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Few days ago


I got this thing from the NRA about my Easy Pay Life membership. $25 a quarter until the dues are paid, anything after that is voluntary contribution to this product or action or whatever. Well, this was a request to pay the remnant in a lump sum for legal actions that are needing to be performed. The exact quote is too long to type up, but the gist is that there have been more attacks on the 2A in the last 6 months than in the entire first 4 years of Ovomit’s placement as POtuS. Hey, can’t be reelected unless they repeal the 22A (which they are trying).

Despite that, you know this incumbent illegal Marxist Muslim is going to try to do anything it can to weaken us for it’s globalist masters. We need to keep up the pressure on Congress to say “Wait just a damn minute there, you can’t do that and here’s why”.

The NRA, GOA, JPFO, numerous other groups do that. They have the legal teams, they have the watchers in the bleachers. And you have the emails and phone numbers of your representatives. Join one of these groups, get off your ass and contact your congresscritter, fight to preserve our Constitutional Rights.

Oh, and be sure to throw in Article 2.1.5 somewhere in your communication. The one about the requirement for an NBC as President. Keep pounding, we may eventually get through.


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