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This is the day “they” put out things you should know, but don’t pay attention to because the weekend is almost here and you just want to relax. I have various things to do today, and will be in and out with the odd post, but let’s start with these:

I like ZO, he does a damn fine job of educating and entertaining. So does Bob:

To change the subject a little, THIS Bob has a good question:

Knowing what we do, we can’t relax. Let this spread to all those you know, and let the games begin. I wish they would, so we can fix this nation before it is gone beyond EVER being able to repair. Detroit declares bankruptcy, what’s next? The whole country?

Just to go somewhere else and relax, I’m going to put this up. I had one of these. I gave it to my son for his birthday, and got something else. I gave that to my other son and bought another of these for myself because they’re awesome for what they are.

Enjoy your day, I’ll be back later with more.

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    LR sez: Exactly what I was thinking this morning. It’s Friday – what package of unconstitutional dog excrement will “he” slip in today. Actually, I think it every Friday morning.

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    07/19/2013 16:18

    For upaces88 – I think this might be appropriate. 🙂

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  5. 07/20/2013 05:40

    Three of the scariest words in the English language “Senator Bob Casey”

    That guy may be the biggest nothing in the Senate. He’s a guy who gets elected based on his fathers name recognition as his father was a popular 2 term governor here in Pennsylvania.

    This guy is a vote. That’s all. Any proposals he has been behind have the tinge of him being a unionista puppet. When his party proposes the seizure of 401k’s to fund underwater union pensions you can bet he will click his heels and goose step right along with all the other NDSWP fascists.

    When the party says jump he says how how. They say turn your back on your religionhe does.

    I swear to G*d(yeah I know I shouldn’t swear) this knucklehead has to consult the DNC as to what color tie should wear.

    Why does he keep getting re-elected. One word: Philadelphia- a city that’s on the road Detroit.

  6. 07/20/2013 09:18

    It is so hard to believe that Philly was where this nation, based on individual freedom, got started isn’t it?


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