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Merciful God! Slick Willie CAN tell the truth!




You forgot “TRAITOR”, Bill.

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    06/08/2013 22:42

    The Devil is buying long johns. Hell is frozen solid. I agree with Bill Clinton for the first time in history. Well, maybe I don’t agree with Clinton completely, I think many of Obama’s moves are calculated to damage the U.S. and are not the result of mere incompetence.

  2. 06/08/2013 22:51

    I agree with that one as well.

  3. upaces88 permalink
    06/08/2013 23:56

    I have kept this in my files almost since the very beginning when someone referred to him as clueless, etc. I got tired of typing it over and over again.

    Actually, Clinton was very kind in his assessment of Obama.
    The sad thing is…we can’t imagine a U.S. President committing acts that help to destroy America. I have read terms like:

    Clueless, incompetent, idiot, inexperienced, etc. He KNOWS exactly what he is doing. He is systematically installing “radical” islamist leadership in every middle-eastern country we are getting involved with. If he is allowed another 4 years that has just begun, every country in the region will fall under control of the Muslim brotherhood. With China and Russia lurking behind the scenes and Obama being complicit, the rest of the free world will not have the power to resist and will be in grave danger of succumbing to tyranny with little hope for escape. We will then be next. This bill current debated in the Senate will give the president the authority via the military to imprison any US citizen deemed a threat indefinitely without benefit of a trial. There are dozens of FEMA camps that are more akin to prisons than relief centers capable of containing over a million people, on stand-by, right here on our own soil. One word from the president and martial law is imposed, we lose the 2nd amendment and there is no freedom left anywhere on earth.

    Precedent has already been established for the extra-judicial killings of US citizens, just this year with the Awlaki killing.

    He implemented the “peaceful” (and I say this in sarcasm) Martial Law. He has more than a clue, he has a plan and the means to carry it out.

  4. 06/09/2013 06:09

    I do like what the Russians are doing lately. You will remember what I have said about their treatment of capital criminals? WND and CFP have articles about their treatment of Muslims recently…

  5. upaces88 permalink
    06/09/2013 10:03

    Japan is the ONLY country that I know of who has the collective sense of mind to hand them the right way. They are allowed to practice their religions in their own home. But! That’s it!

  6. 06/09/2013 10:38

    Works for me!

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