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Like minds, and all that


You know the Elbert Guillory thing from a couple of days ago? Like Jackboot, I had heard the quote on Beck, found the video, and posted it. Jackboot was far more eloquent than I, but the song remains the same.

Well, in the comments, Tallulah linked a clip from an article by DC Dave regarding an essay by H. L. Mencken regarding the destruction of the original intent of the US of A by Lincoln via the War of Northern Aggression.

I realized all this as a child. I’ve spoken this, though perhaps not as vociferously as I should have, for decades. While realizing that even so America was still the greatest option on the planet, the fact that the CS was far more in exact(ish) alignment with the intent of the Founding Fathers than the North was never far from my mind.

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