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Fuckers need to quit messing with Texas. In fact, they need to quit messing with everybody


Hmmm, now why would this administration have a problem with verifying voters? You don’t think that it could be because that way you have to prove you’re a citizen, and you can only vote once?

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder says the Department of Justice plans to sue the state of Texas over the state’s voter identification law.

*SIGH* Just read the rest. Check the links and such. To ME, the idea of voter ID only makes sense, for the exact reasons stated above.

  1. 08/23/2013 07:20

    Texas is a sore for the Administration. It reflects all that is wrong on the federal level. Turning the state blue would be a real coup.

  2. poetopoet permalink
    08/23/2013 07:40

    The Russians aren’t coming, because they are here, thanks to Obama, unbelievable.

  3. 08/23/2013 09:09

    Gotta gobble them goat cocks.

  4. upaces88 permalink
    08/23/2013 09:09

    I have an article about Obama GIVING Russia our “Missile Codes.”

  5. 08/23/2013 09:10

    Ain’t gonna happen, bunker. Thing is, Texas shows that what the feds are doing is stone ass backwards. Texas shows what really does work, and they’re jealous.

  6. 08/23/2013 09:54

    What would you expect from this treasonous Muslim?

  7. 08/24/2013 06:39

    Holder will just be bitch slapped just like when he challenged in Indiana and Georgia.

    This is just a maliciously wasteful and transparently racist use of taxpayer funds. It borders on defalcation as he uses public fund to advance a hatefully vengeful and personal agenda.

    When they are finally removed form office Holder need to be prosecuted and disbarred. But then the gutless hack that populate the Repubican party don’t have the nads to actually uphold the rule of law.

  8. 08/24/2013 07:39

    True enough, so it would appear.

  9. upaces88 permalink
    08/24/2013 19:30

    FX..EXACTLY!! could not possibly say more…YOU SAID IT!!!

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