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Remember that CO Sheriff pay thing I put up?


Well, WND got ahold of the story, and dug a bit deeper, expanded the knowledge base a bit further. Let me see, extortion IS a crime is it not?

County sheriffs in Colorado say they have received emails indicating state  Senate Democrats are using extortion-style tactics to force the sheriffs to  provide political cover as Democrats pass a series of gun control bills  supported by the Obama administration.

Okay that is the journalists view of it as the story intro. Let’s go a bit further down the page and see what the Sheriff group thinks themselves.

In January, the County Sheriffs of Colorado issued a position paper on the  slew of gun bills the Democrat-controlled legislature was being urged by Vice  President Joe Biden to adopt.

The paper said the sheriffs believe in the Second Amendment and that the  rights contained in it should not be infringed.

“As our state and country continue to discuss and debate gun control  legislation, the position of our founders remains clear,” the paper said. “CSOC  will not waiver on our defense of the Constitution and will stand to preserve  every constituent’s right to possess a firearm. We believe the Second Amendment  is no less important as the other nine Amendments contained in the Bill of  Rights.”

This is where the party starts. And this is why the mob demoncraps have decided to use illegal tactics. But, apparently their strong arm tactics don’t go over too well with an entire state’s worth of LEOs.

But in Colorado, many county sheriffs’ salary guidelines are established by  the legislature. And on Feb. 14, an email chain began when Boulder County  Sheriff Joe Pelle, a Democrat, pointed out that Senate Majority Leader John  Morse, also a Democrat, said if a salary bill were introduced, it would not be  until late in the session, after the gun-control bills had been voted on. The  sheriffs have not had a pay raise in seven years.

According to the email, the chairman of the salary commission “was  essentially informed that [Morse] was opposed to a salary bill and will not give  it late bill status to allow it to be heard on the Senate side,” Pelle said. “There is speculation that we are being punished for the CSOC position on gun  bills???”

Wait, what? A “D” Sheriff pointed this out? It has finally gotten to the point where they’re pissing on their own and the guy isn’t believing it when the state congress says it’s rain?

Some have suggested the sheriffs have an ulterior motive to use the event to  pressure lawmakers into approving a pay increase. However, that is not the case  for Maketa or Cooke. Maketa is term-limited and will not be able to run for  reelection in 2014. Weld County is a home- rule county, which sets the sheriff’s  salary.

Maketa said his reason for going public is he feels people need to know what  their elected officials are doing, and he is not willing to be silent over  action he feels is oppressive.

“One of my reasons for my doing this is it’s time to stop remaining silent,” he said. “If people are unwilling to stand up and point out when something is  wrong, it amounts to a tacit approval of what is happening. Then that tacit  approval becomes the fuel for them to oppress us even more.”

Lots more to read in that, and the last clip is not quite near the end. All I need say is that this is desperation at it’s utmost.

“As I left the capital, I made a couple of phone calls to legislators from my  area asking them who set the rules regarding the testimony. Both of them  responded that they have never seen these types of restrictions before, but they  said this is how it’s been under the current Democratic leadership.”

Cooke agreed with Maketa saying it was apparent that Senate Democrats were  determined to pass the bills and they had no real interest in hearing the  concerns of their constituents.

Of course not. The “Will Of The People” doesn’t make a rat’s ass worth of difference to those who are so much smartererer than the plebes. The two things that baffle me are:

a: How did they attain power in the first place and,

b: How do they retain power post exposure?

Voter fraud comes to mind, and the wealth and power of those who would rule us certainly makes it possible. And there we have the thought of “how is that power gained?”.

There really are two sides to “the force”. You have those who tell the truth, show honor, build a decent product at a reasonable price, good enough to gain more “buyers” and retain the ones they have, and they grow into power and wealth through those values.

And you have the ones who lie, cheat, steal, intimidate, and/or rule by violence. These are the ones who remove the ability of the servant class to revolt, because they are ALWAYS eventually discovered and, if possible, removed from within. If not by vote, then by force. If you remove the citizens access to force, then you can ignore the vote. Thus the First and Second Amendments order in inclusion to the Constitution. If you ignore what the people say, then they have the right and ability to remove you by force. Remove the option of force, what does it matter what we say?

How was this country created 240 years ago, and why? Over the last 100 years, the ruling class has chipped away at our Founders intent. Hell, if you want to look a little closer you could call it 150.

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    03/15/2013 23:24

    Is anyone besides WND paying attention? Do the people of Colorado have any appreciation of how they are being raped and their rights taken away?

  2. 03/15/2013 23:28

    I am. We are. A number of bloggers, I don’t know how many, are as well. We have to keep this in the public eye. If all else fails so that when the SHTF the people will have a clue.

  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    03/16/2013 00:19

    I have a small but literate mailing list. They’re getting copies and links.

  4. 03/16/2013 00:24


  5. upaces88 permalink
    03/16/2013 02:14

    Lord! We are witnessing first hand, practically, who the REAL good guys are vs. the realllly bad guys.
    They are getting VERY desperate it seems to me.

  6. 03/16/2013 07:17

    Liberal fascism at it’s finest.

  7. 03/16/2013 11:32

    We need to keep the pressure up on the progressive Lib’s who are, and will continue to, feel the pressue of the people/ voters. Remember, they are voting party beliefs, but when it comes to being removed from office altogether, there will be choice… we just need to vote OUT OF OFFICE ANY POLITICIAN WHO VOTED TO DEPRIVE US OF OUR 2nd AMENDMENT….

  8. upaces88 permalink
    03/16/2013 11:36

    This is beyond just crooked! Has almost everyone been taken over by plain ol’ evil?!!!

  9. Merle permalink
    03/18/2013 20:53

    I think our sheriffs should arrest and charge the extortionists.

  10. 03/19/2013 00:32

    Agreed! Arrest them for treason.

  11. upaces88 permalink
    03/19/2013 21:37

    Merie! You just had a BRILLIANT IDEA!!!! It is EXTORTION!!!

  12. upaces88 permalink
    03/19/2013 21:38

    Pardon me, Merle for butchering your name…”me sorry.”

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