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Maybe I shouldn’t have gone here tonight


But read this. Fucking read this. Once you’ve read it, do yourself a gut check. Think really hard on this. What the fuck, over? Why are we in this situation? Could it be because those who’ve sworn the OATH forgot what it said? You know those who have thought about actually doing something have been removed from those positions which would have allowed them to do what needed to be done. But why is it that they didn’t just say, “Fuck You”, and press on to the deed?

  1. Dr. Jeff permalink
    08/15/2013 00:54

    The news gets crazier every day. I assume you’ve found the article on the rodeo clown who wore an Obama mask during his routine and now has a lifetime ban from performing in Missouri. The NAACP screamed themselves red.

    All because the clown insulted Barak the Great. Hasn’t anyone noticed that ALL Presidents get some really raw sick jokes and insults dumped on them? I’d call the clown routine pretty mild and the Left’s reaction pretty insane.

    It seems like Liberals have lost all sense of proportion, the have lost their connection with reality. I remember when the NAACP had real principles and stood in the face of murderous Southern Sheriffs.

  2. 08/15/2013 05:12

    And I AM exactly on line with your statement here. This is simple insanity. Or maybe more complex insanity.

  3. 08/15/2013 11:57

    The rodeo clown hubbub is actually less surprising to me than CNN raising the issue of Ted Cruz’s eligibility for the Presidency regarding whether or not he’s a natural born citizen.

    The more I see … not of what the left is willing to say (which is anything) or what they are willing to do (which is everything), but of what they are willing to THINK … the more I am reminded of this quote from “The Terminator” {my additions in brackets}:

    Kyle Reese: “Listen, and understand. That terminator [leftism, communism, statism, etc] is out there. It [they] can’t be bargained with. It [they] can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t [they don’t] feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it [they] absolutely will not stop, ever, until you [and liberty] are dead.”

    I. There seem to me to be three major ways the national situation can play out. In order of likelihood:
    1. No significant organization or push-back by Constitutionalists*, with incremental communism/fascism until a complete totalitarian despotism is reached;
    2. Secession, civil war, rebellion, etc; or,
    3. A peacable massive political shift within the existing system.

    I only put option #3 because I can’t completely rule it out; but it’s last in order of likelihood for a reason. If you think it has a shot, you may also be interested in a piece of property that I own between Brooklyn and Manhattan that I’m looking to sell.

    Option #1 is pretty straightforward, and, I think, the most likely. But I am a cynic and pessimist.

    II. The middle road, option #2, seems to have several possible sub-options:
    1. Secession first (with Constitutionalists* moving to a particular State or region and dominating all levels government there, then declaring independence from the U.S.), followed by Civil War/Rebellion.
    2. Multiple organized rebellions across the country, ultimately coalescing to claim and defend a unified territory, followed by a formal creation of a new government and statement of independence, and then … more war. In other words, war, then secession, then more war.
    3. Many unaffiliated geurrila insurgencies, with little organization and with as many different aims and objectives as there are insurgent groups. All leading to nearly interminable war, stife, and suffering for an indeterminate number of years; and ultimately followed by communist/fascist victory and totalitarian option #1 from above.

    III. In either of the sub-otions involving secession, two more things will need to be resolved:
    1. Constitutionalists* are not a monolithic group in uniform agreement on all things. I would recommend the establishment of at least three (3) separate nation-states within whatever territory successfully secedes (if any does).
    2. The systemic political problems that brought this once-great nation to this point must still be solved. That means changes to the original U.S. Constitution that will hopefully make future corruption less likely and/or more fixable. I would suggest that the biggest problem to be fixed is the lack of control by the people of their own elected representatives. Term limits would be one ammendment toward the goal of leashing these … um, … “people”; but there would be others. The ability of elected representatives to become rich by gaining office must be stopped (i.e., Congressional “insider trading”). And the unaccountable, permanent Administrative State must be destroyed. How these things will all get resolved, I have no idea. But, there’d better be at least a solid attempt at resolving them; otherwise any new nation-state would be falling into Einstein’s definition of insanity (“doing the same thing over again and expecting different results).

    As for the increasing number of ex-pats, all I can say is that I understand their choice, but I’ll be staying right here, regardless of which sub-option is finally chosen.

    *Constitutionalists = conservatives, libertarians, believers in limited government, and liberty-lovers of all stripes, whatever you want to call them (us). I just picked the term Constitutionalists to simplify things, insert your own term if you wish.

  4. upaces88 permalink
    08/15/2013 17:01

    Right after he got into office the 2nd time, there was a warning to get your passports then because later, no one would be able to get out after the next 5 years. Personally? I don’t know if that’s true. Just wanted to remind anyone what was said.

  5. 08/15/2013 17:18

    What we are witnessing is the complete breakdown of truth, the bald faced hypocrisy and greed of the left.

    The same people who said we could not “impose democracy(a oxymoron if there ever was one) on Iraq- because imperialism- have no problem insisting on the imposition on their wish list of policy preferences on countries who have looked at the “liberal’ debacle and said no thank you. From labor laws to upper west side chiq salon envirnmetalissm to social restrictions to tax rates they insist on you doing it their way never once understanding the hypocrisy of forcing another country to accept your governing premise i.e, imperialism.

    This means, as with all things totalitarians rail against, they are ok with tyranny as long as it imposes THEIR will. They are Ok with tyranny and despotism as long as they are the ones dictating terms. Look at how they cheer on the lawless and illegitmate Obama regime every time he subverts and ignores the forms of the constitution. This stems from their deep seated conceit that some how they have been blessed with “vision of the anointed”(T Sowell) which essentially is the secular parallel of divine revelation as claimed by the more ecclesiastic amongst us. They truly believe they are a higher power that put to lie all their professions of being for “equality” and “social justice” as their preferred policies have historically done neither and only enriched the connected.

    It is this conceit that leads jackasses like Keith Ellison(from Nikki’s underlying article) to falsely assert that the state has first claim on all wealth i.e it is theirs to distribute regardless of the fact they did nothing to create that wealth. The only claim that the state has is to the extent they provide the basic government service. The problem is the tax bill they send you is 70% composed of forced re distribution from one American to another. To the extent they lay claims above services rendered is the claim of an armed robber. No more, no less. Their claim is based on the unproven assertion that their choices on how your money is spent is more valid and efficacious than yours would be. A claim, that even if remotely true is rendered moot by the fact that they are not authorized by the constitution to affect that premise.

    We are 17 trillion dollars(170 trillion if you include unfunded post retirement costs and that does’t even include state and local debt) in debt and the brokest nation to ever exist and we are going to leave financial choices to these fiscal and economic illiterates?

    The junta in power is illegitimate. It long ago showed it has no intention of governing by the basic law of land but by subterfuge, slander and if necessary force. This is what third world banana republics are. It’s what they do. And under the current combination of willful power mongers and craven cowards it is what we’ve become

  6. 08/15/2013 21:28

    That was beautiful! Extremely well said! I expect no less from you, but sometimes I’m just awestruck.

  7. 08/15/2013 21:36

    Gyrwan, I’m in complete agreement with your reasoning. I will say, however, that I pray for three, hope for two if three doesn’t work, and loathe the thought of one.

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