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You want to know how far the adulation goes?


As you know, the Queen of England was honored with being the image on the 1st Class postage over there:


Now, this is reasonable I suppose. She is Queen for LIFE, or until she steps down and passes the Crown to the new King. That’s how it works over there. I was there for 12 years, hell I damn near became British from saturation. Still love the beer, but from what I’m told about how shit is running in GB I’m just as glad I didn’t take that offer from the Cambridgeshire Constabulary to be their firearms instructor. Anyway, grab your trashcan and keep it near:



Shit fire and save matches. Well, after all, it WAS a King we booted last time…


  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    03/26/2013 13:15

    Please tell me this is a Photoshop joke.

    Obama disgusts me. His policies make even Clinton look good. The DHS frightens me. The Obamabots are a plague of zombies trying to eat our brains.

    NO MAS!

  2. 03/26/2013 13:18

    Don’t think so. Found it on FB a couple of days ago, and this came from Google images.

  3. upaces88 permalink
    03/26/2013 14:25

    Lord! She has a HUGE INSANE EGO if she thinks we are going to run out and buy stamps like that!!!
    She doesn’t even realize what a horse’s ass she is!

  4. 03/27/2013 20:58

    Reblogged this on Taking Back America.

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