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Listening to Glenn Beck weekend review on The Blaze


And going through the discussion of Benghazigate on his radio show, I decided to look for his YouTube channel to see what he had had on his TV channel.

It is a Muslim in the White House, and our government is infested with them.

We must keep this going. Even the media is starting to wake up. Or rather, they’ve had a big ass bucket of ice water thrown in their face by “the alternative media”. They’re being shown for the lackeys they are, and they seem to be struggling to maintain some semblance of honesty. I must suppose they finally realize that the media has been used by the regime for propaganda, and their capitalistic cores are threatened. Commun/social/fascism is NOT equality, it is monarchy with different names for positions. If you are upper echelon in the politburo, you are the same as some level of royalty. They are realizing, perhaps, that WTP are getting upset enough to consider revolution once more. If they stay MoP, they will be held accountable for it and they’re not THAT stupid.

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