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It has been a while since I went to 454Monte


Because quite a while back he was torn on whether to even bother going on. But I kept him on the blogroll just in case. I pop in once in a while to see if he’s written anything, and this time he had. And it is good. A little over a month old, but just as timeless as any really good post must be. Yes, he IS a contributing editor at the Rott, like M wants me to become at Texas2A. Thus he must split his time between the two, as would I. But this one is as regards those who would fight tyranny, and the L.A. Times trying to Alinsky their way out of a revolution. It’s not that long, and it has a few links in it, and it seems primarily the paper whistling past the graveyard. I just hope Greg sees this so he can realize it has been read, appreciated, and linked. I’m to bed in just a few, so please go read how he has identified the fact that they are shit scared, and trying to convince us of the futility of doing what the Founding Fathers did (successfully, might I add) all those years ago.

  1. 03/23/2013 00:17

    Sounds to me he let that Liberal ASS Kisser have a piece of his mind…

  2. 03/23/2013 00:35

    He’s good at that. Oh yeah.

  3. 03/23/2013 05:46

    Funny how Skelton doesn’t trust humans with guns. But he does trust humans with government with guns. If people don’t have the ability to govern themselves what makes Mr Skelton think they have the ability to govern others?

    It’s the same mind set that is pervasive on the left as they justify their further control of your life. That mindset is that people make mistakes so we must let the government control those areas. But what is the government made up of? Preternaturally intelligent dolphins? They want all the power of controlling your life but they then insulate themselves from the consequences of bad laws and bad decisions by exempting themselves from having to abide by the laws; hide behind cowardly concepts like qualified immunity or the all purpose dodge “but my intentions were good”.

    Skelton is an obvious mental midget. His recitation of all the types of weapons we can have is undermining his case, not making it. Each and every American, by constitutional construction, is in the Militia contemplated at the founding we all should have access to the same kit as the average infantryman in the US armed forces.

    As for any individual “taking on the government” this is his own wacky idea. No one is that foolish. What he is trying to do is make it sound like the revulsion to the DC regime is isolated and that like minded people will not band together to make the regime squirm. This is the hubris and deceit of an all too typical defender of the court of Obama.

    The regime has overreached and his butt boys have jumped the shark in their attempt to violate our natural rights. The regime and their trolls are pushing harder and harder and becoming more shrill and desperate everyday. It will not take much for some Kent State like incident to happen and cause a major back lash at least from the decent people of this country. His lackeys in the media, his party and their intellectual hatchet men will stand beside him but they will have then completely lost their primary currency which is credibility with even the low information voters they so desperately need.

  4. 03/23/2013 10:08

    That KoolAid is delicious, isn’t it?

  5. 03/25/2013 21:56

    Thanks for the trackback CM – Deeply appreciative,

  6. 03/26/2013 10:31


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