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Just assfuck these scum with a HIV soaked barbed wire wrapped telephone pole!


I’m going to just put up the link and the title, and get out of here before I go into an Eddie Bear style rant.

US unblocks $500M for Palestinians

State Department spokeswoman Nuland says aid money frozen by Congress for months freed up as PA faces worst economic crisis in years

Sequestration? Really? HALF A BILLION FUCKING DOLLARS TO THESE GOAT SUCKERS? And we here in America are having to put up with that illegal alien puddle of pig diarrhea that cheated it’s way back into the WH so it can do this? Not to mention the ones in Congress that allowed it!

I need to breathe. Close my eyes and breathe slowly.

  1. upaces88 permalink
    03/24/2013 17:59

    Had to run over here and see who you were talking about!
    When he went to Israel, weren’t these the same people who were flying Nazi Flags with Obama’s Pix on them?

  2. LadyRavenSDC permalink
    03/24/2013 18:12

    “And this from Creeping Sharia – “Plunder plain and simple.” – After $500M to ‘Palestine’, Obama vows $200M to Jordan, $500M to foreign readers.” Does not link? Sorry. Check my post today, there are more than a few outrages.

  3. 03/24/2013 18:36


  4. upaces88 permalink
    03/24/2013 18:46

    LadyRaven, something is not being told!

  5. 03/24/2013 18:51

    And we if we disagree we are anti-government domestic terrorist racist Christian extremists plus any number of other epithets and justifications. Fuck them, fuck them all.

  6. upaces88 permalink
    03/24/2013 19:44

    Well, Grey, we are not alone. There are MILLIONS OF US….

  7. upaces88 permalink
    03/24/2013 19:46

    CM, shhhhh, I have bin intendin’ to talk to you about this. I reallly do wish you’d work harder on making yourself VERY clear on how you realllly feel! LOL
    “Just assfuck-these……” LOL

  8. poetopoet permalink
    03/24/2013 20:07

    You must know them black folks occupying America’s White House, do not like some white folks, disturbing and walking around asking questions in and of their occupied house forever, do you?

  9. upaces88 permalink
    03/24/2013 20:13

    I know, Poet, I do know.

  10. Dr. Jeff permalink
    03/25/2013 01:33

    Yeah, Barak the Great does it again. He lends aid and comfort to our enemies while preparing the DHS for a major domestic conflict.

    I was at a gun show today. Ammo prices are insane. You can get plenty of ammo, just not through regular retail distribution. They guys who used to have discount ammo booths have doubled and tripled their prices. Reloading supplies like bullets, primers and powders are getting short. Oddly, brass is mostly available at almost decent prices (eg. 30-06 at $20.00/100). Firearms prices have roughly doubled although availability is good. Tee shirts, bumper stickers and general attitude are edging more and more in favor of armed confrontation.

    Democrats and Liberals have never been popular at gun shows, but there’s a new edge to the atmosphere. It’s hard to describe exactly, but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

    That’s here in Southern California. What’s the rest of the country like?

    Houston, we have a problem.

  11. Dr. Jeff permalink
    03/25/2013 01:35

    Check out Day by Day

  12. 03/25/2013 02:19

    If only DC would realize the problem in Houston, eh?

  13. 03/25/2013 02:20

    And I’ve shared that cartoon on FB.

  14. upaces88 permalink
    03/25/2013 23:56

    Dr. Jeff, LOL…thanks for the cartoon!

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