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Arkansas To Become Fifth State With Constitutional Carry


Stolen Borrowed from Opposing Views:

In July of this year, Arkansas will become the fifth state in the United States to allow Constitutional carry. Act 746, which was sponsored by Representative Denny Altes of Fort Smith, cruised through the state government with only one “nay” vote in the legislature and it received Governor Mike Beebe’s signature on April 4th.

The gun rights group Arkansas Carry explains that Constitutional carry is when a state does not have any laws that limit a person’s ability to carry a firearm, either openly or concealed. Essentially, the only justification a gun owner needs is the US Constitution.

Excellent. Only 45 more to go.

Going a little bit beyond that, however, take that US Constitution remark. Think of this: If it is called Constitutional Carry, why is it that the fed is trying so hard to take away our guns, when they are sworn to protect that self same Constitution?

  1. 05/06/2013 14:11

    It is a damn good start… There are 35 Rep States in the Union and if we can get thirty more , we’ll be in a much better position to tell soetero to kiss our a**es and dare him to try his Martial Law out on the remaining 15 States… All we need to do next is to limit the numbers of bullets the Fed can buy…..

  2. 05/06/2013 14:18


  3. upaces88 permalink
    05/06/2013 20:12

    He underestimates American Citizens. I think HE REALLY DID THINK, we’d go charging up to D.C. with the Bible in one hand and a rifle (or something) in another.
    Hide -n watch…the false flags are NOT over with.
    He may not cause it, but he will KNOW about a threat and “allow it to happen.”

  4. 05/06/2013 20:20

    WATCH OUT FOR ANOTHER FALSE FLAG during these whistle blowers investigation…soetero is rapidly losing credibility even in his own ranks, and since we know he has no concern for American Lives, blowing up more people to distract his Politically Ignorant Followers would certainly NOT surprise me…. The people should BE AWARE OF JUST HOW EVIL SOETERO REALLY IS AND TO WHAT EXTENT HE WILL GO TO TO PRESERVE HIS DICTATORSHIP…..

  5. 05/06/2013 22:56

    I had heard rumor of some small nukes as a false flag. Even I found that hard to believe it would go that far, but the rumor is out in the sphere.

  6. 05/07/2013 20:58

    I heard the Army has found some Rogue nukes in Montana and Oregon, somewhere in the North East, and they were set on timers to go off during the month of May…. This A**hole went to bed and woke up tp the deaths of ONLY four Americans. Why wouldn’t he kill people in a not-to-populated area to instill FEAR in the Americans and then call Martial Law ????????

  7. upaces88 permalink
    05/07/2013 22:13

    I kinda figure the same thing. HE WILL be behind it.
    Remember when he said, “We can absorb another 9/11…”?
    I knew then he would “allow” another one and we have had it; not as successful damage-wise, but it was only the start.
    It will be HUGE….I don’t know who he “will allow” to do it; or blame it on…but I do think you are right.

  8. 05/08/2013 00:21

    Scary that that even occurs to us, eh?

  9. 05/08/2013 00:21

    Roy, you got that shit right.

  10. 05/08/2013 19:34

    If the good Lord’s willing and the creek don’t rise, NC will eventually join the list of Constitutional Carry states.

    Hard as that may be to believe.

  11. 05/08/2013 21:17

    Excellent. Sister in Cary, 1st wife in Sanford, daughter in Charlotte.

  12. 05/09/2013 22:16

    By Dr. Lyle J. Rapacki Wednesday, May 26, 2010

    Same article, again.

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