to brag about all the ways American had been weakened and was ready for her final downfall.

    That is why I keep harping on KGB defector, Yuri Bezmenov. In his writings, interviews and speeches, he laid out in detail the exact methods the KGB was using to undermine our entire culture.

    We’re in the fight of our lives. Romney lost (I’m no longer sure how good he would have been anyway) and we have to find a way to survive nearly 4 years of Barak the Insane. My last major hope is that Conservative Republicans will hold fast on budget matters and the new wave of gun control hysteria.

  2. 03/03/2013 15:53

    Jeff, you think liberal in the same way the Founders thought. Libertarian, if you wish. The liberals of today are the communists of the past, or the monarchists of that same era of the founding.

  3. 03/04/2013 01:23

    I believe you have it all wrong. We have bred communists in the USA since the 1900s, they were called progressives then but they were statists and with Teddy, Wilson and FDR, the constitution was destroyed. Our education system was destroyed by Dewey and his followers. Today our best hoipe are the escapees from Communism.

  4. 03/04/2013 07:13

    If they truly are escapees, and not delivered disease vectors.Your examples of statist rulers were quite accurate.

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