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At his worst, The Emperor is HOT


But God DAMN is he on FIRE here! I’m not even going to clip from it, you just need to read it. THIS is the Misha I know and love!

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    04/18/2013 11:44

    It warms the cockles of my heart. After years of being beaten up by Obama and his divisive, intolerant, Liberal running dogs, we won one.

    Frankly, I really don’t care if it was raw politics or a fine sense of human rights that created the final vote tally. What matters most is that more damage to the Constitutional rights of each and every person in the U.S. was stopped in its tracks.

    We know it’s not over. Whether it’s stopping anti gun legislation by neo Fascist politicians or mounting legal challenges to Obama’s executive orders, we’re going to have to maintain our vigilance, continue to write, donate to the NRA and allied groups and most importantly, continue to speak truth to power. [This is one time I love using a quote from Obama! : )]

    I’ve read pieces from Diane Feinstein, Harry Reid, Joe Biden and Barak Obama. I love it that they’re all upset and butt hurt.

  2. 04/18/2013 11:58

    Agreed wholeheartedly. Thing is, what was that number? 54-46? That wasn’t a very strong win, IMHO. It was a win, but not what I would call a solid blow out. The biggest thing next year will have to be getting the RINOs out. Getting more demoncraps out. As for the House, same thing. We need a majority like we got in 94. Actually, what we need is such a super-majority we can enact laws like that thing I mentioned a few days ago about Missouri. ALL gun control back past 1934 removed from the books.

  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    04/18/2013 15:16

    Hey – How about crowd sourcing a reward for the lawyer who makes the argument before the Supreme Court that results in the SCOTUS ruling every gun control law since 1776 is unconstitutional? Imagine, all the different state and federal licensing and restrictions null and void for all time.

    Think of it. A $1,000,000 cash reward for presenting the legal argument that finally and absolutely supports the 2nd Amendment so perfectly that the Supremes chuck every law that in any way, to any degree, infringes the RKBA.

    $1,000,000 would make a great incentive. The attorney who makes the final argument gets the money.

  4. 04/18/2013 15:22


  5. 04/19/2013 06:06

    Emperor Misha knocks the batting doughnut off the clue bat of doom and smashes the ignorant narcissist tyrant and his petulant ego from pillar to post.

    The idea that a couple of handfuls of victims and there ghoulish enablers could come this close to violating the rights of 300 million of their fellow citizens who they obviously want to be under the same threat as their children is appalling.

    The shame here is not on us for asserting our natural rights in the face of such and grotesque assault it is on the so called people who use the blood of innocents in order to punish the innocent.

    The Emperor hits it directly on the head about the nebulous and convoluted language and broadly undefined terms that did nothing to stop the government once they got this piece of shit enacted. Obama thinks we haven’t noticed their Fabian tactics over the past 100years. They have been undermining the sovereignty of the citizens like termites in a log cabin until it can longer support it’s own weight.

    Does he think we are fools? That this won’t be expanded beyond anything that it currently represents? Does he really think we we fall for the idea that DHS or NIH or Commerce or the State Department(pursuant to a DOA small arms treaty that Obama will implement regardless of whether he gets the vote in the senate) won’t create a registry under some risible reason such as “public health” or “information for insurance purposes”?

    Does he think we are just going to accept the judgement of a government whose obvious intent is to limit our right to self defense as to the parameters and the process of what constitutes “dangerously mentally ill”? Just by his rhetoric he hammers that concern home as those who won’t go along his cultural Marxist path lack “common sense” or lack “human compassion”. Funny he can question my humanity but I can’t question the gun grabbers patriotism, lawlessness nor a legally cut and dry area like whether President Petulant is even eligible to hold the office he holds.

    They talk “common sense” but never once consider their restriction on people’s ability to protect themselves and their clearly marked humanhunting zones as having any thing to do with this. Never once will the parents of the kids massacred at Sandy Hook nor President Narcissus ever give a second thought to the idea it was their moral vanity and self righteousness that left those kids vulnerable to a madman. An armed security guard or a teacher with a CCW may not have totally stopped it but may have kept the damages down and would have given them a chance of greater than zero. To use the precautionary principle if it saves one life shouldn’t we allow CCW and outlaw humanhunting zones- for the children.

    No instead of mourning and working to protect the living they look to create more potential victims. They say that misery loves company; the Newtown parents and their rights nullifying patrons are the epitome of that old trope as they wish to subject you to the same danger they willingly placed their children in. It is obscene and immoral to restrict the rights and abridge the judgement of the law abiding by morbid emotionless and the fetishization of the idea that these people’s grief overrides my best judgement on how to provide safety in my own situation.

    Understand this in the bigger picture. They want you disarmed so you will demand more police. More police means more taxes. More taxes means more power. Judging by the way the ruling class spends money on thing govenrment should not be involved do you really think they will use that money to protect you?

    Also understand this. The people who want to disarm you also frown on effective police methods. NYC is about to find this out as the notoriously obtrusive methods implemented there are under fire by federal judges. It is also almost impossible to get a gun permit in Il Duce Bloombergs’s police state as the denizens of NYC have been giving up their rights since the Sullivan Act in 1911. This is a deadly combination as was shown before Giuliani and his police chiefs instituted the policies now used. If they are struck down you will see what we envision when we say “liberal” dystopia.

    President Petulant also invokes the idea that 90% support such “common sense” proposals. One- my rights aren’t subject to poll results. Two- as the Emperor says let’s see your data, how the question was phrased et. al. As I said over at the Rott the 90% meme is probably left over from Fast and Furious

    That’s a left over meme from the time before “Fast and Furious” when the junta claimed that 90% of the guns used by the mexican drug cartels came from America and then proceeded to try and make it so.

    Also fascist types like to use those high percentages just short of unanimity to try and maintain a thin veneer of credibility. I guess they figure it has some tread life left.

    Perhaps President Sophist will then listen to this poll where 96% of America thinks he shouldn’t be wasting his time on making criminals out the law abiding (gun control) and the law abiding out of the criminal(amnesty).

    Must be some kind of “liberal” alchemy or Marxist conservation of mass or something.

    Using the bodies of dead children to advance a decades old wish list of disarming the proles. Punishing the innocent. Advancing lawless legislation that would not have eliminated this threat or future threats but would be able to be ratcheted up in a stealth abrogation of natural rights. Demagoging and calumniating the defenders of civil and natural rights as lacking “common sense” and not caring about the children when it is their moral vanity that left them as sitting ducks.

    Yeah there was a lot of shame. But the shame would be on them if they had any.

    PS The Boston Bombers appear to be Chechnyan exchange students here on our dime.


  6. 04/19/2013 09:06

    Butbutbut, aren’t the socialists much smartererer than us mere plebes? How dare we question their godly wisdom with our mere common sense observations?

  7. 04/19/2013 09:35

    They are legends in their own minds with a heaping helping of delusions of adequacy.

  8. 04/19/2013 09:49


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