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Why those music videos?


For years I’ve put up good, solid, inspirational, Patriotic things on the 4th. What good has it done? I obviously haven’t inspired enough people to stand against “the king”. How many “voices in the wilderness” are out here? Apparently we haven’t made much difference, because Ovomit is still playing king. Emperor Palpatine would be proud, I’m sure. Why hasn’t a leader arisen? Why in the hell are we where we are? My head hurts from pounding it on the table.

Ah well, stand ready if one appears. Keep your ear to the ground, people are getting more disgusted by the minute. The first revolution didn’t happen overnight. We’ve discussed those military commanders who made the error of mentioning to the wrong ears the plans for the abiding of their OATH. Let us hope for someone “inside” enough to pull it off.

  1. 07/05/2013 06:01

    I know how you feel Chris.

    It is hard to continually try to rally the troops to the actual danger. Too many on our “side” still will not call out the Omerta administration on what it is: a criminal regime bent on undoing the only true innovation in governance in the last millennium. This was evidenced most quintessentially a couple weeks ago when big government RINO stooge Micheal Gerson objected to term that would adequately establish the identity of this criminal thug junta.

    We are bombarded with sophistry and derision;that our claims of the incrementalism being used to erode the foundation of society are an illusion or some sort of logical fallacy even as the evidence as to what is happening becomes too obvious to ignore. Then it is justified as binding precedent to rationalize its continuance. How ironic that progressives are so dependent on the past to cement their gains. It is not ironic that they were dishonest along the way as it turns out that their invocation of the slippery slope fallacy was itself a fallacy.This was the Gramscian march through the institutions as they invoked the malleable terms of fairness and equity to gain entree only only to bar the door when they achieved critical mass citing their own authority to determine what is suitable in “polite” society to be discussed as they limit discussion to the full panoply of politically correct remedies that rage from A to little a.

    Where economic Marxism was an abject failure cultural Marxism was an unqualified “success” as they use the slander inherent in critical theory to breakdown the American consensus through vitriol and mendacity. Meanwhile they were able to convince enough people that it is better to have no standards at all than have them and fall short. Make no mistake they are hypocrites of the first rank as they violate their own apparent first principles(tolerance, equity and their cardinal rule thou shalt not be a hypocrite) to gain power. This is why they are so simpatico with political Islam they governing philosophy that derive their motive energy from an underlying pseudo religious fervor. Faith trumps evidence and anything that propagates the faith is condoned.

    The real problem was that conservatives before us and some “conservatives” have relinquished that field as they accept the premises laid down by the reactionary force of “progressivism”. That is the first thing that needs to be refuted as history is full of examples of the depredations of the so called progressive paradigm. Progress in these jakenapes minds is defined in how man can be shackled to enact the “vision of the anointed” not on how to allow men to be happy in their own pursuit.

    Replacing the individual’s priorities with those of a distant politician or bureaucrat is a return the previous human condition that has dominated history.

    This can hardly be considered progress.

  2. poetopoet permalink
    07/05/2013 07:08

    Lets pray, I will not tolerate a single liberal commit or anyone’s justification for Obama abortion of our U.S. Constitution, by either party.

  3. poetopoet permalink
    07/05/2013 08:48

    FX Phillips: Thank you for the breakdown of relativism. If the election in 2014 does not speak strongly for demonic change, We the People deserve the enormity of our irresponsible votes.

    And if things do not change, our Civil War will be called a walk in the park, in comparison of things to come.

  4. 07/05/2013 09:58

    Indeed, poet. I’m not looking forward to it.

  5. 07/05/2013 10:00

    FX, I am always awestruck by your ability to explain the madness “just so”.

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