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Hypocrisy, thy name is liberal


You know how we know Ovomit is ineligible, right? There is this AWESOME boil down of it all by wardmama4 over at BMEWS. You have to go into the comments to get to it, screw it, I’m borrowing it:


  1. Ted Cruz’s mother was an American citizen living and working – but not applying for/or on a ‘pathway to citizenship’ in Canada. His father was a refugee (not sure if applying for asylum or not) from Cuba – the ‘bios’ I’ve read, were not clear on whether they were married or not at the time Ted was born. It doesn’t matter – America is the only country in the world who stupidly bends (and pretends) that anchor babies is a LAW (it was a footnote on a 1982 Supreme Court case) and the unknown and un-discussed clause in the 14th Amendment –and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, precludes Criminal Illegal Invaders – as America is NOT in jurisdiction of foreign citizens within it’s borders (except in criminal matters – and thus far – I don’t think squatting to give birth is a criminal matter).The one who is questionable as to NBC clause (outside of our current President who was born a British citizen – no matter where in the world he was born, even in the US) is Marco Rubio – for his parents did not naturalize until 4 years after he was born – thus he was born of sort-of Criminal Illegal Invaders – 19 years of living in the US under asylum – does it really take that long or was it their choice to not even be bothered to apply for citizenship?

    The mother signs a birth certificate in the US – if she is an American citizen – doesn’t matter where in the world – she squatted to give birth. And Cruz’s mother graduated from college in the late 50s but he wasn’t born until 1970 – so either she was a genus who graduated from college as a child prodigy (which I think that the bio would have highlighted) or she was well over 21 years old.

    Ms Dunham/Obama – was NOT – she was 18 when BHO was born – and if NOT married – was not legally age eligible to confer citizenship or perhaps even sign a birth certificate. Where is the legal paperwork from her parents granting their permission to marry and/or her emancipated minor paperwork? The legal age for all legal contracts was 21 in 1961. There would need to be a guardian to sign any legal papperwork for her – or an emancipated minor court decision. Where are they?  There is NO gray area here and there was NO anchor baby ‘law’ back then either. And once again, British law (The Nationality Law of 1948) was in effect that stated a child born of a British citizen anywhere in the world was a British citizen.  All of this is moot as the DNC, the Congress, the Supreme Court, the media and apparently the American people don’t give a damn that a person NOT eligible under the NBC clause is President.

    Unless that person is a Republican.

    Then it’s THE CONSTITUTION, Stupid.

    Bite Me.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   08/15/2013  at  09:28 AM   


  1. poetopoet permalink
    08/17/2013 07:11

    I submitted this reasoning for Rubio. I think Cruz has even stronger fine line qualifications to be a U.S. President, than Obama, because of his American mother was a citizen at his birth.

    Sorry but there is a reasonable argument that Rubio may qualify! Rubio’s parents’ v Obama’s parents: Obama’s parents did not reside, vote or hold any allegiance to America. Obama’s paternal father as son, were both under the British Nationality Act of 1948 (Part II, Section 5) and citizens and subjects of U. K. They had their allegiance and nationality with England and or Kenya. Obama sr. returned to Kenya with his communist’s Muslim beliefs, resided and deceased in Kenya. So did Obama’s second father, another Muslim, Lolo Soetoro and mother, returned to Indonesia to reside with his adopted son and new wife and deceased there. Barry formally Barack, who Lolo legally changed his name to Barry Soetoro under his surname, housed and schooled him as his son and made him (Barry) a citizen of Indonesia.

    The key words here are “Reside”, “Adopted” and “Repatriate” with no paper trace of any U.S. authority who authorized, accepted or granted Barry Soetoro’s switcheroo of his adoption and his foreign identity, allegiance, nationality and name to anything but Barry Soetoro of Indonesia, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lolo Soetoro. Barrack Hussein Obama jr. of Kenya/UK, with no U. S. repatriation offered or documented, Obama remains Barry Soetoro or Soebarkah, a name used by Mrs. Soetoro on a passport removal name application, who died as Mrs. Lolo Ann Dunham Soetoro.

    Did Mrs. Lolo Ann Soetoro ever change her own last name? No, for she died with Soetoro’s surname on her death certificate. And why would she ever change her two children’s surnames of Maya and Barry, one born naturally and one illegitimate, no marriage, Lolo adopted (Barry); though both were schooled as citizens of Indonesia under the Indonesian citizenship of Lolo Soetoro. Mrs. Soetoro never changed their surnames to a penniless, polygamist and adulterer’s surname of a deceased, Barack H. Obama Sr. surname!

    To this day, not one shred of evidence exists to confirm a surname change or readopting of Barry Soetoro, for anyone’s cognoscente belief.

    Obama’s two fathers never became U.S. citizens and as Communists and Muslims who never legally resided or voted in America; according to all municipal records in America. By Obama’s 21st birthday they both were deceased and buried in their native foreign born countries, leaving Obama a non-native born alien, subject of the U. K. and or Indonesia, not America. Obama is a foreigners child (an alien) and constitutionally unqualified as an unmitigated alien malignant cancer, with no U.S. repatriation possible. With no supporting certifiable hospital records or any documents known, but his proven questionable and fraudulent birth certifications as his only documents offered COLBS.

    Rubio’s parents on the other hand become transubstantial legal adopted refugees and U.S. citizens automatically as residents; who never left America or changed citizenships, never divorced, never let Mark be adopted or changed his name from birth and schooled him in America as a Christian. Before Mark Rubio’s 18th birthday; his parents were both legal citizens voting in America. Making him (Mark), a natural born citizen and constitutionally qualified to be president.

    Rubio never changed his citizenship and Rubio unlike Obama/Soetoro has proper birth certification in America and with hospital records as proof to be President; Barry Soetoro has none as a citizen of Indonesia, first born a citizen of Kenya, by his paternal father, a subject of the U.K. the British Crown, although born illegitimately to a polygamist.

  2. 08/17/2013 09:06

    EXACTLY! Well said.

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